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Your Best/Worst/First Attempt at Piracy

Discussion in 'Survival' started by schwem00, Dec 6, 2014.

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  1. schwem00 Trainee Engineer

    How did your first, best or worst attempt at piracy go? Ill start.

    My first few attempts at piracy (After turrets were added) went surprisngly well since I was just on foot. I stayed away from military, and only went after private sail, buisness shipment and mining ships. Died a few times from stupid mistakes, but all pretty well.

    Then I decided to hit a military transporter, with my new ship. It had a battery, a large reactor and 4 small reactors all hidden behind 2 layers of heavy armour. I spread everything out so that 1 missle wouldn't cripple me. For extra redundancy, I had 4 remote control units and 4 antennas, also hidden. For weapons, I had 2 reloadable rocket launchers and 6 gatlin guns. Sounds like nothing could go wrong, right? Nope. Within seconds I was torn to shreds, no matter how many times I reloaded the save and tried in vain to take out the turrets.

    My first succsesful piracy on the larger mining ship with 2 gatling turrets and an interior turret (IDK the name) went horribly the first 4 times. Stupid me didn't armour the cockpit very well, and even going at max speed I couldn't take out the turrets before I was shredded. So I tried a different approach. I turned on my intertial dampeners and flew straight at the side, and at the last second I turned, shot a rocket straight into the gatling gun and destroyed only it, then thrusted downward and narrowly missed the ship. I spun up and fired another rocket and the turret on the other side, and destroyed the cargo container it was attached too, disabling the turret. At this point I forgot my intertia dampeners were on, and after letting go of the W key I got stuck about 300m behind the ship.

    With all the weapons gone, I went to try and stop the ship from moving. I flew up the ship, landing gear in front.. And watched my landing gear get taken out by the interior turret that I had forgotten about. I quickly flew to the top of the cargo ship to prevent more damage. However, I no longer had a landing gear to stop the ship. I was about to ragequit when I saw the cargoships connector, and had an idea. I lined my connector up with the one on the cargoship and moved around a bit until I was travelling at the exact same speed as the cargo ship. At this point I got out, quickly hacked the cargoship's connector, then got back in.

    Finally anchored to the cargoship, I turned on my dampeners and went to work hacking through the ship to disable the turret before flying it back to base.

    All in all, a succsesfull capture.
  2. PaladinX333 Apprentice Engineer

    After turrets were added, I built an assault ship with an armored wall and 8 large landing gear between me and the target. On my first attempt at using it, I failed to realize that I was approaching my target way too fast. My ship slammed into the back of the mining carriage and totaled it. The engines exploded and the rest of the ship broke into pieces. I let the pieces drift off into space and I eventually deleted them with SEtoolbox. My assault ship suffered almost no damage. I added more breaking thrusters for my next attempt and it worked much better!
  3. ShadowHunter12 Trainee Engineer

    Best attempt: Long range bombardment with modded sniper cannons.

    Worst attempt, moving my friend's medical room to the base of a gravity cannon barrel, and putting a welder aimed at his medical room, then firing his many corpses at an enemy ship.
  4. JamesL86 Senior Engineer

    Every attempt: death...

    I'll stick to what I am good at, mining lol.
  5. Kuu Lightwing Senior Engineer

    My best attempt was my first successful Mining Hauler capture. I even managed to save the most components of the large reactors - put one rocket at the back and then used a gun to damage it just enough to disable it.
  6. .pho Trainee Engineer

    when i was a beginner (or a noob wathever) i rammed into a military transport with my modified respawn ship (with more fw thrustrers, weapons and landing gears)

    i tricket to land on the external hull of the transport and lock the landing gears, then using manual turret control i destroyed all weapons that was firing at me (already damaged/destroyed some before i landed)

    my respawn ship hull was badly damaged but most of the interior was intact. :cool:

    i used a missile launcher with manual control to breach the transporter hull and i r shutted the large reactor off

    now i have more experience in that game i realize how lucky i was when i did that, i could add some pics of my respawn ship before/after i engaged the military transport :D
  7. glrider100 Trainee Engineer

    My most successful, was also my most recent.

