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Your biggest "Oh S**T" moment.

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Dequire, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. malimber Apprentice Engineer

    My rocket was so heavy it tore my station out of the ground when I accidentally locked one of the landing gear on takeoff. Fortunately the landing gear broke and I could fly away before the whole thing toppled over.
  2. Nobodyhasthis Apprentice Engineer

    Put control groups in tool bar and it makes your ship easier to fly. Well until you forget the key combination and accidentally put your self in parking mode. Your biggest "Oh S**T" moment free falling minus any thruster controls. So pressing Y in space is handy. Flying on planets and is a dumb mistake :eek:ops:
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  3. SBShuffle001 Trainee Engineer

    My biggest S^#t moment is when my game glitched out and everything seemed to collapse into itself like there was a black hole.
  4. shimonu Apprentice Engineer

    Build ship with hydrogen thrusters to get off planet... done
    Test flight to find it can get to "orbit" and back safely... done
    Put stuff into cargo to make refinery and other stuff... done
    Take off... done... something not right...
    Calculate how much heavier is ship with stuff in cargo... not done
    Made some nice hole next to base... done T_T
  5. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    I had almost everyone one of my small ships docked to my carrier via landing gear. Then I merged the carrier to my station. If you've played for a while. You know what happened next.
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  6. Mr Ixolate Apprentice Engineer

    So this one happened recently, me and some other guy on a multiplayer player server with planets had a decent base going started from one of the yellow respawn ships 1/2 way into the atmosphere.

    So we had a decent setup going with upgraded refineries several assmeblers arc furnaces ect, and were progressing quite well.

    That was when we made the fatal mistake of attaching a new unbuilt jump capable ship to our main base. At first it all seemed fine left it a few days like that whilst we were working on the jump drive.

    Log back in today and every thing is in utter chaos ship spinning round uncontrolled for who knows how long burning all our uranium.

    In our desperation we crashed our miner into the ship to try to stop it. We missed the jump drive but stopped the spinning, when disconnecting the jump drive it exploded away at full speed taking most of our production with it.

    End result:
    -lost jump drive
    -destroyed miner
    -refineries damaged
    -uranium almost completely depleted

    This was not a good day on SE at least.
  7. Aaron Legg Trainee Engineer

    Last night started playing on a new server and started out with a brand new lander. i find somewhere to land and go about the usual start up procedure.

    Turn of all the things i don't need
    build Solar panels
    create a small merge block station
    link my lander to the merge block station so it doesn't disappear when i log out.

    by this time its dark so i figure i might as well mine some ore over night while i wait for the batteries to charge.

    So i fill up my inventory with iron and make my way back to the lander after a few trips its day and i figure i should go looking for some thing else to mine.

    I turn on the thrusters go to take off and my ship doesn't move. Then i remember that's right I've merged it to a station i cant fly while I'm a station. Then i click convert to ship and things go terribly wrong.

    next thing i know the ship is upside down most of the solar panels are broken and the two big thrusters on the the sides of the ship are gone. there is now quite a large hole in the side of the ship as well.

    As it turns out i had turned off the gyro and forgot to turn it back on. so when the station block embedded in the ground turned into a ship and exploded the this resulted in my ship essentially rolling down the side of the hill.
  8. Echillion Senior Engineer

  9. dragon boy Apprentice Engineer

    I had a ship that I designed on paper and worked on for 5 days in space engineers, I accidently deleted my save were I was building it. I will never forget that unfished ship. RIP BuildWorld.

    I had a rover in multiplayer once, it got eaten by a planet. RIP Rover.

    I had a personal transport in multiplier that ran on auto pilot, even though collision avoidance was on it still flew strait into an asteroid. RIP JetBoy 1000.

    I had a small station before the cyber dog update, you can guess what happened to it. RIP station Alpha Omega.

    I once built a big ship with the gyros on the thrusters you can guess what happened to it. RIP A ship with flawed engineering.

    I once made a faction named Donald Trump Fandom, It didn't settle very well with other players. BIH Donald Trump Land, I will never make you again, that is a promise.

