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Your biggest "Oh S**T" moment.

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Dequire, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. Daddsterc0347 Trainee Engineer

    Has anyone else been given fits trying to capture one of Sarge's FTL Elite Cruisers? Here is a tale of the closest I have ever come to succeeding.
    I knew that there was a gravity based active defense response, but had never been on the outside of the ship when it happened. I noticed that gravity jumped to 12Gs and pretty quickly I died.
    Finally I managed to capture one by putting a flight seat on the back of it. I got it to my station and docked it to a pair of large landing gear I use to hold this stuff in place while I gut it.
    I started slowly working around it looking for what tripped the gravity trap. I found it.
    A sensor activated a gravity drive which easily tore away the landing gear and directed the rest of the ship into my station. It tore out my power generation and a good part of my storage before gleefully accelerating away while I stood in disbelief amid the floating rubble.
    I have not gone after another one to this day.
  2. Privateer Trainee Engineer

  3. Xanatos Trainee Engineer

    On my new Survival SP Station, I set myself up to rely mostly on solar power. Two 10-panel arrays on a twin-rotor setup to align them properly took me HOURS to build on Realistic.
    Suddenly, a rogue piece of ore starts sliding across the roof of my station, because physics. The banging is getting louder and louder, and I'm searching for it the piece of ore that has somehow slid between the walls of my station. I get inside the walls, pick up the ore and there's a huge BANG.

    My solar arrays have decided that they don't like me being in possession of their little nugget of iron, and throw a fit. No wobbling, no vibrations, they just jump 10 ft up from the rotors they're on and start spinning wildly in the air, crashing into each other. There they are just spinning in circles on the spot, smashing each other as if they're possessed.

  4. torgo Apprentice Engineer

    Still relatively new to the game, and not having a total grasp of game mechanics, I decide to throw caution to the wind and build a big (for me) mining ship with 9 drills and 4 collectors on the front. I didn't name it at the time, but it retrospect, I should name it the SS Epic Fail.

    I spent about 10 hours perfecting it, flew it to a nearby asteroid, lined up, fired up the drills and started digging in.

    I get the full length of the ship inside the asteroid and decide to reverse out and see how it did. Except it's not going in reverse. I pop out of the cockpit (built inside the ship) and can see the asteroid through where the front of my ship had been. The drills survived, but the collectors got impaled because I had too much spacing between the drills. I hand cut the rock away from the ship, and start backing out.

    I had built the cockpit into the back wall of the ship. As I back out, all of the sudden I'm thrown outside. Debris from my drilling had wrecked the cockpit, so now I was stuck about 16km from base with no ship.

    I checked to see what I needed to repair the cockpit, flew home, picked up the needed gear and flew back. I repaired the ship. Once outside the asteroid, I checked the damage inside.

    All the storage pods were gone. A reactor survived intact. The drills lived. The hull and engines were in decent shape. Recognizing the design flaw, I decided to fly it home, grind it down, and build a bigger, better ship from the remains.

    So I flew it home, landed it on the base, and started grinding away. It went swimmingly for about 3 hours and I'd made a great start on the Epic Fail Mk 2. Then, somehow the landing gear became dislodged and the ship started falling off the station platform. I managed to use another ship to catch it and kind of hold it in place. I started grinding again, and the ship started to float away. I had turned gravity down and reduced the range to conserve power. Now a wrecked hulk of a ship was floating right at the edge of the gravity bubble 50 meters directly over my base.

    I continued the grind, and took another load of recycled steel plate over to the Mk 2... except the Mk 2 was nowhere to be found. The landing gear for it had failed, and it was now gently hurtling away from the base. It had a full complement of thrusters and a couple gyros, but no reactor. So I grabbed the pieces for a small reactor and took off after the runaway ship.

    It took 2 trips, but at least I remembered the uranium, and got the reactor built and the ship under control. I flew it back to the base and left it parked there to go back to grinding down the rest of the Epic Fail.

    Except now the Epic Fail had decided to float further away from home. There wasn't that much left of it, so I grabbed my small cargo hauler and flew after it, and finished grinding it down. Goodbye, Epic Fail.

    Back at the base, I got the Mk 2 finished off, and took it out for a test drive. This time, it worked perfectly. I was tearing giant holes through asteroids without so much as a scratch on the paint job. I managed to pull down 4 large cargo pods full of ores and stone.

    All is well... I'm going to be able to expand my base, and build an even bigger mining ship with this new found loot. I can't wait to spend countless more hours on the next ship.

