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YET ANOTHER ABT SPEC THREAD...01.037...!!!...factions, fractions, and space whales.

Discussion in 'General' started by aboredteen1, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. aboredteen1 Junior Engineer

    didn't intend to
  2. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Not that i wouldn't mind a bit of equality with the boys... but what makes you think our avatars can't already have their tools on the inside? It's not like you can tell the difference when the visor is down.
  3. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    Oh just a funny echo of a old absurb topic, I didnt have any predictions for this week so I went with that.
  4. paswert Junior Engineer

    The large ship missiles don't really work how I would expect them to, the reload is just weird for me. I'd rather that the launcher would fire everything in very quick succession and then reloading fully rather than having it fire at a continuous slower rate.

    Or have the existing launcher replaced by a large cruise missile launcher which would be an upscaled version of the existing small ship launchers, with appropriately sized missiles of course. Obviously these weapons would have to be reloaded manually, like the small ship launchers. Like this, sort of...
  5. DuneD Junior Engineer

    Guys, the weapon system works just fine, we are not getting more weapons anytime soon. Its like asking for a new drill that performs different than the one we have. Dont get me wrong I would love to get more weapons, but this is an alpha game, the weapon concept is done, which is aim and fire, so I'm guessing they will start adding new weapons once the core features are done.
  6. Skeloton Master Engineer

    The only change I would ask for, its more of a fix. Is if the targeting instead ignored outgoing objects and projectiles. That way you can have a PDS that doesn't shoot its own missiles or meteors that missed and have flown past you.
  7. Wazoo117 Trainee Engineer

    I think we should get cannons for small and large ships, although obviously we need other things first.

    Here's how I think it should work:

    Gatling Guns - low damage, insane ROF, insane projectile speed, cheap to make and provide ammo for
    Cannons - med damage, med ROF, very fast projectile speed, (maybe feature 2 types of shells, AP and HE idk), relatively cheap make and construct ammo
    Missiles - high damage, slow ROF, slow at first but quickly gains speed, (maybe in the future feature lock-on homing feature), launcher somewhat expensive to make but the real cost would be in making the missiles

  8. DuneD Junior Engineer

    Yes, but I dont think thats a problem with the weapon itself, its something more of an "ownership" issue. Probably factions will take care of that. Also, I think with programable cubes, you might be able to program a turret to target only specific objects, like reactors or cockpits.

    So imagine a whole setup of turrets each one aiming key parts of the enemy ship, some people might have his bridge more armored, others their reactor rooms... we might get some really interesting fights.
  9. SenorZorros Master Engineer

    am I the only one who thinks a female avatar really is a good idea?
  10. DuneD Junior Engineer

    No, but as stated before a female inside an astronaut suit would look the same as a male astronaut. What could be cool is being able to take off your suit, and then have male and female characters. It would be a huuuge addition to the game and I think it might up the sales a lot, mostly because people would be able to make machinima movies using the game, which leads to more people being aware of the game, which ends up increasing sales.
  11. SenorZorros Master Engineer

    well... there might be a slight difference. still you are mostly correct.

    and the ability to customize and take off your suit would he great indeed. the only problem is that they are resource intensive and we havent found a reason to take of ones suit...
  12. DuneD Junior Engineer

    What do you mean they are resources intensives and havent found a reason to take off the suit ? The fact that they do take resources is a reason to take off the suit, if say you are in a sealed area and that area has pressure, there is no real reason to waste resources in a space suit.

    Im not saying they should include, air, pressure and all that things in a survival mode (would be cool tho), but using the ship bounding box to determine if the player is inside or outside a sealed area isnt that hard to accomplish in coding terms. The game already does something similar with thruster damage, it determines if a block is in front of another block to do damage, so why not use the same system to determine if its a sealed structure? It wouldnt be resource intensive, since it only needs to be calculated one time, when the block takes damage or when a block is added or removed from the bounding box. If you think about it, thrusters do all those calculations every frame and we dont feel any performance drop if we turn that off.
  13. Joergetech Trainee Engineer

    what i which are gates doors littel ((Person) yes 1 we have) ,big (littel ship) and giga (big ships in lower size) size funktionel and with his own open close way. and a switch for ships (with antenne) to open the doors or close.
  14. Audiopulse Trainee Engineer

    Forget about realism or any other far-fetched reasons - being able to take off your suit doesnt improve on the gameplay in any way. And no its not just a simple thing to add and compute. It would actually cost time and effort to put that into place and work seamlessly. Detecting closed spaces can be way more difficult than you think.
  15. Spets Master Engineer

    I want 60 fps while I'm building my fleet :bawl:
  16. Raelsmar Trainee Engineer

    Really hoping for the first, basic implementation of factions, at least the functionality of assigning vessels and players to teams and having another option for weapons to target certain teams and ignore others.

