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[WIP] Heavy Carrier ~ 20 fighters [With pictures]

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Tipiak, Aug 15, 2014.

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  1. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    Hello there,

    I'm here to show you my very first ship I intend to build from A to Z.
    I've spent nearly 200 hours on another project but I wanted to build a ship and try all the new stuff added since.

    So here we are, with the... uh... to be determined carrier (I was thinking of "Stellar Rise". That sound good. But I'm not sure about it meaning)


    Of course, it's still WIP (I'm up to 35 hours now).

    As you may see, on the background is the Blue Shield Carrier. I took inspiration from it :

    • The shape (flat, and most of all : asymetrical !)
    • The design
    • The role (carrier, big enough to carry few fighters, small enough to be manoeuvrable)
    And added some of my needs :

    • A fast launch platform (starboard side)
    • No heavy armor (ugly) but instead, light armor and heavy armature
    • Crew quarters fully equiped (1.042's mods may have motivated me to start the project, I didn't want to build empty rooms)
    • Armory
    • Engine room
    • Infirmary
    • Captain's room
    • Torpedos launching bay
    • Hangar door
    • Elevator and underway garage
    • Quick landing platform above the ship, probably near the command deck
    • Each life room must lead to the landing pad and to each other rooms as much as possible
    • One turret (or two, max) for heavy assault in case of need. Keen's Plasma/Cutter's mod would have be nice, but I can't find how to increase its range.
    But I started from zero.
    No copy paste, not even the command deck which look very familiar (though I builded it with the same dimensions than the original...)

    // Command Deck :

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here is the deck. Doors on the background leads to outside. Probably to the quick landing platform later.

    // Map Room :

    Below is the "map" room, above the larboard's engine room.


    // C.I.C. :

    And below, still, the command deck is the C.I.C, fully armored (1 heavy armor layout + 1 light armor layout inside - I really hate heavy skin - ). In case of attack, of course, the command deck will be quickly destroy (though it is not the ship's job to go inside the battle).
    So the C.I.C is here to provide full control of the ship even when the command deck and other vital points are unable to work.


    // Larboard living quarters :


    Larboard side is the life side.
    Here is the hallway leading to all of the life areas.
    In yellow, the gravity room.
    In red, the security room (emergency light, areas containment, turrets control, etc)
    Storage rooms on the right.

    // Infirmary :

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    View on the landing pad, and the fast launching bay on the

    // Mess & Dormroom :

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The ship's crew is up to ~ 48. Including captain, pilots (10 fighters, 2 reco, 2x2 drop ships), and engineers. For the moment, 2 dormrooms of 8 beds. Considering that the crew share their beds, 1 bed for 3 crew member.
    I'll probably add more beds in the starboard side of the ship (engineering section).

    // Armory :


    View from the mess access.

    // Landing runway :


    From the right to the left : To infirmary, To armory, To mess via dormroom


    // Hangar door :


    Brainf*ck for 2 days : how can I make a door 6 blocks tall with the current pistons limit to 4 blocks?
    Pistons pushing from above !!

    // Supply connectors :


    One piston/connector for Uranium, and the other for... everything else !

    // Storage elevator :


    // Side views :


    Don't worry : current colours are just here to ease the differenciation between structure (green), "don't delete" blocks (red), etc.

    Thanks for watching, and feel free to comment. I'm open to suggestions ;)
  2. David Halston Apprentice Engineer

    U.S.S Harbinger. Vanguard of the U.S.S.C fleet. Carrier of justice and good will. Bringer of death and destruction.
    I was going to take this name for one of my super carrier. But seeing that i'll probably never resume construction of that ship it only fit to give it to someone that can.
    Edit: Nvm. That ship is small. Even smaller than my one of my standard frigates probably (They're 281 meters and 345 meters long)
  3. Leon026 Apprentice Engineer