    Except when I go to launch the game the next day, the world was corrupted. I tried some of the tricks from the forum to recover it to no avail.

    So I start a new world, and start hollowing out a base since meteors are on in this version. I manage to get my reactor moved indoors, and then there's the all too familiar 'meteor storm inbound' warning. Not 5 minutes after I had gotten the reactor out of the way, a meteor hit the spot where it had been on the platform.

    So the new base is going really well. I decide to try to make an elevator out of a piston. The rise needed is exactly 10 meters, so I'm in good shape. I get it placed, and open the control panel to get the settings made.

    Always, always, always change the speed first. I learned this the hard way as I hit 'reverse' on the piston and got squished into the ceiling for my first death.
  5. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Exited in-asteroid base to find my large solar array in three pieces. I was using auto-save so I was f'ed. It had neatly come apart at the rotors for some reason. All rotor heads were still in place. There was no way to recover it. Any attempt to get near it ended in complete destruction of the ship. So it's out there spinning in oblivion until I go looking for it or crack open SE Toolbox and delete it.
  6. fabricator77 Apprentice Engineer

    Given it's a bug of some sort, just use SE toolkit to set it's movement to zero, and relocate to somewhere you can find it. I have a small base near 0,0,0 for this sort of thing. Creative mode with copy/paste is another way to fix this.
  7. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    After reading a bunch of the stories here and adding a few myself. It has come to my mind that the Auto-save is just them game spiting on your bad luck.
  8. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    And that is why I always disable autosave. In multi-file games it can be a lifesaver, not really here though.
  9. Echillion Senior Engineer

    My Biggest Oshi moment everytime I logon to the server I play wondering if my ships and base is still there? lol
  10. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Anytime the server starts to desync while I'm trying to merge two large ships.
  11. fusurugi Junior Engineer

    Assembling a scissor legged extending arm for testing purposes in single game creative and suddenly everything explodes.
  12. Shabazza Junior Engineer

    Today I was hit hard by the landing gear bug. At least I think it was the cause.
    I've a world from the workshop with a large warship. I use this world to build and test torpedoes.
    Now, till yesterday everything was fine.
    Today I loaded the world and upon loading I heard this crumbling noise as if blocks get smashed around.
    So I looked around the station but no indication of damage.
    Then I flew over to the warship and I also noticed that my sim speed had dropped to 0.4.
    So I went over and saw some deformed chunks of unidentifiyable armor floating around that warship.
    Then I circled around to have a look at the bottom side of the ship.
    Well, there I saw this:



    Not only one, but almost all of the different parked small fighters in the warship had become loose and propelled in direction of the bottom of the ship.
    And this with so much force, that some of them punched through 1-3 layers of heavy armor and were thrown into space as deformed pieces of "something".
    I only saw 3 or 4 debris parts barely recognizable as fighters. All other parts of them were gone and dropping my sim speed because all of them were spinning at high speeds in different directions and all axis.
    Reloading the world made the exact same thing happen. So I had to exit and delete all the debris via SE Toolbox and clean aup all the mess in the ships hangar bays.
    Ships where sticking out of wall segmets or hanging fromt he ceiling. Well, the rest of them.
    BTW: I had powered down all parked small ships when I first entered the map to avoid such things...

    I understand that this can happen due to the landing gear bug, but almost all parked ships at once? With such force? Directly upon world load? :confused:
    I'm officially scared.
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  13. pardusian141 Apprentice Engineer

    Got together with some friends in survival. this happened....

  14. ChickenNugget Apprentice Engineer

    One time I went to attack someone 22km away with a large ship. It was an epic fight. On the return journey to my base (this is an infinite world, so asteroids are quite sparse) I managed to slam into a small asteroid near my base at top speed. Like... I didn't even slow down. Essentially vaporized my ship on the only asteroid for 10km. The person I attacked couldn't stop laughing :woot:
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  15. TidusKlein Apprentice Engineer

    Certified oww S@#$ moment.

    1, steal private sail
    2, realize that you have managed to drift out of range of your antenna in the processes...
    3, use brain to try and figure direction,
    4 decides to put the private sails antenna to use by remote controlling, the small mining ship used to catch it.
    5 find base with remote controlled miner, and accel to it with dampeners off..rejoice, and forget your remote controlling it, with limited range.
    6 suddenly get kicked from miner when out of range, remember where you are and that you still have no idea where your base is.
    7 turn and accelerate in private sail, in the general direction where you think your base is
    8 find base again by luck, fail thru the control panel to find your miner and gain control of it, just in time to hit the dampeners and dodge your solar array.
    9 wipe sweat off forehead, and have a space beer.
  16. WardenWolf Junior Engineer

    In creative mode, I once deleted a cargo container that had a lot of explosives in it. It wrecked half my base. Fortunately, I managed to exit before it could save. I imagine the same or worse would happen with ore, with potentially a huge mini-asteroid appearing where the container once was.
  17. PolarWolf Apprentice Engineer

    Well which one to start with...

