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Workshop restrictions to your products after Steam update

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Dio-Svk, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Dio-Svk Trainee Engineer

    After recent Steam sale, the internal changes was applied to the workshop that is now prohibiting users with restrictions on their accounts to post feedback to any other steam user item that is related to the product.

    I am writing this as recomedation from steam crew. "Try to work with developer of that product to remove that restriction" as change was intended and is better if person who issued that restriction remove it.

    I have no intention to contribute in this forum. I am only here as i am unable post feedback/suggestions to other people, that made stuff related to the product.
  2. KissSh0t Master Engineer

  3. Dio-Svk Trainee Engineer

    Thank you for reply but No. It is not bug. It was intended recent change by Valve that all stuff posted on Workshop done by "other users" related to product are now "fully fused" to the rules of that product (Game hub).
    If any user have restriction in product game hub he will be fully cut out to "other user item" posted on Workshop.
    If your friend post modification on workshop to Medieval Engineers or Space Engineers and you have restriction in that game hub you are unable to subscribe, like, favorite or post feedback to "his item".

    It is intended and bad move from the Steam side.
    Steam crew give advice even to me, that "All users that want to continue to use the features of Workshop and acquired any restriction on products in the past, must clean their accounts of such restrictions".
    I have no intention to contribute in this community or mentioned products. I am posting this here as i am no longer able to post suggestions to other people work.
  4. Malware Master Engineer

    @Dio-Svk It would still be considered a "bug" if it requires Keen to do some kind of alteration. They won't read your post here, the only way to reach them would be via the support site. If you need to reach them, if you need them to fix something, that's where you need to go. Otherwise nothing will happen.