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whats up with ore detector or is ore really that limited on a planet?

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by propagandawar, Dec 15, 2015.

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  1. propagandawar Apprentice Engineer

    So I finally get my Mega drill perfected. I drive and drive and drive. No ore. I slap a ton of ore detectors just in case nothing. Just those damn above ground rocks. I worked my butt off to get this right because I know its deep and then nada this patch. What is an ore detectors range? Yes I could get it on the rocks but I was right on top of it.
  2. DivineWrath Junior Engineer

    Depends on the size of the detector. I recall someone saying the hand drill is 30 m, small ship ore detector is 60 m, and large ship ore detector is 150 m. The ore detector mechanics are a bit broken, so don't be surprised if you get shorter or longer ranges with your ore detectors.
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  3. Ulfsark Master Engineer

    Look for the dark spots.
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  4. Tayrtahn Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, like Ulfsark said, go check out the dark spots. There are areas scattered around the planets with "splats" of darker color.

    What I wound up doing to find ores early on (with minimal energy) was to wait for good daytime lighting, then fly a little scout ship up high enough that I could really notice the darker patches. I then flew over a bunch of patches and left GPS markers above them. I could then take my time driving out to the markers in my ore detection rover to make better and more detailed notes about each site. It worked well and I have a few little mines set up for all the planetary resources.
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  5. Pfo Apprentice Engineer

    Ore occurs in fairly large pancake shaped deposits, they tend be spread out about 1 km from each other. Darker spots on the ground are a telltale sign there is ore underneath the ground, it's very easy to see these on ice lakes or snow. It can be as shallow as 15 m below the surface or as deep as 100 or more.

    In earlier releases, ore deposits and the ore detector weren't playing very nice. The ore detector could be off by a lot, I think you have to generate a newer world if the one you're using is a couple of weeks old.
  6. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    As stated above, when ore is near the surface, it shades the surface a bit darker like an oil spill. The only ore detector that's efficient to use is the large block detector. Some veins of ore are deep and the small detector may miss them. Also you can sweep a wider area.

    Make a minimalist large ship with an ore detector and some atmos thrusters. The cheaper the better. Then when you detect some ore of interest get above it and mark the position with a GPS coordinate. Come back with your drill equipment and go to work on that ore.

    Mine that ore until you can't stand it no 'ore.
  7. vicwarrior Trainee Engineer

    Additionally remember that gold silver and uranium are deep underground and platinum doesn't spawn at all in planets (and is apparently impossible to find in asteroids and moons too unless its my xcom grade luck acting up).

    If you haven't got many resources a small shuttle to scan ground stains and ferry the resources to base is good, otherwise a small miner is possible (just be carefull to not overfill it or it won't fly, normally connector and cockpit capacity is good enough).

    If you got really good resources you are better off going into space and building gravity scoops and miners once you get some platinum.
  8. Malware Master Engineer

    It's your luck acting up :D. This is a fairly well known artefact of randomization. There are always people lamenting the lack of nickel, or gold, while having abundance of uranium or platinum. Then we ask them to search just a little bit more, then they return saying "I found it!" :D

    Seeing how long you've been around, however, I suspect you already know this and I'm just wasting my time :p
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.