    I seem to have missed this topic - I think my initial question would be - why the very long runway? Was it a design choice, or was it because you had a specific use in mind? I cant rate your ship aesthetically as my large ship designs are rather crap (small ship logic doesnt match with big designs it seems :( ), but I am interested in some of the design choices you made. Do you feel the openness to some of the design will be a hindrance, or have do you have defenses/contingencies in mind?
  4. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    Well first, thanks for your attention ;)

    As said above I took my inspiration from the Blur Shield Carrier.
    I found the asymmetric shape, the disposition and the look quite perfect (that was my vision of a carrier)

    So I built my ship with that shape and, surprisingly, the very long runway and the life areas overlapped very well !

    But too, I needed a long runway to allow a quite easy take off and landing, and, inside the ship, a long runway allowed much room for life areas and storage under that runway.

    About the openness, the ship is not finished yet, so I can't answer for now.
    But I couple quite easily design and utility, making some adjustments if, for example, I need to build sas between rooms or leave free room for turrets etc

    I'll provide soon latest screenshots as I had nearly finished the interior ;)

    Thanks again !

    Oh, and, BTW, what do you guys think about the "Stellar Rise"? Don't know if the English meaning is the same as the French one, but I kinda like it :)
  5. VilniusNastavnik Apprentice Engineer

    Why not attach wheels to your jets.. since you are using an extended ramp for take off and return, add wheels to the underside of your jets.. extend them when they come into land, disengage thrusters and roll them to their docking bay. Could easily eliminate the need for landing gears, maybe a single one to lock them in place in case you leave the hand break off.. just a thought.
  6. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    I made some small ships but I will soon made another, more lookalike with the carrier.

    In fact, the huge runway is not at all an hindrance. More like the central piece of my ship.
    I'm not a fan of wheels, and I'm not even sure my fighters will be big enough to carry retractable landing gears (though I'd like it).
    So I'll keep landing gears for now.

    For now, I land with "R" key disabled, and the runway is not too long to allow a smooth landing without being rushed to land.
    I use small thrusters (enabled with keys) to move the ships inside the hangar.
  7. Beanie Apprentice Engineer

    What's it's mass so far? It's a little boxy on the exterior. I guess you're going to be making it look a little better on the outside?
  8. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    Currently : 12.330.000 kg.

    And yeah, it's too boxy to keep it like that.
    I plan to make the exterior looking like it :


    Irregular, shard like, and not as flat as currently.
    And I want to use mobile wings to cover the starboard quick launch runway.

    I'm currently adding more pictures to the first post.
  9. DarkS33d Apprentice Engineer

    Now there's an idea. The fighters slanted like that on the ramps looks really cool.
  10. Kayatami Apprentice Engineer

    That blue carrier has more guns on it than most warships. Can it even be classified as one? O.o

    The closely packed missile turrets though ... emm .... make me think that there might be some "collateral damage" to the ship itself. lol

    Your trying to base your carrier off the blue one?
  11. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah but the Blue Shield is kinda old as it last update is still older than the turret enabling update.

    And they are not linked by conveyor at all.
    I rather get few turrets linked then such unlinked :eek:ops:

    And yes, it's kinda a Blue Carrier improved !
    But I just want to take inspiration from it rather than copying it from A to Z (don't know if I do well...)
  12. Kayatami Apprentice Engineer

    I always focus on the exterior first, then work my way inside to the interior. Otherwise I personally at least ... find my focus is split and it progresses slower.

    It's a good start, but I think you're piling too much on yourself at once with interior worries.
  13. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    Starting from the exterior, and then the interior?
    But venturing not enough room for your needs?

    Or start with the interior, get enough room, and then make the exterior?

    It was an hard choice.
    But I think I choosed both : building interior by keeping in mind what will the exterior look like.

    Surprisingly, I started with the command deck, then the living quarters and the larboard engine room.
    And everything overlapped very well even when restraining myself to get the kinda same shape then the Blue Shield.
  14. Leon026 Apprentice Engineer

    Honestly, I would say start with the primary role of the ship. If it's a carrier, then the hangar/ship bay, unless you are using a pre existing hull.

