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Willl there ever be an atmosphere/pressurised hull?

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Fox, Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. Mac D Junior Engineer

    I agree with these kinds of sensible ideas about air in ships.

    Simply add two "types" of volumes in the game. The first are those sealed (by intact walls, airlocks, with O2 tanks/atmosphere scrubber/life support) with a breathable atmosphere of air (and wearing a space suit is optional in these sections, but highly recommended in all combat situations). The second is everywhere else which is hard vacuum (and not wearing your suit is not exactly instant death, but close enough to make it a horrifically fatal error). I also like the concept of sound added to pressurized parts of structures realistically.

    Even "explosive decompression" is not a big deal physics-wise in a spaceship. If you have your suit on it will be a mild inconvenience, a few cargo containers might move around, the plants in your hydroponics module wilt and die, etc. If you don't have a suit on your grizzly death is largely a result of personal choice.

    In combat, I can just imagin, a player is an admiral in his fancy dress uniform standing on his comfortable air-conditioned bridge watching the space battle happen in the distance. Then a railgun slug cuts a clean through-and-through hole through the side of the bridge section. The bridge almost instantly is convert into hard vacuum and the pompous admiral dies reaching for his spacesuit locker
    This should be definitely be allowed to happen in this game, a player can make unwise choices then catastrophic and/or comical stuff happens to them.

    I hope this game is not made all combat focused. Building and operating a peaceful civilian asteroid mining operation does have its appeal and air filled compartments and living quarters where players and NPCs take their suits off makes practical sense. I don't have any idea how the NPCs will work in the actual game, but maybe they get disgruntled (or really crazy) if their boss (the player) forces them to to wear their spacesuits constantly for days or months because the player is too lazy/greedy/incompetent to bulid the workers some pressurized living compartments on the mining ship/base.
  2. DrVagax Administrator

    Deleted poll, don't post polls with just 'yes' or 'no'.
  3. TrashMan Trainee Engineer

    Explosive decompression is a myth.

    A normal, unprotected human being can survive 30 second to 1 minute in vacuum - as long as he doesn't attempt to hold his breath. If he does, he won't explode, but his lungs will rupture.


    I urge poepel to read this. A great site with tons of usefull info.
  4. TrashMan Trainee Engineer

    Perfect defence setup - build an airlock.
    Place one gravity generator on top(off), the other on bottom (on).
    Once the enemy comes in, keep switching them on/off.
  5. Jimx Trainee Engineer

    I support pressurised hull that leads to character creation since to space suits come off :D
  6. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    I really want this.

    Honestly I see it making sense, if they are to ever put in something like Food and thirst. My thought, is that you would need to have a pressurized ship and atmosphere in order to do plants and what have you.

    I see this being more on stations and large carriers, as the power drain for O2 should probably be something considerable.
  7. damoran Junior Engineer

    I just don't understand the obsession over this feature. What is it you guys want so bad with this, to see players get sucked out of their ship?

    A it adds unnecessary complexity to player movement. Everytime I want to leave the ship I have to outfit my avatar and wait for an airlock to cycle.

    Outside of combat this is just annoying because it takes time and extra steps.

    In combat this feature cannot effect you because you are strapped in the cockpit flying the ship.

    B in multiplayer games where combat can happen at any time all players are going to be wearing their suit at all times just in case. So the whole dying from exposure would likly happen so rarely it is again a pointless feature

    even in the case you had multiple players inside your ship they would be stupid to leave the safety of their suit. as for being sucked out, the only time this would happen is if they were wandering corridors while under attack and a part of the hull next to them was destroyed, but consider most of those players would be inside of turrets or in their own ships would they not?

    So basically I see a feature that; 99% of the time is just a pain and 1% of the time has a very small chance of sucking a player into space if he's wondering corridors in a combat situation.

    Am I missing something? outside of the possibility of strip clubs on space stations?

    and if that's the case I have a simple solution, clear space suits!
  8. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Well at least from where I am sitting, it probably wouldn't be used as much on Ships.

    I am just thinking of the possibility of things that would need atmosphere, some things in space you can't do in vacuum, so you'd probably see small portions of the ship (That would be considered optional portions of the ship) where atmosphere is needed (Like a med bay or something).

    As to where I see it being used more would be on stations. On a station where you could have food production or something along those lines, where having 02 is essential, because you need it to grow the plants and get the food.

    So I suppose my support is contingent on something like Food production in survival mode.

    Yeah, it should be an option on ships, but if someone wants it on their ship, then it'll mean a costly addition and unless you are trying to make some kind of mothership, you probably wouldn't want to waste your time, resources, and energy.
  9. damoran Junior Engineer

    I think I see what you want from it but there are probably much simpler options to make it more difficult to farm in space.

    Plants don't need o2 they produce it. And I would think food would be mass produced on a planet. so if u did have food production it would likely be inside of some sort of large device or model in game, not blocks of dirt you plow, just my opinion to keep it real.

