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Your biggest "Oh S**T" moment.

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Dequire, Mar 29, 2014.

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  1. Rooskey Trainee Engineer

    Getting Kraken'd to death.
  2. Ervald Trainee Engineer

    Hello everyone !

    I remember my biggest Oh SH**T moment as if it was yesterday, one of my first games in survival (but I was already used to the game, and about little things that help you to stay alive), I was playing with my brother, but we split up to find ressources.
    I had built a large ship, with a refinery, assembler and all the important stuff inside, but I had no solar panels and I was just working with some uranium.

    When I suddenly realized I would be soon out of fuel, I decided to cut off every non-important things, gravity generator, lights, some thrusters and all this stuff, and I went head down to an asteroid that I knew having a lot of Uranium, I turned my Inertia Dampeners off, and went straight to this asteroid, to a speed around 40m.s(-1).

    I finally saw the asteroid, and It was at this moment I knew, I f***ed up, maybe I didn't have enough fuel to slow down !
    I managed to slow around 10m.s(-1) and waited for the impact, I was thinking my ship would be blown, but when it hurt the asteroid, It nearly didn't even damage it, I was so glad, when I suddenly realized :
    I DID NOT only hurt the asteroid, I BOUNCED OVER IT !!!

    And my ship was slowly going away in space, at a speed of, I remember it : 4m.s(-1), this was so tragic and stupid at the same time, because my brother was supposed to meet me on this asteroid, we had its coordinates recorded. But now my ship was "flying" away, with the lack of oxygen and energy, I was stuck, I could not stay there to wait for him, because he was just in a basic ship, and all the important things were on mine, so I stayed in sadly, seated in the dark, still repeating again and again my new coordinates, my oxygen dwindling, the ship would be lost, I realized it was probably the most stupid (or stupidiest ?) way to die in space engineers.

    Thank heaven, he arrived with oxygen bottles at the last time, and gave me some Uranium, I was saved ...

    Carefull my dear engineers, don't travel in space lonely ... a Mortal Bouncing can happen at any times.

    I apologize for my approximate English.
  3. Acolyte Apprentice Engineer

    Relax, your English skills are much better than your pilot skills :p
  4. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not sure why, but Klang struck big-time. My ship was nearing completion, so I parked a few small ships in there, including the welder attachment (merge block to small multipurpose ship). I went to grab the welder attachment and the moment I merged onto welder I die.

    Respawned and noticed the grav gen was off and the ship is no longer stationary. Turn around to see the two giant holes in the hull where I died and the 3m kg ship went from 0 - 33 m/s somehow. Not to mention a connector at the front end blew up somehow putting a hole in the front.
  5. Robotnik V Apprentice Engineer

    When keen gave the cyberhouds magnetic boots and the ability to latch onto things. It took 30 minutes to repair the damage.
  6. Ervald Trainee Engineer

    I read your comment hours ago Acolyte, but I am still crying under my desk x)

    About your story silentshadow, I noticed too that connected small ships had a strange trend to blow up at any times. As an exemple, the first time I faced this kind of issue, I had a small miner ship parked on my station, and after a short travel, when I came back, the only thing I found was a massive hole on the asteroid my station was settle on, as well as no proof my ship ever existed.

    I first tought of a battery explosion, but now, I know the connector was the guilty there :D And it looks like merge blocks are even more dangerous.
  7. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Smaller oh sh#& moment. A pirate drone headed to my large ship. No worries I thought. I have plenty guns to handle it.

    I'm inside the ship so it comes straight at me. No problem. My turrets open up and take out its turret. It starts turning back but it and it lost its thrusters and then quickly every part with a computer. Turrets get stop suddenly and a few seconds later the drone turned into a kinetic missile. Took out a about a dozen light armor blocks. Luckily my hanger was nearly empty and my gyros were behind heavy armor.
  8. Azirahael Apprentice Engineer

    'Oh come on!' moments i've had were building a basic rover, and not being able to move it more than 10m because the wheels are buggy, and not being able to right it, because rotors are buggy.
    And thern using a piston as a jack, only to have it whirl away, because pistons are buggy too. :(

    Also having blocks not work until you grind them down and rebuild them.

    "Oh shit!" moments:
    Lands on earth-like planet. Eaten by wolves. Like 10 times.
    Then they eat my buildings.
    Underestimating approach velocity to asteroid. Splat!

    I think the best 'oh crap!' moment was when i put 4 extra Atmo thrusters on my mining pod to get somewhere faster, and lost contol at 5000m, due to lost of air. Going *UP*.
    No space thrusters.
    And then the game auto-saved.
    I did eventually come down... on the other side of the planet. 10 mins later.
  9. UrbanLegend Apprentice Engineer

    I was survival testing one of my heavy orbital shuttles (there's a pic of one somewhere) with mods for speed and reentry physics. Well...klang happens and there was a slight vibration and sensation of explosion from the rotor holding the aft cargo ramp, taking out half the thrusters in a cloud of debris. It was very exciting with the hull breach alarm blaring while the craft went into it's best impression of a meteor.
  10. AndoCommando179 Trainee Engineer

    When I respawned at the wrong med bay. Took me a while to realise I could just kill myself and respawn at the right one again.
  11. Elfi Wolfe Apprentice Engineer

    Working on orbital script.
    Main computer crashed on a bug and the 1.2m kg orbital station started to go over on it side and started falling. Bouncing around the inside trying to get to the flight seat to reset the gyro and turn on the emergency thrusters.
    Got it done.. and then went past the point of no recovery doing 20 m/s (point of no recovery is where so far down into the gravity well that there is no mathematical chance to climb back up)
  12. Mike55520 Apprentice Engineer