    Personally I like the shape of the blue one a lot more.

    But that said... For only ten fighters(?) it's gargantuan.

    Practical military thinking here, but if it's side launched (the grey ship), then the runway would serve for landing purposes only, yes? So shouldn't the carrier be more armored at the front with the landing area at the rear, and wouldn't the side require some armouring as well? if not, then the outer walls may as well act as the landing pad because both have equal levels of vulnerability

    Something that size would benefit from a catapult system too, which smaller "escort" carriers do not have the same luxury of space.
  15. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    I increased the capacity to ~ 20 ships (fighters, drop ship and scout ship)

    But ~ 8 can be launched currently together on the side ramp. More can be stored on the runway if needed and launched by the main door. It will just be "slower".

    Lock the gears, put the thrusters manually at max, unlock the landing gears, and I can ensure you that you'll be in the fight really quickly !

    The ship may be huge, that's right. But I mainly built it as I wanted it, leaving military serious needs back.

    It is still (as far as WIP allow) pretty suited for military work.
    As said to his job is not to go into the fight.
  16. GreenRayzHD Trainee Engineer

    I came to get a look at your thread and indeed this need more attention lad :) Your ships are absolutely great and currently I am making a quite large ship so that I can test to what caliber I can build at for right now. Can't wait to see more of you work! (I also am apart of the crowd that like the runway idea :D )
  17. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks mate ;)
  18. GreenRayzHD Trainee Engineer

    You got my support! :)
  19. Kayatami Apprentice Engineer

    To each their own. Everyone has their own style. There is no reason for you to adopt my methods. I just personally find it hard to grasp doing interior design first before exterior. lol

    For me, I design the exterior always first. To be sure I have enough room, I measure how long and wide I want the vessel to be, then get to work. After I finish my basic exterior, I get started on major rooms in the ship (hanger, bridge, power room, etc) while actively remembering to leave space for the conveyors. I make them fit with what room I have, and sometimes I have to be creative with what limited space I end up having left.

    Although I think placing the fighters already inside was a bit rushed, doesn't it lag your world a bit with so many grids?
  20. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    Yes it did, but I wanted to build a ship big enough to carry enough fighters, but I hadn't those fighters. So I built one of each to adapt the ship size for them, and then, for the topic, I copied them to show how I think the ship will be.

    As it is my very first ship I build, I have plenty ideas that I like to make whenever I think about it.

    I want to make bedrooms as I am working on the engineering room? Let's do it !
    I want to build that elevator even if I haven't finished the runway? Let's do it !
    I want a captain room but I'm working on my fighters? Let's do it !

    So I agree that it kinda might be a melting-pot, but that's how I work ! :p
  21. Hyomoto Apprentice Engineer

    I like the visual style but I also think it's a bit needlessly large. They said I'm bad at large ships because I hate all the negative space since SE doesn't actually demand it. It reminds me a bit of the Tiger's Claw.
  22. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    Update : added few pictures.

    Added shields on the larboard side, thrusters and engine room at the rear, rearanged the quick launch bay and few other stuff.

    Enjoy !
  23. Beanie Apprentice Engineer

    It's looking good so far. I like the homeworld skybox. It makes things nice and bright.
    The layout on your ship is nice and open. Looks like a good carrier.
    What's the mass on that thing so far?
  24. Tipiak Apprentice Engineer

    So far, it's 15 000 000 kg.

    2 Titan Engines are enough to reach the max speed in ~ 20 seconds (thrust override at max) which is, IMO, really good for such a ship.
    3 big reactors were not enough, but I haven't try again since I added 4 more reactors.

    I'm not a big fan of that Homeworld skybox (I prefer Gehenna) but that skybox provide a bright light even inside of the ship, which is much appreciated !
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.