    I have many other instances were I almost shat my self. But this post would go on forever.
  10. tyriael_soban Apprentice Engineer

    Built a 6-seater shuttlecraft for short range transport on and off planets and their moons.
    Fly up into the atmosphere, good all systems go, transfer over to ion drives to counter loss of power in the turbines, great, still climbing.
    Engage dual h-engine boosters - forget to modify power output to attenuate fuel usage, h-engine putters out at 24km in a 170T shuttle ...
    170T shuttle becomes free-falling paperweight.

    Same as before, fly up, fire up ions for counter, fire up boosters ...
    Didnt nose up enough, ran out of fuel again ... shuttle starts falling in reverse, should of stopped pushing spacebar because its confusing my sense of direction (need cockput hud that shows current direction of travel and speed?)

    Take THREE!
    Didnt even take off before i screwed up again and broke the main booster and one of the hydrogen tanks by bashing it off the ground during my pre-flight.

    I did, finally get her into space and when i landed on the moon, i again realized that i hadnt quite prepared for this properly, insufficient landing thrust, ouch - broke the entire port side engine module off of the ship, well ... the hull was intact, the battery the port reactor and all of the engines on that side blew up and i only noticed this when i attempted to take off again. *facepalm*

    Also, never grind the block that any gyroscope is attached to ... i got punted by one back a patch or two before planets and i died instantly, ive also blown up the keen atmospheric fighter doing that as well.

    Speed mods and the vanilla lander make for some great fun too, 500m/s and you cant decelerate fast enough to avoid the mountains ... Space Steve had a white knuckle ride down the side of a mountain in his command chair, sufficed to say; not enough of the lander survived to make attempting to continue worth while.
  11. Harlequin Otterdog Trainee Engineer

    Getting to the mun in my KSP inspired small hydrogen powered rocket. Seat, remote control, medium cargo container, small reactor, two oxygen gens, hydrogen tank and a couple of hydrogen thrusters. Reach the mun and noticed that I had forgotten to load up the medium container. So I headed back and only realized my second mistake as I was dropping back down to my planet base.

    I forgot to hydrogen up my rocket on the mun and it was now on the prefect return trajectory to hit my refinery. With me strapped on top of it, with my own suit low on hydrogen because I forgot to top up as well.
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  12. shimonu Apprentice Engineer

    Played without sound. On planet. Small starter base (like single building). Unloading arm put on advanced rotor if I have to "move it away". Transport rover is a little to small for connector on top of it to reach arm so it have 4 pistons tu get it up. Somehow work great without exploding.
    Got tired of mining by hand so I thought of some "fun". Fun = large drills put on rotor (larger hole using less rotors) and using pistons. All of this connected to base (for powering). Time to set it all. Mining pistons done. Rotor done, lets turn it on.... Ok pistons are working but why rotor is not... Lets turn speed up... Still not working... Showing its working then why its not moving... Got bad thought. Turned around.... Rover got "parked" into base and arm is spinning around like wild carousel... Bad thought number two? When did was last save...
  13. scouterdude Trainee Engineer

    Not so much Oh S**t as facepalm. Early game, asteroids. Half finished, literally, cube ship (very borgish, I'm real creative like that.) Back out of the asteroid I was hiding in to go mine the next one, with the miner docked on the deck beside me. Show up, head toward the miner, mmmm. Guess somebody forgot to lock the landing gear. Such a silly boy. Fortunately, within easy jetpack reach.
  14. Benokt Apprentice Engineer

    Spent the good majority of an hour welding up a speedy little skiff on a dedicated server, complete with a (small ship) large reactor, solar panels, a cockpit, and a modded mini medbay, as well as 100kg uranium.
    A friend asked if anyone wanted some of his extra construction components, and as those take forever to assemble, I took the offer.
    As a result, I added four extra large atmo thrusters on the ship.
    Everything ready, I unlocked landing gear and hit space to get some air.
    The last thing I saw was my ship being hurled towared the boom arm that I use for moving ships around by its five extra powerful thrusters.
    It rained little ship parts for a solid minute.
    The little medbay survived though.
  15. TheNudeNerd Trainee Engineer