    Testing large ship orbital capabilities when friends ship failed to stop early enough and tore into the side of my ship, killing 2 of 4 reactors and sending me hurtling. Recovered just a hair too late amd was trapped in the gravity of the planet with nothing but ion thrusters. The 2.5million kg ship survived suprisingly well. Although nearly half of its mass was ripped off, most of its solar panels were in tact, all batteries lost, refinery amd assembler was lost, all cargo bays were ripped off, remaining reactors were gone leaving me with no uranium. Most of the crew deck was intact, 15 seats survived while 8 were gone so im proud that most of a full crew would have survived what was probably a worst case scenario. Had my gyros not been distributed around the ship id have not been able to angle the thrusters to take the impact on the lower aft sections 2 hours later, a lot of grinding and repurposing ship parts i had an atmospheric lander shoddily built to get me off planet. Once in space i docked at my starbase, modified my constructor ship for atmospheric use, built some crappy lift and stabilisation spires onto the crashed ship(enough to hover) amd spent the next day making extensive repairs. Once power systems were adequate, the appropriate thrusters added, i successfully got the ship off the planet.

    I had JUST comPLETED this ship. Once i realized i was going down i puckered up rather hard.
  13. Comicsluvr Trainee Engineer

    Early game, with the BIG asteroids with all the minerals. I was inside, starting my new base. Spawn Ship deconstructed, everything transferred to a platform stuck to one side of the cave. First mining ship, drills locked to ON, mining away. Accidentally hit the wrong button and popped out of the cockpit. Drills running and I died a grisly and immediate death. No Med room because I'd taken it apart and had not reassembled it yet. New respawn ship 20 klicks away. No Beacon (sitting in the cargo container marked STUPID, next to the Medical bay...) so I had a hell of a time finding my way back. 20 minutes had passed when I arrived and shut to miner off. Remember tool shake? Yeah... My drill had rampaged around the cave for 20 minutes and damaged or destroyed half of my platform or more. Luckily, the reactor was fine and the equipment on the respawn ship replaced most of what I'd built.

    Safety tip: Put a Sensor on your ship that turns tools OFF when an engineer is within 5 meters...
  14. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    biggest oh s**t moment for me was flying a small atmospherics ship returning from a mining trip forgot to account for a heavier ship descended too fast ship wasn't able to pull up fast enough....

    on the bright side the massive lump of iron and gold i mined survived! :D
    some of the parts did as well so it wasn't a total lost just 1 casualty......and the irradiation of having to rebuild that same mining ship.

    Last edited: Oct 18, 2016
  15. odizzido Junior Engineer

    When I first started playing this I decided to aim my low fuel ship at an asteroid and head over at around 50m/s. I had the great idea of getting out of my ship and scouting the asteroid ahead of time and getting back in to slow down when the ship got closer. I didn't realise just how difficult it would be to find my ship again. I spent a tense few minutes looking around, not even sure if I was even looking in the right direction before I finally spotted it.....about ten seconds before it smashed into the asteroid.
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  16. Fenris Apprentice Engineer

    You guys are lucky you found your ship when lost :p

    I started up an asteroid survival game (the one with the yellow ship). I parked next to a big asteroid and started flying around the group of asteroids looking for uranium. Finally found some and started mining, after a short time I decided to head back to my ship, somehow I'd gotten so turned around I couldn't find my ship. After several frantic minutes of flying around all the nearby asteroids I found it parked behind one. I jetted over to it almost out of energy, got to the door with something like 2 or 3% energy .... and couldn't get through those old style doors, I kept running into the hit box and not going through. I ran out of energy and looked helplessly at my medical bay that was just a few meters away :D

    Granted that's more of a "stupid way to die entry" than an "oh sh*t moment.
  17. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    @Fenris that's why one of the first things to go on the old yellow ship for me was the door.
  18. Fenris Apprentice Engineer

    Yup, first thing I did on respawning was to grind off the door. A little later I installed my first ever Space Engineer mod ..... it was a door.
  19. Aracus Senior Engineer

    This just happened: Had a singleplayer(heavily modded) infinite world going, had found a few exploration ships(volunder and one of the carriers) and the shipyard and had after a few earlier mishaps(accidental jumpdrive-shipmerging) gotten all my stuff moved in and had just finished this massive refinery and factory addon, (probably over 80 hours in that save) and was satisfied with that, went to bed and left the game running overnight with my character in a conveyored up cryopod.

    Came back now, something like 12 hours later, I had died. Okay, fair enough No oxygen in my game but I assume the cryopod is bugged and I probably ran out of power or something.

    I respawn at the shipyard medbay and realise that.... OH SHIT! The entire thing is tumbling rapidly through space, I manage to navigate through a tumbling ship to a control seat, try to cycle power, inertial dampeners, manual control to counter the spinning(I had put position keeping thrusters on it as well) No success, hit space master and stop it, it starts up and rapidly keeps moving again.... I wasn't in the seat when I tried spacemaster, I considered that my little worker ship was attached with a connector and I had a mini-tug and a mini-pod fighter landed on the rear pad and had tried getting to them to dislodge them, but during space-master I depowered the station, doors wont start, I turn around to get to the control seat and power on again(I realise now I could have used door controlpad...) But the spinning station smashes me to death against an open door, and spins right into a large asteroid obliterating most of it, including the medbay or atleast the single reactor I hadn't had the time to upgrade and give backups. Game over. I'm not picking that save up again... Too much hurt.

  20. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    I had been building a mech of mine for 2 months finely adjusting running automation, balance, rotor angles etc. Then after stable update its all rotors detach whe it is pasted and it falls to the ground. Again and again. Dear god i had one version lying around in one of my ancient testing world saves and i was able to recover and finish the mech.
    Not really a survival story but definitely an OH SHIT! Moment :,D
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