    Be testing my Superheavy Capital Ship named the Helios (creative mode). I have been working on it since not long after the release of SE. Also the update before heavy armor so i was stuck with light of course.

    Send to Steam Workshop for the heck of it despite being somewhat primitive

    Decide to test the armor for weak points/ vital areas for explosives in case if it gets ported to survival servers.

    Autosave off ✓

    Fashion a makeshift Cruise missile for i̶f̶ when they add remote control and add to missile bay in ship

    Fly them into points in the ship that may need applique armor (hey, its creative, and i bailed out anyway)

    Control points, thrusters, secondary structures fair well

    So far...

    Mindlessly considering tweaks to the outside while equally mindlessly hurtling a missile into the storage of the other cruise missiles and components to make them

    Framerate tanked as I saw it penetrate the structure in slow motion

    ... and then it detonates from impact...

    Which detonated the aforementioned missile warheads in the bay...

    and the explosives from the now destroyed cargo containers flying over the place.

    You can caption what i was thinking...

    In the end, my once "behemoth" of a ship looked like a giant blue toothpick snapped clean in half

    Hurriedly exit to main menu

    Accidentally hit "Yes" for saving.

    Have a few more stories that are probably better if you'd rather :eek:ops:
  18. Arbiter Trainee Engineer

    So, I've been playing Space engineers for like... two months?

    Being a huge fan of mod I have "some" of them (about one hundred and twenty). I've made a "pause" for last two weeks (been playing skyrim during this time). Since there was some update since I made my last "serious" game I decided to make a new survival game starting from the last survivor.

    It took me some hours to make a pressurized station (with manual de/pressurizing airlock) and four small ships (three from the same design, one for Drilling, one for building, one for grinding, called "Crasby" (building), "Dis-Crasby" (as in dismantle), "Fo-Crasby" (As in "forage" which mean "Drilling" in french) and an ultralight interceptor/exploring ship named "Ministing" ). Just when I finished the base I set out with Fo-Crasby to mine some ice. When I finished the drilling I see a message on my screen "Invaders Incoming\n Invaders thingy" Exists 3/Killed 0". Usualy, I do not mind invaders, they are for most of the time unable to come to my base and/or crashes in roids, but this time, this one time a drone , drone M0008 (will never forget his name :p) come to me and start firing missiles at me. I hide in the asteroid and wait for this drone to leave me alone. Then I go back to my station to see this thing is comming back, I get in "Ministing" and fly to kill this intruder but I only manage to damage it and die.

    I spend the next minute seeing the missiles hit and hit again my station who now look like a wreckage. Somehow my "Fo-Crasby" manage to survive the assault, I Hide it in the roid and then build a small medbay on it for respawn. when the drone left, I put "Fo-crasby" back in the wreckage of my station, determined to rebuild an thrives, but I then heard a "Bong"... oop, this was the small medbay... Oh, A floating ore... Dead...

    Good thing is, I managed to luckily find a moving Satellite, use it to scan the area and then find a ship called "Infinity" in my area. But I managed to lost the satellite by activating the "Gravity drive" on the infinity. I'm now officialy lost in space ^^'
  19. BoobyTrapGaming Apprentice Engineer


    you could also just have drilled straight through the entire asteroid.
  20. Starfang42 Trainee Engineer

    So I alt-tab out of the game. I come back a little later, to the respawn screen. I'm thinking to myself "Huh. Did I run out of oxygen? Wait a second...where's my mining ship?"
    Slowly, ever so slowly, it came back to me. I had been heading towards an asteroid I had marked as having easy to access gold when I had alt-tabbed out. With the inertial dampeners off.