    Last night our group was working on improving our base built into an asteroid that is not far from our planet base. We were running low on built components and since our server is 1-1-10 it takes awhile to build enough components when you've got 4-5 people all building stuff at the same time. I volunteered to go down to the planet and grab some supplies since I had queued a bunch the previous night, knowing we would likely run low. So I head down to the planet in my small ship that is just a cargo ship with lots of thrusters, 3 large cargo containers and jump drives. I dock up and start filling her up. 25,000 Steel Plates, 12,000 Construction Components, 6,000 Metal Grids, basically LOTS of stuff... I had a lot of weight, but I've carried millions of ore in this ship before so it shouldn't be a problem!

    I hit the undock from connector key and as soon as I do I remember that I had turned off my inertia dampeners after docking... before I can react, my precious cargo ship falls to the flight deck, a fall of only one large block. When the dust settles, I see that my landing gear obviously snapped off.. my downward thrust engines are all gone.. and most importantly, all 3 large cargo containers have turned to rubble. Unfortunately the server is set to a very low number of floating objects and there are 10 people on... so needless to say 95% of the components are now gone into the digital ether...

    Don't be like me. Leave your inertia dampeners on.
  16. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    Not the biggest but I find it interesting; landed on a mountain so high that Oxygen is low.
  17. Einharjar Junior Engineer

    Loaded up a save with my brother, noticed a reactor was glitched on our vessel and was offline for.. literally no freaking reason other than Space Engineers and the will of Klang.

    Well, apparently, it was Klang's trap for his amusement.

    The reactor and battery complex is easily accessible through the cargo bay. My brother agreed to do a quick EVA and access the cargo bay area to scrap and rebuild the reactor in-flight as we made a final approach to descending from Orbit. I pitched up, to expose the ventral face of the craft and it's assist retros to help slow the speed to a near stall so that the EVA was at a much lower velocity. I slowed from 450mps to a mere 38mps, carefully controlling throttle over rides to control the descent at a pace that was suitable for the quick repair. Stuck in the pilots seat, the AoA increased, I could only see the stars now.
    "Velocity reduced, throttle controlled. Go ahead and perform the EVA and repair"
    "Copy that, exiting the vehicle" - my brother noted.
    "Controlling the descent, we're in trajectory and falling from orbit so, make this quick" I reminded him. He knew the risks, the rumors of such a difficult operation. The Rubberbanding, that physical phenomena of material teleportation still not explained by science. I'd lost a fellow Engineer to such a event, poor soul phased into the engine bay of a mining vessels years prior.
    As I controlled the descent, I was forced to compensate constantly for the pitch as the craft attempted to pitch down ward at all times from the thrust imbalance caused by our empty cargo hold.
    "Alright, entry to the bay accessed. No idea why this thing is Code Red."
    I hear grinding noises through the bulkhead. My brother was being clever, he was just grinding it off. We didn't need the power supplied anyway, the batteries were fully charged and that's all we needed for the AtmoTurbines. I heard more and more grinding a way, as if I was laying my face on a long steel table and a buzz saw was gnawing the opposite end; the reverberations striking my cheeks and ringing the vibrations into my skull. Such harmony, probably how War of the World's SFX was made. That's another rumor, anyway.
    Suddenly, without warning, without remorse, without a straight face Klang struck.


    "What the hell?!?!?!"
    Oh my god what the F**K!!!!" my brother exclaimed as I tried retaining control of the now violently jerked and tumbling vessel who's sudden acceleration was plummeting us towards a solid continent below.

