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Your biggest "Oh S**T" moment.

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Dequire, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. Dequire Apprentice Engineer

    We all know that everyone has a moment in their life where they're doing a simple process they've done a hundred times before, then something goes wrong and it's suddenly the most terrifying moment of your month. It's embarrassing from time to time, other times it's epic as can be. Why not share? I'd like to start.

    I decided to start a new world on survival mode due to the sudden appearance of freighters flying at random around the steroids, starting with the Lone Survivor scenario. I rather liked it. I got a good base going, built a small freighter with good engines and solid landing gear, and went pirating. I came off with quite a bit of missile ordinance (the military's gonna be miffed) and an entire payload of mines(even more miffed). So, I turned, and pretty much drifted at about 60, 70 MpS straight back to my base. It wasn't long before I reached it.. and I hit the wrong button for the inertial dampeners. I kept hitting the wrong button, and then stared, my heart still, while I fly straight at my base.. and passed through a gap made by a solar sail and a chunk of armor that was perhaps a foot bigger on either side than my entire ship.

    This is that gap, where I'm pointed. Needless to say, I almost crapped my pants.
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  2. JamesL86 Senior Engineer

    My story may not be my biggest but it is surely one of the most amusing.

    I had built a rather unusual miner. The 4 drills had an unusual gap between them (1 vertically, 3 horizontally). This made access to the often unused rear hatches on the drills possible, which made for easier unloading. Anyway, as you can imagine, the body of the miner was much smaller than the combined width of the drills.

    So here I was mining away on a joint survival map with a friend of mine. Everything was going well and I had a full load so I started to back out of the mine shaft I had just made. To my surprise, the miner became lodged inside the tunnel due to its unusual shape. So I thought no matter I'll just hop out and drill myself out. However, upon checking my inventory I realized I had forgotten my hand drill. So I figured I'd get out and fly back to base to get it. Then the shock... due to the closeness of the tunnel walls the game would not let me out of the cockpit.

    So here I am, in a miner, stuck inside, and even if I could get out the gap was too small to fly around.

    I ended up having to get the other player, who was clear on the other side of the map, to fly over and cut my ship out with his hand drill.

    Yea... A very embarrassing OH **** moment.
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  3. ADM-Ntek Trainee Engineer

    my worst moment was several hours ago when i was on my way to my construction side with 4000L of solar cellls i turned a sharp corner and just died.
  4. fawkes Trainee Engineer

    My first miner I ever built (the green machine, because I had named the Asteroids starting ship "The Yellow Submarine" and wanted to stick with a colour based naming scheme :D) had a bit of an argument with an asteroid wall and one of its two drills was torn off. I was mostly full on both drills but managed to get about 60% of the ore in the floating drill into my cargo container or the other drill, but I didn't want to bother floating a ton of ore in space and macguiver a new drill to carry all the other ore. I just left it as a monument to more careful piloting.

    On the way back to my refineries I didn't decelerate early enough and slammed into the building, ripping off the other drill so hard it deconstructed and spewed ore piles everywhere. I got the Uranium but everything else disappeared before I could reach it.

    Losing is fun I guess :p
  5. JamesL86 Senior Engineer

    Space Engineers: Where... "Failure is ALWAYS an option."
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  6. nilloc93 Trainee Engineer

    I captured one of those really big mining ships (the 1.5mil kg ones) but accidentally broke the generator in it while i was disabling the trap. Having no parts to fix it i figured i'd tow it back with my grapple ship (a small ship with 2 big engines and 20 small ones).
    All was going well, going 50 m/s back towards freeport 7 base *name in progress*, the only thing i did not consider was how long it would take 2 small ship engines to STOP a 1,500,000 kg's of mass, this suddenly kicked in on my 53rd tetris line and i slammed the inertial dampeners on, slowing at .2 m/s^2 with only 2 clicks to go i managed to fly ahead of the ship, to my base, and get the factory ship (starting ship with 1 large reactors and 8 more industrial implements) undocked and latched on I stopped the damn thing with only damage to a docking pylon.