    Thankfully, the drills and cockpit had absorbed the impact, so all the expensive stuff (reactor, cargo containers, and the modular thrusters which are 10x thruster components a pop) had survived. and this was after I had made a builder ship. Unfortunately, I had not gotten around to blueprinting it yet for easy repairs.
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  21. codetodi Trainee Engineer

    Kind of a classic: I invited a friend into my survival world and showed him around. He was fairly new to the game. The world itself was one of my first bigger builds and I was kinda proud of it. So as he made some dents into my station, I got a little mad. "So? Just reload!" he said. Yeah, right! Of course!
    We went ahead and destroyed the huge station, docks, multiple small und some large vessel, basically: we had fun. After all, the destruction mechanics were one of the main selling points for the game.
    When we finally run out of things to run into each other, we quit the world and I made sure, not to save on leaving. Then I reloaded the world and... WTF? NO! I didn't realize, that autosave was turned on the whole time...

    After realising the dimension of the destruction, I left the world as it was, took what I had learned and started a new one - leaving autosave unchecked.
    Maybe when planets are released, the destruction of my current projects will be a good ceremony, to start all over again. Or I'll just take part in the "whoa, gravitiy" experience and crash my ships on the next planet :)
  22. acidmetal Apprentice Engineer

    I played HCDS server. (Hardcore Dedicated Server) It basically converts standard Space Engineers survival mode to real survival experience.

    So I was getting everything under control after about 7 or 8 hours of difficult surviving, got resources, solar panels making power etc. When suddenly Meteor Storm came and one meteor hit me directly when I was floating in my suit, and it came straight at me while I saw it flying from the front. That was my holy cow moment.
  23. Lyrus Apprentice Engineer

    I was using a remote controled drone for mining and once my cargo full (30 t of ore) I proceed to going back to the mother ship.
    While turning around the asteroid contact was shut down : no more energy!
    The drone began to drift away at maybe 20m.s ? No problem I follow it with my large ship, acquire the same speed vector. So far so good!
    Let's have some fun : let's rotate the mother ship, open the hangar bay and make the drone fit inside the hangar.
    Easy? Ok now close the doors, pressurise interior, take some uranium pellets and frolic mindlessly to your drone.
    Piece of cake!
    I open the reactor hatch, put the pelle..... and the drone break with full power, projecting itself (drone + ore =40 t) against my only refinery.

    And I'm here hanging stupidly in my now half empty, half chaotic hangar...
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  24. Mike55520 Apprentice Engineer

    spent 8 hours or so getting set up on new server

    hit a bit of lag
    in my bravado i tried to dock all my newly built ships

    i lag-pedoed the new station into pieces as well as 2 of my 3 new ships being lost-in-space
  25. BlackUmbrellas Senior Engineer

    Probably my biggest "oh shit" moment was early on when I decided to test out if the game could support a spinning cylindrical segment with gravity generators to simulate gravity.

    I tried it both with a gravgen on the "wall" of the cylinder, and on the "floor".

    Both earned that ship the nickname of "The Vomit Comet". I couldn't move. I couldn't look around. I just got slammed into a corner and my screen violently shook until I nearly threw up and managed to delete enough blocks to escape.
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  26. Echillion Senior Engineer

    The moment I realised the 105 patch had killed my servers map and we'd have to do a map restart.....
  27. Bacon004 Trainee Engineer

    Spent 45 minutes working on a code for my spaceship. Game crashes. Rage quit the game for a few days.


    Logged on today and the code was still copied to my clipboard. :pbjt:
  28. Nickvr68 Junior Engineer

    Flying at night on planets with a prototype fighter.

    Spent a half hour setting up the g menu and the control panel.

    Crash it into mountain.

    Forgot to make copy of the prototype.

  29. Barrio575 Apprentice Engineer

    Oh man, I feel you, I did the same thing twice with 2 protos
  30. jaumem9 Trainee Engineer

    I attempted to land my shuttle on an Earth-like planet, but the atmospheric thrusters were too weak and I crashed at the top of a mountain, loosing almost half of my ship including my hydrogen thrusters. No problem! I still have my refinery and assembler, some reactors with enough uranium, solar panels, batteries and the oxygen tank (I need it to go back). I've turned off everything except some lights and the batteries to save energy. Then I started to grind unnecessary things to seal the ship, make new blocks and stuff I needed, when suddenly, after 2 hours of working... I grinded the wrong block, at the bottom of my ship. I couldn't do anything while I saw my spaceship leaning to one side, and then rolling downhill like a ball. I just stayed there with my grinder, speechless, looking how my shuttle rolled over 1 km. All I've found is this:


    As you see it has splitted in two big pieces, and there are debris all over the mountain.

    This is how it looked before: (almost the same, this is a different design from a creative test)

    I've lost everything, I'm almost out of energy so this mission is over. I love planets so much.
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