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Who is your favorite Space engineers youtuber and why?

Discussion in 'General' started by Scipioafricanus, Apr 5, 2015.

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  1. entspeak Senior Engineer

    When I started looking for SE videos online, I found LSG first. I enjoyed them... and once he and SAGE started playing together, I started watching both streams. The channel I watch for the survival series for these two varies from time to time... alternating between both of them. I prefer SAGE for the update videos because, to be honest, LSG tries a bit too hard to sound "professional" with his sentence construction and ends up sounding less intelligent than he is. SAGE can be a bit manic... but, I usually hop between these two channels. But, the antics, these guys get into - especially when Tazoo is involved - can be hilarious. I admit, I haven't watched much since Scott got involved - but that's about timing, my SE alpha fatigue and not related to his coming in. I've also watched PilotError42 for his programming tips - incredibly useful.
  2. Marneus Apprentice Engineer

    Aaron, from Last Stand Gamers. I like they crazy stuff he manages to build and his reviews of amazing stuff other people builds. Also, I like his british accent (not gay).
  3. Derwan Apprentice Engineer

    to be honest, sage has been going downhill recently. his "madness" tour is just torturous and I have yet to find people who find screeching entertaining. I personally prefer W4stedspace.
  4. Kovosia Trainee Engineer

    LastStandGamers first got me into SE and was the impetus of the purchase, with sage/tazoo/scot following after. Since then I often idea farm from ship spotlights so I watch Dream Assembly, W4stedspace (rimworld too!), morilibus, morphologis, Spets, and TheXPGamers.
  5. Illswyn Trainee Engineer

    I subscribe to Sage, LSG, Ravric, and BradPhusion. And I like Spets, also, but for some reason haven't subscribed.

    LSG has good IDEAS. Most of them seem to be theoretical, probably for population sizes larger than I think we'll actually find, but still, I enjoy it.
    BradPhusion seems very community-oriented.
    Sage makes interesting builds, and I enjoy the update reviews.
    Ravric makes nice looking creations that stay within his theme. Often I see some little bit of a creation and I just think "Oh, why didn't I ever think of that?"

    I stopped watching Sage's Let's Play when it became too story-like. When Tazoo wasn't just silly, but possessed.
  6. MegaGEC Apprentice Engineer

    Tartaross Inc, Captain Jars and Sage.

    Tartaross is super professional and his creations are great. I think i started to make big small ships after i saw his creations.

    Captain Jars is super derpy and funny.

    Sage is a crazy funny and interesting madman :p
  7. Captaindan Apprentice Engineer

    LSG got me into SE. He has a relaxed voice and some Video's with Sage are very funny (Sage's Ship explode, Crash, fly away or something else :D)

    W4stedspace is similar to LSG for me and Spets make's some cool Mechs.
  8. Morphologis Trainee Engineer

    Awe, all this LSG talk and there is no room for us little guys! <3 W4stedspace, XPgamers and spets. Hell with it, I love every youtuber who does SE content!
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  9. Sir_Kings_Alot Trainee Engineer

    BradPhusion :I
  10. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Tazoo.... for having the intelligence of an interior light.
  11. Dreokor Senior Engineer

    Or a Construction Component.
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  12. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I read that in your voice :woot:
  13. Howitz Junior Engineer

    Ravric, Tartaross, Gopescope, W4stedspace, Spets, all of them?
  14. Cruzz999 Apprentice Engineer

    I personally prefer w4stedspace and morphology for their professionalism, though I also follow the XPgamers mainly for their mod reviews, and lsg for the usually quick patch vids.
  15. Spets Master Engineer

    Im don't think Im a youtuber... I think, I mean, I dont do let's play, I dont do commentary, I dont have a schedule, I dont do reviews, etc. I've been uploading videos since 2005, and not for money or fame (I started the yt partner thing about 2 years ago more or less because why not), just to share with friends and the occasional curious. I mostly (not to say only) record games that I enjoy, and not only to share ideas or show something interesting, but also as a personal archive. And of course, more views, more likes, more happy :p
  16. mhalpern Senior Engineer