    "WHAT THE HELL, MAN! Bro! WTF?!" I yelled into the Coms, the Mumble Console barely stable as the ships power systems suddenly dimmed to less than 25% of it's full capacity.
    "OMFG, what the F**K Was that shit!!!???" hilarious laughter ensues. We're both laughing, the absurdity, the reality. Klang has struck us with his mighty "F**K YOU, MORTAL! This! IS. SPACE ENGINEERS!!!*bugs out"
    As we continuously pronounced more Oscar Mike Georges and Whiskey Tango Foxtrots, we became laden with gut burst LOLs and ROFLs as we struggled to keep the ship stable. Alas, power was over halved, I've not the power supply to run all of my retros! This vessel doesn't utilize Hydrogen Thruster technology. Equipped with flight surfaces and lifting surfaces, we're meant to fly on the winds of a world and only boost into space to use our precious by electrically hungry Ion Thrust systems.
    "What happened?!" I yelled once more, through tears of amazing and sheer humorous shock.
    "That reactor apparently had a Gyro hooked onto it that I forgot about, and... " a long pause in trying to rationalize his next statement, to make sense of the cataclysm that unfolded, it's root cause; "and the Gyro like... popped off and started vibrating and ... suddenly it blew up everything like a wrecking ball!"
    "It's still there?"
    My brother waited... then "lol... yeah. It's still there, that floating bulbous bastard."

    "Save that crap for RnD, I think we found a new weapon system".

    We fell as angels do, sick, suicidal and befuddled angels bested by a demonic Gyro sent forth from Klang - the Glitcher and Destroyer of Game Worlds.
  18. Machiezmo Trainee Engineer

    My Oh Sh*t Moment:

    Captains Log day 15: My base is out of magnesium with pirates close by and no other known deposits of magnesium. It is time to scout before the pirates know I have little to none ammo and have no means of making more. I hop into my mining ship that was built since the beginning. It's gone through major changes since the beginning. I take off from my base and use the jump drive to get some distance from my base. All is going great.

    Captains Log day 16: Still no signs of magnesium...I feel like I've been to 100 different asteroids by now....this is getting bad. Hopefully my base is doing better than I am....

    Captains Log day 17: Oh Sh*t I fell asleep at the controls and I am heading straight for an asteroid! Their is no chance of me avoiding it...their is just not enough time! *thinks for a moment* WAIT! Active the Jump Drive! 10....9....8.....7....6....5....4....3....2....1....and JUMP! The butt end of the shit was a merely few inches at best from colliding into the asteroid. But at the end of the day....the mining ship is safe to mine another day!
  19. mcrbradbury Trainee Engineer

    But the important question is, did you find magnesium?

    My Biggest moment was when I built my first mining ship, took all night - finally hooked it up to the base with connectors and all was good for the first mining run or two - then clang came to visit. It started as I was a few metres away doing something else and I heard the vibrations. I looked over and saw my little mining ship bouncing around and just had enough time to get the "Oh S-" out before it exploded, took a big chunk out of the base and showered the surrounding land and me with debris

    Poor little skiffy :(

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  20. Sagi Apprentice Engineer

    Building a ship on a base that is partially in an asteroid.
    I build it on my station so everything went smoothly.
    Then when it was finished i converted the "station" ship o a ship. but forgot to delete the attachement block so the whole station became a ship and got destroyed bu colliding into the asteroid(gravity generators).

    I was not yet playing the game long so i didn't know the do's and don'ts yet.
  21. Machiezmo Trainee Engineer


    I didnt find any at that time....After saving my ship I did a blind jump and went exploring some more to find 1 asteroid with Magnesium....not a lot either....I swear my game I have no luck finding it....any other ore I can find in ample supply...even Gold and Platinum I can find huge chunks of lol.
  22. Shatara422 Trainee Engineer

    Not so much "oh sht" as "OH COME ON", but I had a session the other day...

    Immersive Start world, landed at Plains Plateau. Been working it for a week maybe, had a nice little platform with medbay, refinery, and connectors for my rover and scout plane. Working on expanding the platform further and upgrading the vehicles when I realize my starter ship (still with my assembler, hydrogen storage, most of my turrets, ect) has gone dark. Hastily erect a solar panel on the nose, but not enough input all day to even keep the turrets up all night. Decide to try to scout for uranium so I can make some real power.

    Hop in the rover and start driving around. Kill a few cyberdoges. Dig a couple rocks, but no U. Slide off a steep slope. Shit.

    Declare this cliff will not defeat me. Traction to 100%, jack up the power. Forward. Backward. Feather the gyro. Fire the flip-thruster. Repeat. After much finangling, I finally get the thing back up the hill. Much rejoicing. Tune the traction and power back down, start heading back home, since it's getting dark. Around halfway there, hit a slope with some rocks.