    Another thing I've seen creep up from time to time is talk of thrust being affected by center of mass. Artificial Mass blocks already make this possible in gravity-based environments. If this ever happened I would certainly want a toggle to be able to immediately turn it off because it would make a lot of cool builds useless.
  17. Mohiten Trainee Engineer

    I'm expecting Factions, and with it the beginnings of 'ownership' rights - essentially only individuals assigned a particular faction will be able to pilot/build on objects created by another member of that faction.

    This would make commandeering cargo vessels far more of a pain, but it would also make pvp a lot more interesting.

    I'm hoping we get rails, as being able to make things like linear lifts/trams, sliding doors and other weird contraptions besides would make my day for some of the larger projects I have in mind.
  18. Spets Master Engineer

    Magnetic Force Generator and Magnetic Cubes that you can set to neg or pos
  19. DJToxica Apprentice Engineer

    Flak Guns are not just that nice little *puff* we see in those old WW2 Movies or in BSG.
    Those Explosions fire shrapnel in every direction.
    I loved the Cluster Flaks in X3 Reunion and used them on my Carriers as a self protection against fighters (my carriers sit in the background...)
    Imagine you fly to an enemy ship and it starts firing those shrapnel bombs. Explosions and shrapnel all around you, just from a single cannon (we need Cluster Flak) dismantling your ship.
    Another thing is, at a longer range of defense, Flaks are much better than Gatling guns.
    It's easy to avoid a stream of bullets flying toward you. Especially at a long range. But a small shrapnel bomb, with an wide AOE is much harder to avoid, because you have to get out of the AOE before the projectile explodes. Now take a cluster flak which has a huge AOE.

    I wuld really like to see a Cluster Flak...make the Gatling weaker, but faster and the bullets cheaper to use it as a near field defense, that would be cool.
  20. TechyBen Junior Engineer

    The game already supports it. However there is no gameplay reason yet (possibly ever) to devote the time into making the animation and art assets.
  21. SenorZorros Master Engineer

    with resource intensive I mean that more characters would probably take a lot of modelling and programming to get this right and have enough variety. furthermore you will always need a spacesuit to get outside so taking it off still doesn't have a reason. I'm all for these ideas but we still need a reason to implement them.
  22. Evolution13 Trainee Engineer

    The existing weapons will be 1000 times more useful when factions go in. (As far as I'm concerned the only reason they're even functional now is for testing purposes.) Not to mention griefer defense while offline will finally be possible. We'll be able to leave our weapons live all the time without fear of you or your friends getting shot by your own defenses.

    So my vote/hope is for Factions.

    ...and Space Whales.
  23. Oselotti Junior Engineer

    I think this is so called flak gun.

    edit. in part 1:30 you can see when weapons shoots and then flashes on sky.
  24. Spets Master Engineer

    Im ready for the patch WHERE IS IT?

    oh wait, is too early, omg what do I do now?
  25. transistor77777 Apprentice Engineer

    Does anyone remember when they released a multiplayer rewrite and then recalled it? I think we'll be getting that back today.
  26. Chris204 Trainee Engineer

    I'm hoping this will be it. We got plenty of new stuff in the last patches but the MP game became more and more unstable (atleast for me). Though I would really appreciate it its better to wait longer for a solid version if needed.
  27. Maxime Fabre Trainee Engineer

  28. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    What I think we'll get:
    *Large Ship Lazer Cannons.
    *Oxygen Inside Ships
    *Ability to map voice commands
    *Space Whales
    *Sniper Rifles
    *Ailerons for Wings
    *Handwavium Ore deposits
    *Space hammers
    *Small Ship Space Hammers
    *Large Ship Space Hammers

    What I hope we get:
    *Netcode fixes and overal game optimizations
    *1x2 armor block sets
    *Groupings place objects in an expandable tree view
  29. OrangeAaron Apprentice Engineer

    I think it will be death.
  30. hlpdrewdawg Apprentice Engineer

    So will the space whales be friendly, like orkas? Or murderous like killer whales?
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