    The demon ship disguised as a transport was thus stripped of its equipment and banished to the great beyond. Destined to fly at 60 m/s for eternity.
  7. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    I had a really nice tug built and was getting routine about locking onto cargo ships when I needed resources.

    Aimed and accelerated at a new target, dampeners off, 2kms out I started decelerating, aaaand.... started to panic.... aaaaand, dampeners on.... and... it wasn't enough.

    I even tried to move sideways but somehow over multiple kilometers my aim was so good I slammed right into a military escort, which promptly exploded, taking half my tug with it. Of course, I could've eventually gotten the tug home with two thrusters left but... and this is the icing on the cake... when I flew towards one of the spiraling chunks of cargo ship to grind it off before heading back, I forgot my spacesuit dampeners off, slammed into it, and died.

    Now, I'm not stupid, I had a beacon on the tug, just in case... so I come out of the medbay and start looking around to find the beacon... only to discover it must've broken off when I hit the military ship. Soooo... tug, military ship, 20kg of uranium, and the large cargo container full of stuff... gone to the great beyond. I'll never find it now.

    Yeah... fun times!
  8. redneckpirate Apprentice Engineer

    You're welcome :crazy:
  9. JamesL86 Senior Engineer

    LOL... Yes... my hero :woot:
  10. Captain Snyder Apprentice Engineer

    When the Military Ships blew up on me I was like "OKAY WHAT THE HELL DID I BREAK THIS TIME?"

    I'm known for breaking stuff IRL often by mistake.
  11. Dequire Apprentice Engineer

    That's EXACTLY what I thought. Then I looked the ship over, stopped for a moment and remembered that they said some ships were boobytrapped. That's when I FELT the devs going
  12. smsldoo Trainee Engineer

    I am fairly new to the game, so a lot of this is just figuring out how things work.

    When the new cargo ships came out I was going to go take a look, with the intention of reverting my save if things went sideways. I approach the first ship, look around and decide to take it back to my base. Obviously got hit by the booby-trap, but felt like it could have just been a bug at that point since I was expecting it to explode when I took it not when I stopped.

    So I revert, and go after a new ship. I intended to just get the stuff off of it, so I turn on the dampeners, and boom. At that point I figured out what was happening and decided to try again with a clean ship. Except instead of hitting no, to if I wanted to save I clicked yes since that is what I normally do. I found out the hard way that saving outside of a cockpit, but inside a ship with your dampeners on is a really bad thing. Needless to say I would die as soon as the game loaded since I would run in to a wall (guessing before it was fully loaded).

    Figured I would try to move away from the wall several times while it was loading, and eventually survive (with like 9 health). Decided I am done with that ship too, so I go to my miner (only small ship I had at the time) and fly back to my base. At that time I did not have a beacon up, and was about to make one before I noticed the first ship. So finding the starting ship was a bit interesting, but I did eventually find it. Get near the asteroid, only to find out that my front thrusters had been knocked off at some point while landing on that last ship. Ended up having an entirely too close encounter with said asteroid.

    Needless to say I was not having a good day :p
  13. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    I no longer try to turn off dampeners on a captured ship at all, I just tow it back to base completely turned off, and take it apart.

    Quite a few times now I've been grabbing some steel plates and gone... wtf... what is a nice nuclear warhead like you doing on a commercial freighter like this?

    The possibilities in this game are surreal.
  14. Hawthorn Apprentice Engineer

    Well, there was this time where I was welding a thruster on my glorious S.S. Miranda, when all of a sudden another welding torch entered my screen and started to work on the same thruster.
    It took me about three seconds of horrific panic to remember that I had set my gamemode to "Public", and the strange torch-wielder was a fellow engineer, not some horrible alien. . .
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  15. Carrion Senior Engineer

    i have lost count of the number of times i am drifting along sans dampeners then realized Oh im getting close then missing the key this is both in ships and in the suits and well getting splatted countless times.

    and cutting the wrong plate and finding half my ship drifts away

    and ramming things when i try to recapture it
  16. eMYNOCK Trainee Engineer

    Greetings Engineers,

    you are talking about your worst "Oh $hit" moments?

    Okay, here is my worst Oh $hit moment.