    Front left suspension and cockpit get deleted. Spend next 5 seconds flying through the air like "wtf". Wake up on platform.

    Go straight for the scoutplane, grumbling. Hop in and chase the 'you died here lol' waypoint. Find it and start recovering gear, fight off some more cyberdoges before they can eat it. Tracers from still-intact rover turret lead me to it. It's rolling back and forth in a somewhat bowl-like valley, looking not entirely unlike a headless chicken. Grind away 100% intact tire, separated at suspension deletion. Didn't bring parts for cockpit or remote, can't stop rover's rolling. Bring over the scoutplane, attempt to lock on with landing gear. Succeed after a couple attempts. Discover scoutplane doesn't have enough thrust to lift rover, but can get it up to speed where wing-lift takes over. Arrive back at base, come in hot, carefully managing speed and rate of decent to hopefully not break anything further on touchdown. Succeed. Detach plane, fly back and land on platform. Go back to rover, discover it's gone.

    Emit colorful language. Try to find where three-wheeled rover rolled off to. Run out of hydrogen. Can't resupply hydrogen, normal resupply method is to dock rover with ship and fill from tanks, and all filled bottles are in the dark ship's oxy generator, inaccessible at the top (hindsight: y u no use scoutplane to get on ship, grind down to the gen, and get bottles?). Finally spot rover on its side against a rock halfway down the cliff. Fire up scout to retrieve, again. Bring back rover, set down in a hopefully flatter spot between the ship and platform. Hop out of plane. Remember am out of hydrogen. More colorful language. Use remote to bring down plane, hop back in, land back on platform, shut down thrusters and antenna.

    Hop off platform and get to work repairing rover. Replace cockpit, sans most of the glass. Install wheel w/suspension. Weld wheel, weld axel. Rover proceeds to drive away.

    Stare dumbfounded for a brief moment. Attempt to chase rover on foot at 7m/s. Realize this isn't going to work, turn back to fetch scoutplane. Fire up thrusters, detach, forget which way the rover rolled off to. Try to search the cliffsides by best guess. Realized cant's see shit in the dark, mount searchlight. Find searchlight doesn't actually illuminate anything in front of it. Search the bases of the cliffs, somehow clip something in a lag spike and make a pretty crater, ripping of a wing and one of the thrusters.

    Almost give up hope. Hop in plane, manage to right it and steady it, and rise up off the ground some. Hop out. Remember still don't have hydrogen. And this time the antenna's off.

    So here I am, bottom of a cliff, rover missing in action, plane hovering out of reach, ship out of power, no jetpack, and no way back to the platform but seppuku. And it's not even light out yet.
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  23. Officer Joe Balogna Trainee Engineer

    My biggest "OH S@#$!" moment? Ooooh I know...

    After many hours of living on the Earth-Like planet, I accumulated quite a lot of wealth. Tons of ore and components, and a very large drilling ship.

    I decided to get off that planet to begin living in good-old space, since the planet's gravity makes it a pain in the a%@ to mine anything.

    I completely salvaged my large base, and stuffed it into 11 Large Cargo containers, 10 of them being full. I then refitted the drill ship to use a very large amount of vertical hydrogen thrust, to escape the gravity....

    That ship, with literally every single item and block I owned on it, was dubbed "The Ark".

    I was very close to leaving the planet, the gravity was reduced to around 10% it's usual strength.

    Disaster strikes

    I watch hopelessly as I suddenly run out of hydrogen fuel... I plummet back down to earth at 500m/s (Thank my speed mod for that..), and collide with the ground in a blaze of fire and destruction
  24. Silvoan Trainee Engineer

    The first few times that I fly at asteroids with insufficient braking thrust.

