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Whats your Planet Survival Progression?

Discussion in 'General' started by Fazar, Feb 8, 2016.

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  1. Fazar Trainee Engineer

    Most of my vehicles I've tried to make are in some semblance of order of trying to go from planets, to off of planets. I know there's the whole "Get to space as soon as you can" thing, but what are some of the very basic starts on Planets before you're able to take off? What do you use to gather resources? Do you just canibalize the lander? Have you tried a harder/smaller start that doesn't take advantage of a lot of resources starting off?

    I'd really like to see the vehicles you use to get through that first phase before you get off the planet.
  2. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    1) Respawn in the banana boat.

    2) Point your ass towards the planet and do a pulse burn out of the gravity field.

    3) Find a nice roid to park your ship in.

    4) Find some U to replace the stuff you burned in the grav well

    5) Enjoy roid mining and profit.

    I did make this handy little planetary miner though.................................


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  3. Bruce LeedleLeedleLeedleLee Junior Engineer

    i just land, build bases, communication relays, rovers, defense stuff, then i build a escape capsule out of a large gyro, oxygengenerator,battery,cockpit and container and go off planet with hydrogen, and come back only if i have built a proper mothership
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  4. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    My first experience of planet survival so far has been to land the drop ship, grind it down, make a small base, collect resources, make small ship to collect more resources, build a large ship to get to the moon to collect platinum, go back to base, and started building a large carrier/base type ship to try getting to another planet.

    Dogs are turned off, they are as annoying as meteors... so.. I'm kind of just playing it to see if I can get to another planet in survival mode.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2016
  5. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

  6. Dax23333 Junior Engineer

    I started out by smashing the lander into a pitch black mountainside and rolling down it. This destroyed the refinery,a cargo container, the med bay (I assume it actually had one) both the large atmospheric thrusters (RIP dreams of making cheap flying vehicles) and all the landing gears. But not one to back down from a challange I assumed there would be enough steel in the smashed hull to build a new refinery.
    I started grinding down parts of the hull to get steel plates, with which I started building a small platform on a flat ledge I found 100m away from the resting place of the lander. I even found a crater filled with useful components, what luck!
    I then ground down the wrong bit and dropped the lander on my head. Quit and reload... Can't have the game putting me forward with a shiny new lander.
    After a while I had a platform with an assembler, oxygen, refinery and medbay. I decided I needed to go mining, and to do so i'd need to get off the mountain. So I tried to build an aircraft. I made a frame (a cuboid, the most beutiful of structures) and put a cockpit and oxygen generator on it. This was needed to recharge suit hydrogen as medbay on the platform was not done. Of course, when I attached the first thruster it only went and flipped upside down. Adding additional thrusters made this happen repeatedly, and with much rewelding of cockpits later the aircraft was done. Unfortunatly it ended up being build with what was origionally the top being the bottom instead due to the flipping incident and lack of a way to right it.
    The maiden flight took me to the summit of the mountain I had faceplanted into, and I proceeded to do this for a second time. It was at this point I realised that flying at 1fps with massive update lag was dangerous, and also that i'm a rubbish pilot.
    Then I left that save and did a lone survivor, in space, with less lag.
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  7. Bahroth Apprentice Engineer

    Well I have an eclectic batch of saves.... 4 I think atm that are in progress, 1 or 2 are dead in the water.

    Short of it is,

    Make a lander-merge block and scout for ore deposits, and the occasional rock.

    Make a really cheap craft to move ore, a single connector+cockpit can move 14k ore btw.

    Build things.