    I am running the Miningbase Fe-113 (Scenario Crashed Red Ship, 16 big Asteroids, no deaths and not a single small Yellow Ship that is under my command) and sometimes i go out to cap some Ships.. okay, nothing interesting but why mine Ore when you can salvage a whole Ship?

    Back to my Story... on one of my glorious Piracy tours i decided to take over a Military Minelayer, i disabled the Sabotage Engines and unarmed the Warheads behind them.. but i decided to let the Mines inside the hold active.

    I turned the Ship into Direction Fe-113 to bring it to the Salvage Yard and accelerated to 50 m/s only to see that i ran out of Uranium when i started to decelerate... and that's it... a Flying Bomb with course towards my Home base and of course.. not enough time to disarm the remaining Warheads. :eek

    Yep... the last Quicksave was just before disabeling the first Sabotage Engine... and i believe it was a great Firework when the Ship destroyed my Mining Outpost... but the Captain has to stay with his Ship.

  17. Carrion Senior Engineer

    it shows not every random joiner is a griffin little asshat.

    /mutters about the destruction by fucktard a few nights ago
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  18. CaptainJaRs Trainee Engineer

    I was scavenging a mining transport i believe (the one with 5 large storage containers and pretty much nothing else) with a friend where i had to remove some unfinished blocks to access the storage containers.
    when i was starting to fly back to base i noticed that the only two "left" engines didn't follow me.
    "oh well, ill just not turn and i won't need them" i though. since there was no way i was going to be able to put them back on.
    when i reached the base 15 seconds later it had completely left my mind and i decided to "drift" to a halt right next to my base.
    I turned on my inertial dampeners just to notice they didn't do anything at all, since there where no engines to fire :)

    luckily I (after screaming like a little girl) managed to fire some random engines steering me a couple of meter away from my base, smacking into the asteroid with all my might.
    surprisingly i only lost one of the frontal landing gears and did some visual damage to 3-4 blocks. even though i was going around 40-50 MpS.

    The end
  19. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    Well, last night, i'd been playing on this survival map for weeks. I have a nice collection of jacked cargo ships, but I didn't have a Mining Hauler. Hadn't even seen one spawn so far, just the usual useless crap.
    So I flew my fighter ship, The Scrap, out to go "Pick it up" and docked on the underside of the back of the ship. Booted up the GravGen, Had a quick look for traps, tore up some panels looking for bombs around the reactor. Didn't find any.
    So I went looking through the cargo containers to see what i'd scored: Lots of Iron, uranium, nickel, silicon and platinum. Much happy. Went looking for the bridge, found it, turned on the inertia dampeners... Boom. Just a small one.
    The power was out, the ship kept drifting, the gravgen was off. Something else was missing... Where's the beacon for The Scrap gone? So I go to the rear of the ship and the back section holding the Reactor is missing and some indistinguishable twisted metal was drifting away behind the ship.
    I'd docked my ship to the underside of the reactor plating where the only boobytrap was located.

    I jetpacked home. With no beacon on either ship functional, I could never find my way back to it.
  20. Dequire Apprentice Engineer

    The flight of shame.. I feel your pain.

    A good way to check for bombs is to disable all the engines, then enable 3 or 4 at a time and check which set is missing an engine. If you can't locate a new lit up engine, turn the engine off and keep it off. Continue until all available engines that are OUTSIDE of the ship are on. Pain in the ass but it's guranteed to work.
  21. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    You can also count the number of engines you can see, and check the control panel for how many are on the ship. That'll tell you how many you CANNOT see.
  22. OrangeAaron Apprentice Engineer

    It's like minesweeper...
    Mini-Game Idea!
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  23. SpaceNut Trainee Engineer

    Awesome idea! Okay, could someone please make a survival minesweeper map to download on workshop! :D That would be pretty cool...
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  24. Samwise the Brave Trainee Engineer

    Two times, both with the Yellow Ship scenario.

