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Your GPS strategy

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Hazee Daze, Feb 20, 2017.

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  1. Hazee Daze Trainee Engineer


    I wanted to show you guys my GPS strategy for starting single-player SE and see if other players had strategies of their own that I can rob...er...borrow. :)

    I like to start out with minimum assets, which means starting in creative, finding the first likely looking asteroid, using the minimum resources to get going. Exiting, and restarting in survival. While in creative I DON'T "cheat" to find or map resources.

    I start by creating a GPS tag !base. The exclamation point keeps the base marker at the top of the list. Creating the !base marker first, means that when I start leaving base, I don't have to struggle to re-find it.

    Then it goes something like this on base asteroid (I use the periodic table notations--or at least whatever I can remember from college--to keep the nomenclature short):

    00_a_ni (for example if I find nickel on my base asteroid, I flag it some I can find it easily since oxygen is at premium)

    Once I get my base asteroid mapped a bit, I move on to other asteroid starting with 01.

    01_a_ii (iron and ice, kind of useless asteroid)
    01_b_agsi (if I find an asteroid with silver and silicon)
    01_c_u* (the asterisk means a large deposit)
    (Now I'm low on oxygen, so return to base.)

    Meanwhile as I map, I mine. I take about 1/4 of my inventory each time. Once back, I load up on oxygen and start to refine.

    Next trip out starts with 02, assuming I go out in a different direction.

    02_a_ag (silver again, ugh!)

    And so on.

    Sometimes I use a return here flag to return to a spot that I couldn't fully explore 'cause I was running out of juice.

    The advantages of this system is that I can search through the list quickly for stuff like, "au" or "co" etc. It also lets me know which directions I went out, and where I left off exploring.

    So...what do you use?
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  2. Calaban Junior Engineer

    My strategy is similar, dont think I was shown/taught it by anyone/youtube, but it seems common.:

    The first rock or place on planet I setup a base on is simply "X" May use the ! trick to make it top of list (Or ^)

    As I prospect my local area (asteroids or dark patches) I flag them with short names. I keep the tag name 2 digit, so they dont clutter my screen overmuch as they grow.

    Lets say its a rock with iron, ice, and silicon. I pick the most relevant ore: Silicon, since most 'roids have Iron and Ice. I name this gps "Si" for silicon, in the additional details I add things like "Fe and H2 and Ur as well... also, nice tunnel 2 holes, good build site."

    If its a roid with just iron, or a tiny one with not much at all, I name it "." Just a dot to mark it as "visited" so I wont waste time returning to it.

    Iron Fe
    Ice H2
    Nickel Ni
    Cobalt Co
    Silicon Si
    Magnesium Mg
    Silver Ag (in case you wondered how i tell silver from silicon :) )
    Gold Au
    Plat Pt
    Uranium Ur

    Then as the list of gps marks grows, and I need, say silicon and nickel, I browse the Ni and Si spots for one that says it has the other in the additional details. And doubleclick the gps list to filter ones on/off

    Pretty simple, havent really found a more effective way to do it over the years. But still plenty of opportunities to learn new things.. like the ! prefix. :)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.