    Plan a small rocket, and land on the moon or go to roids,
    and that is where I get to my standstill :p
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  8. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    I feel the KeenLander is a little overequipped if you start on earthlike. Made my own barebones lander, meant to be cannibalized after landing. Search "HabSur" from the workshop if interested. nice to start small and slowly expand the infrastructure. Playing on 1x and having time constraints, I'm yet to do any bigger builds on my current world, but a cargo rover is on the makes.
  9. Light_gemini Junior Engineer

    I havent really played in planets almost at all. With rotors suking so much I dont really need more sources of frustation. But what I do dislike much is ruining the fantastic landscape doing big holes in lakes and snow biomes to feed those absurdly retarded hydrogen burners.
    As long as theres nothing else interesting to do I think that when MP does work my only progress in planets is going to be creating a radical-extremist faction of greenfighters to actively destroy any ice harvesting operations, and later use voxel hands to repair the damage done to mother nature.
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  10. aNjaSqurl Trainee Engineer

    I'll admit I still haven't actually DONE any of this. I prefer to play on multiplayer worlds and that can tend to be....difficult with the current environment (no griefers just with server stability being a pain).

    Here is my general plan

    Step one: Land in one piece, I like to be near mountains along a "lake" because I like the view, but as long as the lander and I are in one piece I'm happy.

    Step two: grind down the Lander and build a small base. This usually involves mucking about with a small drone to move batteries around.
    (This is usually as far as I get)

    Step three: construct a small ship that is capable of getting into orbit and back with a minimum of crashing. Capable of hauling a little cargo but not a lot.

    Step four: is to collect resources needed to build a small "outpost" station just out of the gravity well. To start with it will be a box with an oxygen tank, batteries and some solar panels. It will eventually be a refueling station/cargo transfer so my space capable ships don't have to be capable of getting to the surface with cargo. I'd rather build two separate ships for that.

    And seeing as I've not actually MADE it to step 4 as of yet I really don't know what I'd do beyond that.
  11. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    My frist venture was on the moon, and after I built a huge platform connected to my main base on the sureface that was only 500 meters shy of 0g, I got bored and made a earthlike one with no easy start.
    This is after they added the robo-dogs and after they fixed the glitch where they explode(must be a glitch, cause no one would add that intentionally...) and so Im flying around in the blueberry(the non space banana), I still got like 20 minutes of flying power so I find this awsome small flat toped mountain, land and figure out "small" is relative to hight from the surface. I go back up and go back to this tiny tiny one I passed up cause it was too "small" and found it was very much the right size for a small base. My impression at this point was the damn dogs cant spawn up here, no break in line of sight, and they cant climb up 1k of shear rockface... Well they cant climb anyway. Park lander, make a small slab and start stripping lander for base stuff. Get about 90% of lander before last bit starts to slide off the mountain side, with me running and waving my grinder trying to get what ever I could while it tryed to tease me over the edge. Got base going and kinda felt bored, so went into the sbc file and turned transport ships back on, turned cleanup off, and sat back and watched the rain. Built a small solar sailer with a large cargo pod, grabed my Mk.2 grinder and went chaseing down the frist ship I found. Ground up some fresh mats and hualed butt back to base before the sun set and I lost my power. Started chaseing wreaks, found they would also tend to shoot back :eek:
    Right now Im making a full on mobile small ship base(small ship parts mod) and going after a military transport as they ironically survive the crash more or less full fuctioning and gona add some fans to it and try and see if I can get it air borne.
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  12. MrBunBun Trainee Engineer


    I worked up this as a simple starting ship and so far has been working wonderfully on my new survival attempt. Nice to actually get something from all the rock you end up moving around when you first start out. Still takes a while for the rare minerals, but feels more survival'y to NOT have a refinery to start out. Also, I'm planning on playing it out that i CANT build a new Stone Crusher or Mineral Extractor. So at some point I plan on trying to grind them out, not down, and then making up a some way to physically move them out and to a permanent station/base so I can add Productivity mods to the Extractor.
  13. Zeh Don Trainee Engineer

    I've only played Survival, actually. Never been to space. I have a terrific little base, complete with underground assembler/refinery system that is supplied from my wheeled rover, which I fill by hand-mining resources. My base was partially constructed by salvaging everything I could from the Lander, and the rest from just gathering resources. I'm 100% solar powered, using no reactors at this point. I'm currently digging out the underground levels of what will eventually be my hangar, which can raise/lower beneath the surface of the planet.