    I do agree with having doors simply to keep other players out.
  10. freshmango55 Apprentice Engineer

    I feel that needing to pressurize and enclose your entire ship is an excellent feature to add, it will encourage more strategic building of your ship and will encourage more creativity with the way layouts are constructed.
  11. akuseru Trainee Engineer

    The vacuum mechanism is interesting. But even without that, just the fact having rooms where you will die if you stay too long in after a rupture in the hull is a great addition for gameplay. In few words : like in Faster Than Light.
  12. Codezen Trainee Engineer

    I just signed up to say I would love to see this. Force fields that keep oxygen in but allow ships to fly through would be great for carriers but be costly to power. Would be fun to space someone un-suited out an airlock.
  13. Alejandro Trainee Engineer

    i realy want this to be added, it would be completly awesome!
  14. Veleno92 Trainee Engineer

    Yea, it would be nice to have a pressurized space inside a ship or station.
  15. jlf1976 Apprentice Engineer

    Agreed. It will necessitate things like using doors between sections to seal off if the hull is compromised. Just like naval vessels do with bulkheads.
  16. moroder Apprentice Engineer

    @Trashman Thanks, that link has some amusing reads. From "There ain't no stealth in space":
  17. marineten Trainee Engineer

    yes it would be cool to fire rockets at a ship and see crew and other random objects fly out of the hole
  18. hatdudeman Trainee Engineer

    How about this you can only have the suit on for so long before you run out of O2 this would give reason to having a large ship be pressurized as it would allow those inside to not have to deplete their O2 supply.
    Start the game with like 1 hour of O2 that will give you time to make a station with O2 where you can replenish your air.
  19. marineten Trainee Engineer

    good idea :thumb:
  20. lostami Trainee Engineer

    We are all wearing space suits.... what in heavens name would be need this for?
    I would love the idea if we had limited EVA air and fuel though, adds more realism to the idea.

    As for where to get more air that's easy, ICE BABY! Ice is made of water, water contains.. well you all know that.
    As for EVA fuel, well you could use just about any gas really, it just needs to be pressurized and let out, although the current in-game art suggests that we are using small engines, so unrealistic.

    Also no i did not read the whole post it's 3:21 AM. sorry ahead of time.
  21. whistler118 Apprentice Engineer

    When systems get more sophisticated you could have doors that automatically close on a "hull breach" as they would in real life or in military ships. This minimizes the damaged caused by rapid depressurization and then you can put on your space suit and go fix the hole.
    However, I would expect that space suits would be worn if you are going into a combat environment. So hull breach outside of that would only be in a "survival" part of the game which would be awesomely cool!
  22. Bobbyjoeangus Trainee Engineer

    I've been thinking that would be cool for a while now. I don't like our idea of different classes though.
  23. Azan Trainee Engineer

    Been thinking on this, the main issue is really just deciding how to limit the space suits so that there is a reason for some sort of atmosphere to be present for people to take them off. Perhaps the simplest way is the best way:

    • No oxygen limit for suits
    • Fuel limit for suits
    • Suits reduce walking (non-rocketpack) movement to 50% of normal
    That way if you are moving around in gravity the suit becomes cumbersome and when not your own control over the suits thrusters will dictate how long you can use it before a fuel refill is required. It would probably be a good idea if when you run out of fuel you can still move a tiny bit although say at only 10% of normal acceleration, otherwise players may become lost in space.

    This way you want to take off the suits for convenience sake and the suits fuel system can tie into the system the rest of the game will have (since ships do have a fuel meter I believe).

    You would want to create pressurised areas just for the convenience of being able to move around them quickly, rather than thrust around with the suit. Changing in and out of the suit could probably be facilitated with a block of some sort similar to the medical bay and have a small time cost.
  24. Slimecole Trainee Engineer

    That would be a great idea, I give my thumbs up to this :D +1
  25. Eason.li Trainee Engineer

    Great idea bro, and just like in FTL, when there isnt enought O2 in the air, player will lose there HP slowly instead of instantaneous death
  26. lerxst Trainee Engineer

    Made another post about this and think this is an idea the game really needs. I'm not talking about the O2 content of a pressurized atmosphere, but from a physics perspective.

    You all know about centrifugal force, right? It's the outward force that pushes a body away from a spinning axis. It's also the hallmark feature of just about every NASA and reality-based Sci-Fi design for artificial gravity on a ship; ship spins like a wheel, people get pushed to the outward wall and use that as the floor.

    The key factor that a lot of people don't consider with this (or any) force is the need for an atmosphere. In a vacuum, the object would sit still in the ship until a wall hit while the ship was rotating. It wouldn't be pushed to the outside, it would just bounce off of each wall.

    If we're going to create science based ships, we need to have them pressurized for forces inside of them to act properly. All of that shaking, pushing and pulling, G force, Coriolis force, etc. you see in movies and on shuttle footage only happens if there's an atmosphere in the ship.

    That being said, I'm wondering how this would even be calculated in terms of programming...

    PS - Using rotors, and Newton's 3rd law, you can actually make a spinning "space station". Tried this using gravity generators to simulate the effect... ever stand in between 4 gravity generators all pulling in opposite directions?
  27. darth_biomech Senior Engineer

    Space is hostile place to a human being. Extremely hostile. I think that at least for survival this would be very beneficial feature. As people said before, space gloves are actually extremely clumsy things. To do something delicate, like piloting the ship, you need to take them off. and to take them off, you need an atmosphere. Also, it is logical that suit itself would have limited oxygen supply, which can be resupplied only on a ship in pressurized room. That gives player stimuli to build proper ships, instead of something that is only conventionally a spaceship, and gives reason to spacesuit itself being improper as means of transportation.
  28. ProfessorFalken Apprentice Engineer

    Instead of O2 tanks, maybe an Atmosphere Generators. Now that we have suit energy usage in survival mode, it would be nice to be able to work inside a ship or station with out having to constantly run back for recharge.
  29. MotoRider42HC Apprentice Engineer

    I hope not.
  30. michael1812 Trainee Engineer

    What would happen if you had a gravity gen holding you down and a hole was blown in the side of a room you are in? would you be in a type of limbo? being suspended between the two?
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.