    I built a "raider". A large ship. 2 large thrusters for forward, 5 small for backward, 2 up, 2 down, 1 for each side.... All tucked in tight behind 3 layers of armor on the nose. Weapons: 3 gatling turrets.

    I came up behind a military transporter, and as I got close, it cut loose... But I hung tough, and manually took out the rear, and two top turrets. My poor raider had been getting pummeled.. and the transporter's side missile turrets were still active and firing at me. But I managed to get in close on the tail. I managed to get a landing gear lock on the now disabled rear gatling turret. I was out of field of fire for 5 remaining turrets...

    But it cost me. My poor "Monitor" (cause it reminds me of the Civil war Ironclad). I had lost 1 large thruster and 4 out of 5 rearward thrusters. 2 gatlings were gone, and the 3rd disfunctional, and disconnected from the rest of the conveyor system.

    With prayer, I enabled the inertial dampers, and managed to bring the behemoth to a stop.

    But I was stuck. I was several thousand km from my home base, nothing nearby. And my ship barely limping along. I didn't dare undock and try to flee, there was no way I'd be able to fly away without getting shot, probably fatally.

    There is a hole, between the thrusters and the bottom of the ship, that with just the right angle, the gattling could fire through it. I had to disable the bottom gatling, it was closest to me, and one mis-keystroke on the keyboard, I could fly into its field of fire. But how? Then it dawned on me. I would grind a heavy block from the transporter and weld in extra blocks to prevent this rare shot. Cutting down into the ship, and then sideways, I could approach the turret while staying out of it's field of fire. It took nearly 2 hours of game play before I disabled the bottom gattling. So, I'm a little safer. But I couldn't leave, I'd never survive... And I wanted this ship!

    Next I used the transporter ship as a source of material to repair my own. This took another hour or two to get my ship mostly operational.. I had repaired the armor, and most of the engines. I couldn't fight, but I could at least fly.

    But I'm still not out of the woods. I'm still thousands of km away from home base, and I'm sitting on a now stationary, heavily armed, and powered ship. I still couldn't just leave it and fly home.

    While grinding away blocks to get a better access to the bottom gattling, I came across the reactor room. I took control of the gravity generator first, and that gave me a clue as to what I could find/expect. All the internal gats, and a warhead... Great the ship was probably booby-trapped.

    I then attacked the reactor, and to my pleasant surprise, once it was off line, all ship power was gone. I took that opportunity to disable the pesky bottom gat, and both side missile turrets. I left the front gats intact. I also made my way through, and disabled interior gats, and finally took control of the ship. I restored power, and was attempted to try to fly home, but decided.. no... not yet. I repositioned my raider atop the behemoth, and shut down all thrusters. I still had the warhead to deal with.

    One by one, I repowered the thrusters, and visibly verified I could see the thruster working. With minimal thrusters, I slowly flew it back.

    All-in-all.. it took me over 12 hours of game-play before I had the ship totally under my control, and back at my home base. Other than the parts I robbed, and the turrets I disabled.. It was totally intact. I've rebuilt all that, and it's pretty cool.

    Quite satisfying. But a lot of "stress" too.
  8. TheQuixote Apprentice Engineer

    Just took down a military transport with out it firing a shot. Not exactly sure how but the transporters reactor exploded.

    Took 15 or so shots with a rail gun from about 3k to 600m. Either the reactor self destructed or I managed to fire a shot right down the conveyor tube from the rear turret to the reactor. If you get lined up on the rear turret seems like that is a soft spot.

    Did open up one side of the ship by the reactor room. I was trying to pick off the side turrets, but I don't think I ever had the angle to lob something into the reactor room from hat perspective.

    Other than the main reactor, ship is pretty much intact. 3 missing turrets and a few holes in the ship, but nothing else gone. Pain in the ass to tow back to base, even with 1.2m kg ship with two large thrusters.
  9. goduranus Junior Engineer

    My best was when a group of three Korean griefers came onto our sever, stole stuff from everyone, and built a carrier with the materials. I found that carrier floating in deep space.
    So I took it, but not before cutting loose their medbay and giving it bit of power, so they can spawn in and wonder where their carrier went.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.