    Direwolf20 he just started his SE LP but I watch his other stuff he knows how to LP well and how to avoid over modding and he doesn't over-dramatize things (he only does stuff for series conclusions), he is great at showing thought process and he doesn't have persistent builds in his series- he knows to start over, and refresh everything- and he keeps his content focused. Sage and LSG have good update videos, but their LP has gotten stale.

    w4stedspace and morph are good- but they don't have regular content and they are full time creative players

    edit: with dire's content you can know whats going on without the video- just the audio, he uses mods not just to mod the game but AS his content- nothing he adds is for the sake of having it, he vets out the mods for balance and he discusses them, he doesn't treat them as a means to make his play through simpler but to add depth- and that I appreciate.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2015
  17. Kira Apprentice Engineer

    Immex5 because I lack humility!

    Honest answer, I like watching small lesser known youtubers. LSG and sage are all well and good, but there are some really good channels few people have discovered.............

    Like immex5 :p
  18. fourthquantum Senior Engineer

    I like LSG, I use them sometimes to see what I may have missed when a new thing comes out in a patch.
  19. DakotaShock Trainee Engineer

    Spets, you need to give yourself more credit. The design's you come up with are very well planned (well until ya forget to turn off the turrets... poor clementine) lol On topic though... your mech design's are huge milestones to when the game is further optimized because imagine having mechs on "planets-soon *TM*" or on space stations. Anyway keep up the awesome work (and try not to destroy your computer by jumping while in atmosphere) ^_^

    As for other youtubers... LSG, Sage, Morph..something ^_^, and any that I find when browsing
  20. plaYer2k Master Engineer

    All i really care about in SE is creative content, so all these "lets plays" are out of the way anyway. I also rarely understand how anyone can watch people playing survival for hours, but thats me playing creative almost exclusively since the release of SE.
    Thus creative and original content is what i see in my youtube videos. Rarely a "workshop presentation" from someone else.

    I started watching LSG sometimes in the past but then stopped it over a year ago because it was mosly rehashed content from the workshop. Only a few videos fit into my scheme nowadays and the majority is "style building" over "functional building" aswell as little revolutionary concepts (mind you, i am not saying that this is bad per se).
    What i liked there was this "alien ship" - one that might look alien if you are used to a halo-definition of alien due to the violet color but otherwise isnt that alien'ish in comparisons other styles imo - recently because the form allows for a nice functionality.

    As for bigger presences i mostly skipped over to w4stedspace now watching the monday and fridays streams aswell as the video releases due to how much more "mechanical things" and "functions" are included there. I simply am a rotor/piston person and they should be used more beyond just making doors with them. Jon (w4sted) does that more than anyone else i have seen so far on a regular basis.
    I also found more out of the box thinking here than anywhere else.

    Other than jon there sure are some nice other medias from people out there i sometimes watch like A. Smith (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfsxF4tnv0daHXzut69SOVA/videos) who sadly didnt make any videos from SE for over a year.
    Also eXro (https://www.youtube.com/user/eXtro3000/videos) who made some nice looking and functional designs.

    Other than that, i rarely follow certain people for all of their content in general but only very selectively like Spets walkers from time to time.
    We people have the tendency to have only a few good and original ideas every now and then and thus it takes very long to come up with a new original idea or concept.
    Furthermore these ideas are often quite spread throughout the web and that makes it hard to follow a single person for them but instead one has to roam the web and seek those who are unknown yet for their ingenious designs. Especially though because within the known realm of ideas you dont find any unknown, obviously.
    That however also leads to very few rare gems that are unique because there is only one of a kind and things didnt get continued.

    Thus all i could do is link individual videos (which doesnt fit into this threads scope) as the majority of nice things i know in SE are not from "big people" but rather very small channels if not people with less than 10 videos on their youtube account even.
    Thus i hope people show those small ones some love to spread more unique creativity.
  21. druppi Apprentice Engineer

  22. Stiletto Apprentice Engineer


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  23. Mobiyus Apprentice Engineer

    That's a totally fine necro tho.

    So for me it's XP Gamer & friends for the video quality, editing and I like his voice.
    Close second is Praversham & friends because these guys are frickin hilarious!
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.