    From this, I've learned two things:
    • Never, ever fly directly at an asteroid
    • Always have lots of backwards thrust
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  25. Jacob Ellinger Trainee Engineer

    wanted to make an adjustment to the connector on my base, forgot I had like 10000k ore in it, grind it off and boom it explodes, the ore falls through and destroys almost my entire factory, after this I would forever build my connectors on a l shaped system so that there would always be at least 1 wall of blocks between anything in them and anything under them.
  26. voston Trainee Engineer

    Built a large refinery ship with a large collection deck on top i would fly under asteroids then mine with my other large ship (a miner) not worrying about inventory because once it was full the rocks would fall through to the collectors.

    the ship had a couple of cargo containers but i never worried about them although they were full of ore then on time i get all set up and fly my miner to the asteriod and forget to use my dampeners. i smash into the asteroid and am killed. i re spawn at the med bay on my refinery ship and i notice a giant gaping hole in the ceiling and floor that goes through every deck from top to bottom. i assume that on of the giant ore chunks from the cargo containers must have fallen through
  27. Michael_6748967 Trainee Engineer

    My biggest OS moment was when I accidentally put the lift thrusters into a group with the forward thrusters. I just finished building this really sleek ship with all sorts of stuff tucked inside...unlocked the landing gear, hit spacebar to lift off the station, then activated thrust override on the group. BOOM! 2 seconds into the test flight the entire ship crashed down into the station. Only thing undamaged was the flight seat, with me still seated, reclining on the station itself amidst the wreckage. *sigh* And I was in too much of a hurry to make a blueprint before takeoff...
  28. NewGAMEMASTER Apprentice Engineer

    Went on a minimg trip with my newest ship ... after some time i noticed a lag and as I retuned to the point where my station should be ... it was simply ... gone ...
    Later that day i found it ... it was no longer a Space Station ... to be precise ... it's now a Ground Station
  29. Kryfulli Trainee Engineer

    I was with a friend, hosting a game on a regular survival, moon easy start.
    With the few mods we had, we were under a constant pirate attack ... And in this case, an Argentavis poped and decided to head on our base. So, I manned a brand-new cannon, and successfully destroyed his two (3 ? Don't really remember.) down thrusters ... Before realizing what I just did.
    The ship was about to crash, yes, but it was about to crash in our base ...
    Then, I said the "Oh sh-" ...
    Only one destroyed: The landing pad.

    The mod was "War against pirates" ... It's cool to see pirates on the moon, especially big ships.
  30. DJToxica Apprentice Engineer

    My biggest oh shit moment?
    We built a new miner. It was at the very beginning. I designed it in creative. Put some real work in it with displays and all that stuff.
    So it took most of our ressources including grinding down one of the starter ships. I'm pretty sure we could have build a second and a third but that would be a waste of ressources.
    After it was done i took it for a ride. It was mostly battery driven, but had small ship small one reactor for emergencys. For some strange reason i always looked up the remaining energy from the time space engineers show me i had left. What i forgot was, that the reactor was on. So after a lot of mining i went out of my hole and then i saw that my batteries were nearly empty and the reactor would never be able to power the engines. So instead of landing and waiting for the reactor like a normal sane person would do i decided to calculate a balistic trajectory considering the distance to our base so that i could shut down everything after acceleration.
    My Friend:"You want to do what?"
    Me: "I turn the ship into a ballistic missile heading for our base"
    My Friend: "No you don't"
    Me: "Sorry i can't talk now...have to calculate stuff"
    After some maths i accelerated nearly to max velocity at an angle of 45° and shut down everything. And it WORKED! If i didn't start the braking manuever that would have been perfect for war!
    I got to a halt and headed for the connector. My Friend was rguiding me. I put the connector downward on the ship directly on the center of mass. Which was the beste decision ive ever made...
    Because the ship hovered directly above the connector and i just had to sink a eeny weeny tiny bit to get it yellow. At that moment the batteries gave up. I just saw that zero on the LCD and i closed my eyes waiting for eternal destruction. *Bonk*....wait eternal destrcution doesn't sound like this...i should know, i do it all the time....I opened my eyes and saw the mining ship perfectly balanced on the stations connector waiting to be locked.
    I made it barely to the connector and energy goes out at the perfect moment. No scratch no destruction.
    Buuut i managed to crash our satelite we wanted to shoot into orbit so i got that going for me, which is nice.
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