    A) Started to fly the thing around to the top of an asteroid so my newly constructed solar array could get some sunlight.... Decided to be a moron and fly really close to the thing. I noticed all too late that the back of the ship was coming up on a rather large and jagged looking protrusion. Despite my best efforts, I still clipped it slightly. I swiveled the camera around and started to examine the damage: "okay, doesn't look like I lost anythi....wait.....NO......<expletives>. Well....that's it for this round; good game, everyone." My refinery bit the dust. Ragequit followed immediately after, once I realized I had nowhere near enough material to build a new one.

    B) Further along a new save, I had a decent sized base set up, with a recessed landing pad for the now roofless and thruster-less rescue ship. Got decently far along with building a mining craft when I decided one particular armor block wasn't in the right place for whatever reason. Ground it off. I discovered soon after that it was the block that the currently solitary landing gear was attached to. I was able to recover most of it by following the unpowered spinning husk with the grinder, but it still hurt my pride quite a bit. (although not quite as badly as the first one).
  25. Merinsan Apprentice Engineer

    The biggest so far is when I jacked a military escort. I searched around and found a booby trap, which I then disabled.
    Set course for home, and floored it going around 50m/s. Got to the base and hit the inertial dampners and all hell broke loose. Massive explosion ripped the ship in half, but I survived. The thought that crossed my mind at that point was "What a waste of effort!".
    I flew out to see 2 big parts, 1 heading straight for my base, and I knew I was in trouble. It took out my reactor, which had 40 ingots of uranium. I got a total of about 30 steel plates off the ship itself before it drifted off into the void. I had to build a new reactor plus 3 new light armor blocks.
  26. FatalPapercut Senior Engineer

    It was just after the thruster damage was implemented. I started up my Living Survival with the goal of either finishing my Station One cavern access corridor, or converting my mining ship into a twin drill model, either one would suffice.

    After several hours of mining and processing, i remembered that the thruster damage was turned on.

    "Oh buggers," i thought, "maybe i should move the survival ships a bit farther away from the station so nothing gets burned"

    So i float over to the red survival ship i used for general ore processing (as opposed to my blue one that only refines uranium) power up the reverse thrusters and start to back away. The reverse thrusters, might i add, that were pointed directly at my large cargo container.

    Out of habit, i sat there, watching the cargo box as i moved back, blissfully ignorant to the fact i was cooking it to a crisp until poof, a puff of smoke and the box is gone.

    Nothing i can do except watch all the contents rocket downward under the effects of the station gravity, never to be seen again.
  27. JaCC Trainee Engineer

    In Survival Mode I wanted to place a Small Reactor to a huge Hangar door connected to a Rotor. Unfortunately the blocks were not yet build so I didn't notice that I removed the block attached to the rotor.

    *The whole gate when flying into space*

    "Noo, please noooo!"
  28. Jeroenv92 Trainee Engineer

    Today, when i loaded my map and something appeared on my platform
  29. PrudentAura Trainee Engineer

    I had one pretty recently, my friend and I were boarding one of the small military ships (not knowing of the big ones :p) and we took it over and we started taking the most valuable things in case something goes wrong. So I have most of it because my friend had stuff in his inventory already so then he gets in the driver seat to stop it from spinning. All is good so far. After, just before we start to slow down because we are nearing our base, I pop into the reactor room and then left right after. Just as I left and went up the stairs to the roof, BOOM!!! whole inside is vaporized. The explosion literally stopped right in front of me. It was scary! (also because for some reason, We cannot find anything we drop besides the things in our hot bar like an assault rifle)
  30. eyedentify Trainee Engineer

    Well fun anecdotes you guys have.
    Here is one of my storys:
    I had a little cargo ship with just one middle size container.
    It was filled half-full with components i had salvaged from NPC ships i captured
    by chasing them with my jetpack.
    This time i thought why not chase it with my cargo ship and land on it with the magnetic landing gear ? :)
    So i did. Chased one and landed, locked the landning gear, got out and found the cockpit... turned on the Inertia Dampners of the captured ship.... and BOOOM.... boobytrap blows half front of ship away together with my Cargo ship that explodes in a big ball of fire.... thats when i thought "Oh Sh*t..." my compont cargo was all gone ... Pooof :)
    Thats when i learned a lesson to dissable all boobytraps before using the Inertia dampners :)
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