    Using the Lander as a scouting vehicle, I flew around for around an hour, GPS marking resource patches, before finally landing in the rough centre of them and settling in. I think was really a great benefit. I'm 60 hours in, and im close to building my first flying craft, which I hope to use to get into space, before planning out my moon landing mission.

    I'm also working on designing a wheeled mining vehicle, however its proving difficult to get it working in a practical way. I've also spent hours coding my power/battery management script, which really paid for itself in terms of efficiency gains.

    However, a bug in the last patch stops my batteries from working, so I can't continue until Keen fix it up. Looking forward to it!
  14. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    I'm in the penultimate stages of building my next Star System alternate start. This one will put the player behind the wheel of a small grid big rig. The trailer houses an assembler and arc furnace, as well as several batteries, a small solar panel, and an interior turret (with ammo). The tractor has O2, storage, and an ore detector. The kicker: this impending misadventure is set on the alien planet; I found a deep canyon sort of dry lake to start in (few trees, large flat-ish areas, boulders easily visible) so it should be viable for wheeled vehicles. The titan-like moon looms above canyon's southern rim.
  15. Lt_Duckweed Apprentice Engineer

    What rock you move around at the start? Right-click drilling man.
  16. Hald 2 Trainee Engineer

    Well, you can make rocket thet can leave planet using only planetary lander (and you will have some small base with some parts left). Or you can load medical bay, and other parts in your rocket and go to the mun, and build base there. I tryed to make base and load rocket with all thet I need at moon (med bay, 2 reactors, containers, refinary and assembler parts + some extra componetnts), but it was REALLY heavy and diffiluclt to take off =)
  17. tharkus Junior Engineer

    ive been "classical" , i deconstructed the lander to make a small but good looking base (on earth like planet) and a small ship flyer miner, actually im trying to mine to have a stock of every mineral type around my base.
    Next , when i have enough ores im going to build a large ship able to fly on space and land / take off on planets/moons , so i can go to the beautifull Alien Planet and kill some bugs ;)
  18. Sergeant Snuggles Junior Engineer

    I am toying with the idea of starting in the yellow ship and as stated earlier pushing it out of gravity well before getting to work. Once out of the gravity well I am going to try refitting the ship by moving most of its thrusters to be in a single direction and then attempt a "controlled" crash landing on the planet, thus keeping the yellow monstrosity and then going about my usual business of wiping out life as we know it planetside :p
  19. Altaree Trainee Engineer

    1. Deconstruct the lander into a base. I generally try to land on an ore deposit on a lake.
    2. Build a small atmospheric ship we 2 med cargo containers to support hand mining for the next step. Usually looks like a guinea pig with some solar panels on top. - Named Donkey
    3. Go find some U.
    4. Build a small welding ship because hand welding a ship sucks. - Named Medic.
    5. Build a mining ship with a 3x3 pattern of mining heads on the bottom that are spaced as wide as possible but still don't leave pillars of unmined rock. Use this to dig straight down to ore veins. - Named Augor
    6. Build another mining ship to go straight down into the Augor's pits and dig horizontally into the veins. This ship is designed to always fly mostly level so the main thrust is towards the bottom. - Named Scraper
    7. Build a ship that can get to space. Pack it to the gills with materials and ice. Hop in and hold down the spacebar. Find a nice little hollow ball shaped asteroid to turn into a base.
    8. Set up space base, space welder, space miner (small ship), space grinder, space miner (large ship)
    9. Create a nice large ship to go between planets and find the floating derilicts. I found a Volunder and moved into it.
  20. Kurazarrh Apprentice Engineer

