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What should a Combat DLC look like?

Discussion in 'General' started by SirConnery, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Cameron_XV Trainee Engineer

    It is pretty unlikely that any future space combat is going to involve anything resembling a dogfight. It will mostly be done by ships firing guided projectiles at each other from thousands of kilometers away. Even dogfights now in aerial combat are not really a thing any more, it mostly involves shooting missiles at each other from beyond visual range.

    Changing direction in space uses a lot of fuel, so most combat maneuvers will simply be ships randomly altering course slightly to make them harder to target over long distances.
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  2. Lord Grey Apprentice Engineer

    Well, guided projectiles would be the weapon of choise if cost doesn't matter. The defens would be a rapid firing gun or a Kessler syndrom cannon, fragment emmiter, however you want to call an oversized shotgun. For that reason I still would like to have a heavy artillery gun. It may be tricky to impossible to hit a target, but countermeassures would only be to counter with a projectile with more energy to stop or deflect it and bullets would be cheap like shit.
  3. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    On this point the safe zone is not a true shield, although it wouldn't be too hard to make it into one. The issue outlined in bold is not the fault of the safe zone block, but bad coding and setup on Keen's part. In order to use a safe zone offensively, they must first be within one km of an opponent's base. They must also get the thing setup, powered, and protect it for the 120 seconds to capture the base, all without being seen by the opposing faction/group. If an opponent is online, this is going to be or should be extremely hard to do and only becomes easier if an opponent is offline. Whether the opponent is online or not, the overall result is the same, they switch the zone on and capture the base.

    Offensive use of the safe zone can be eliminated completely with a simple change to the functionality of the block from Keen. Since the safe zone must be mounted to "station" in order to function, we're talking about immobile object vs immobile object. All Keen needs to do is add an additional check to the Safe Zone to prevent it from powering up if it's within 1-2km of an enemy station. This is a problem with a very simple solution. The only way they would be able to steal a station using a safe zone at that point would be to completely surround it right at the range cutoff with safe zones of their own, or take the station by force.
  4. Cameron_XV Trainee Engineer

    Non guided projectiles, now matter how fast, are easier (in general) to counter than guided munitions. You may be able to make unguided projectiles travel quite fast, too fast in fact. So fast that they can be stopped by hitting a bubble of gas. For a projectile traveling several tens of kilometers per second an easy to to defeat it is to launch airbags in the direction the rounds are coming from. At that speed the rounds might as well be hitting a brick wall. Ablative armour can also be quite effective at stopping very high speed projectiles too, it is one of the ways the ISS deals with small asteroid impacts.

    Guided munitions that gain speed as they approach the target would likely be the most effective type of weapon.
  5. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    But what if cost DOES matter?

    We start wishing for weapons as if we have a government trough at our disposal. Some of us are just poor miners trying to scratch out a living in the frontier. We might be able to get our hands on some military surplus stuff, but I can imagine a lot of weapons would be... custom built. Player made weapons are a thing, but they involve using parts not at all intended for weaponry. That's ok, but perhaps we could get parts we could use to construct weapons. Parts that may or may not be suitable for other purposes. This concept works well in the game for building mining machines, but when it comes to combat machines you pretty much have to get mods in order to get variety.

    Especially if they can assess their situation and change attack plans on the fly.