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What wacky/crazy things are you going to build?

Discussion in 'General' started by LostElement, Feb 3, 2015.

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  1. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    You could actually make it so that each tier has a separate foundation instead of stacking on top of the other, you should be able to do it as long as each ring individually could be made stable..
  2. Catfish Apprentice Engineer

    I will do my best to design a cart that carries a windmill which powers it. I have some concern that windmills might not function on dynamic objects. But if so!
  3. jdorp18 Trainee Engineer

    it would be nice if we could build diagonal, otherwise it wont work.
  4. Alestron Trainee Engineer

    I hope to build a giant wheeled mobile-castle powered by nothing but the fittest of my peasents, who are fed a wedge of moldy cheese once per hour. But in seriousness, I would like to build a vast underground castle that you would not suspect until you stumble upon the entrance in a mountainside somewhere...
  5. Martinineter Senior Engineer

    +1 to underground lair.

    Nobody would expect it...
  6. cedi Apprentice Engineer

    +1 for underground lairs, especially if you add tons of fake, trapped entrances around it.
  7. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    i would built the castle that onced stood in my hometown, just to see how the game would handle 7meter thick round towers :) and after that i would built te rest of my towns historical center, including the church (hopefully we can make bells nd wallpaintings)
  8. ZzcactuszZ Trainee Engineer

    I wanna make a giant tower that's just below the weight limit and when someone steps on It and itle fall on them
  9. Grendel Apprentice Engineer

    Now You're Talking! 60 Foot Death Village! (With House throwing Catapults perhaps?)
  10. Spleenslitta Trainee Engineer

    I thought of something along the same lines actually.
    The victim walk into a small room while i see them entering from a window just above where he entered.
    I pull a lever that drops weights which blocks the doorways out of the room.

    Naturally the weights hang just above the wooden ceiling over the entrances which it breaks so the victim can't figure out something is wrong with this room.

    Then i pull another lever which makes the floor of the room go upwards like an elevator.
    When the elevator stops i pull the lever that drops the floor.
    The victim falls into the spike filled pit that was below the room he was in when he entered.

    If he survives that i pull the last lever that tilts several tubs of rocks down into the pit.

    Lower the elevator, pull the floor up, refill the tubs with rocks.....wait for the next victim.
  11. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    That would be very interesting.
  12. bell2626 Trainee Engineer

    I would like to build something along the lines of Whiterun from Skyrim
  13. Oselotti Junior Engineer

    First I'm starting with small castles but later I'll try how high tower is possible to make.
  14. K^2 Apprentice Engineer

    Wow, yeah. That'd take some work. How is your background on Strength of Materials? Though, ME physics is a very special flavor of it. Anyways. Most of things on this picture are built "correctly". You'll have to take some liberties on it, but basically, so long as you anchor it properly on a mountain behind, and don't forget a lot of butresses, it's doable. And I'm pretty sure this place has enough people with background in physics and algorithms to help out on anything that simply refuses to stand.

    So totally go for it.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.