    1) Land lander. Faceplant if possible.
    2) Grind down lander and build a base.
    3) Grind down base and make a better base that is actually aligned with the planet's gravity so rovers stop sliding out of the parking garage.
    4) Stop building rovers when the planet starts eating them.
    5) Spend an inordinate amount of time mining a ridiculous amount of ore for...
    6) ... an oversize (700,000kg) large ship to take me to space.
    7) Build an enormous space station inside an even bigger asteroid.
    8) Make everyone else on the server envious.
    9) Cry because I have no life.
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  21. Nyito Trainee Engineer

    I typically fly around in the lander until I find a uranium deposit, GPS it, then find a lake and set the lander down on it, immediately bolt 2 interior turrets to the bottom of it, set to attack characters only, and 25 meter range, to fend off the cyberdogs. I then shut the lander engines down, put it into full power-conservation mode, and set about modifying the lander. I typically move the left/right engines to the rear, the forward/reverse engines I bolt onto the outside of the large engines, and then I cut open the underside to access the upgrade slots on the refinery and assembler. I bolt on effectiveness modules to the refinery, power efficiency to the assembler, then mine up a bunch of uranium, and get it going. Bolt on a couple solar panels as well.

    After that, I build a small scout/cargo craft(I'm one of those rare 1/1/1 players, need ships for moving anything substantial), buzz around marking various ore deposits. Then I build a small drone miner, a utility drone that I can easily replace the welder/grinder head based on what I need, and a rover for hauling large amounts of cargo. From there, I work on building a large hydrogen rocket. Basically just a wide base of hydrogen tanks and engines, and a ton of cargo cans on top, one large thruster for spaceborne deceleration and a couple small maneuerving thrusters Once the ship is ready I grind down everything else I own, stuff it's components into my rocket, and take everything with me to space. Find platinum, retrofit my rocket with ions for general space travel, find a nice asteroid to build near, set up a large solar power station.

    Lastly, I build a medium sized raider ship, typically using a modded high velocity cannon of some kind to snipe turrets/antennae off pirate bases, raid them for materiel, and use it to build a logistics chain to let me build a permanent outpost on every planet, plus whatever else I feel like building.
  22. dispair Apprentice Engineer

    I am doing easy start moon with pirates and drones and such. Right from the start you only get a drillships, and it sucks. I redesigned it with a cut as wide as the body. Constant attacks mean wrecks everywhere so I built a "tug", love it. It is a small ship with lots of thrust, mostly for picking up wrecks and taking them to the grinder. I also have a large " sled" it is just an ore detector battery, solar, and antenna. I move it around to find new mining sites. And last is a small welding ship.
  23. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    MY progress so far....

    I got the thrusters built, but sadly it isnt even close to taking off, gona be a few more nights to make that many more motors. Its kinda stuck in that crevice.

    Also managed to find one of the drone spawn ships with a warp core intact, but sadly I cant use it in natural gravity. It did make the most epic looking landing. :D

    So to answer the OPs question, play the game normally for like a hour then start trying to break it with out technically cheating ;)
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  24. tachyon Trainee Engineer

    I use the Lander to scout for a place where all necessary resources are close together. Then I build a platform on the ground, and merge the Lander onto it so that I have a base without loosing the batteries. Then I build a solar array and a scout ship and go on...
  25. Cheith Trainee Engineer

    1) Leave on dogs and spiders - don't be wimps
    2) Take lander down to about 100m or so and build 4 x interior turrets on the 4 outside corners of the lander and put 50 ammo in each.
    3) Go find a magnesium rock then a nickel rock and finally an iron rock. Generally mine the first two and build a base near the third.
    4) Build a base and a smallish rock mining ship out of the lander
    5) Make more ammo, especially some gatling ammo for the mining ship
    6) Mine silicon and cobalt and more iron to build lots of solar panels in case one cannot find a uranium rock nearby
    7) Mine ice (note if you land in a snowy area you get ice as a side-bonus)
    8) Mine some silver for better tools
    9) Build a ship for the moons to go get platinum.
    10) etc, etc
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