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Your favorite starting "scenario" for survival?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Starfang42, Sep 27, 2015.


Favorite Starting Scenario for Survival

  1. Easy Start 1

    3 vote(s)
  2. Easy Start 2

    0 vote(s)
  3. Lone Survivor

    11 vote(s)
  4. Crashed Red Ship

    7 vote(s)
  5. Asteroids

    39 vote(s)
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  1. Starfang42 Trainee Engineer

    I'm about to start a new playthrough. My last two were on the Asteroids Scenario, but this time I think I might try crashed red ship for a change. Curious what everyone else usually starts with.

    Bonus Question: How heavily modded is your game?
  2. estile606 Trainee Engineer

    asteroids. Usually the only mods I add are a skybox and maybe armor ramps.
  3. cptn_morgan Trainee Engineer

    Armor ramps, industrial thruster and interior stuff mods for some furniture
  4. rittstar Trainee Engineer

    lone survivor, lot of mods adding cosmetic blocks, more doors, Windows, grav Elevator, Cockpit consoles, basically each mod is possible without changing Speed, energy consumption or efficency, weaponry, or metals from stone
  5. OldGamer67 Apprentice Engineer

    I play almost exclusively Asteroids scenarios. But I don't like starting with the default Respawn ship because it makes things a bit too easy. I create my own ship and starting resources. Usually a small grid, battery powered, oxygen tank, and enough components to make an Assembler, Connector, Solar Panel and Arc Furnace. I also use a custom set of house rules such as only large ship large reactors may be built.
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  6. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Crashed Red Ship.

    It actually seems... like you know, a survival kinda situation.

    Mod wise... I mod, but I mod stuff like, weapons or pretties. I don't add in custom blocks that change things, unless they are from Keen (So pretty much, just the Small ship Thruster Booster upgrade).

    It gives plenty of stuff, but it also puts you on a clock, built kind of into a corner, because the ship is NOT really all that well optimized (For example: Open the door to the cockpit, vents the room's oxygen immediately, no double doors).
  7. DragonShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Either Asteroids or Crashed Red Ship. I enjoy starting with something beaten up and battered that I've got to refit as an immediate goal. I usually gently smack the yellow ship into an asteroid to get it a bit more damaged after starting an Asteroids game, haha. And always tons of mods.
  8. Echillion Senior Engineer

    I either go with asteroids but with it on safe or lone survivor amazingly I've never played the crashed red ship scenario!
  9. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    i do asteroids with a small solar ship equipped only with a battery and o2 generator. i have to limp along in my 'escape pod' till i hit an exploration find to pull apart. meteors makes it more of a race against time too. i havent tried it with pirates yet (been exploring automation in the PB) but im looking forward to them the next time i play.
  10. Foxhound71 Apprentice Engineer

    Can I vote for a future scenario where you start on a planet? :p
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  11. Sinbad Senior Engineer

    Planet, broken rover thats all smashed up and can't move. but, it has enough components to make an arc furnace and assembler. there is a tiny bit of charge left in the battery. just enough to refine and assemble the parts you need to repair your single surviving solar panel to working order.
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  12. Samsonguy920 Apprentice Engineer

    I am looking forward to a lone survivor situation planet-bound, but crashed red ship and asteroids are my top two that are around at the moment.
  13. Koder Apprentice Engineer

    Asteroids, first person locked, usually while testing my respawn ship mod finding ways to make it harder.
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  14. oldark1 Trainee Engineer

    I mix it up but Asteroids is preferred because you can start with the cluster + infinite gen without having to bother editing the Sandbox file to do so. All the other starts only give you a single rock nearby.
  15. WildCatNL Trainee Engineer

    Pretty much all my play session for survival have been with the Asteroids scenario, however, with the planets update, I've started a new one a custom one to add the planets to the survival scenario...
    Started with Easy Start Moon in creative mode, deleted the base, the ore pit and any other thing I could find within range, then flew out in space and traveled for a good 10~15 minutes taking me really far out. Pulled up the the Crashed ship from my Blueprint, parked it in to an asteroid.
    Saved the game, back to realistic survival mode settings and having a blast.

    The Asteroid it crashed in to, isn't your typical starting asteroid with a few smaller ones about, offering the most essential ore's like ice...
    Currently I'm grinding down one ship to make a crude looking new one and I'm on a very tight schedule, for I'm running out of ice that keeps my space suite operational.

    I don't have a medical bay and the re-spawn option seems to be broken now that I've removed the base, something I discovered during creative mode and setting up the custom crashed ship scenario.

    So far I'm having a blast, even if I end up dying because of lack of ice.
  16. Koder Apprentice Engineer

    Nice @WildCatNL, that sounds like fun. Be interesting to see what kind of creations come from it, following the basic need to survive.
  17. Jas Apprentice Engineer

    Star System Start is the Asteroid version of the planetary gameplay :) start from scratch with a basic lander and low on resource and energy in an empty world
    btw there should be a variant for Asteroids start with planets around, same of the start system start but with a ship in space near asteroids, atm we can build a world like this using creative (and setoolbox to speed up things but is not necessary)

    TIP: using setoolbox you can move planets around and they work fine, you can still move planets with all constructions attached or in realtive "geostationary" fixed position togheter beetwen worlds, just select thel all and drag and drop into a new setoolbox window, they mantain gps coordinates, if you want to move a planet with things buit in it inside the same world, you should manipulate the gps position manualy for example, adding a zero to the X coordinate in a planet then you have to add the same 0 at the end of the X coordinate of the costruction you want to move away "attached" to the planet
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2015
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.