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[1.186] Auto Pilot Speed Bug in Gravity

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Meridius_IX, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. Meridius_IX Trainee Engineer


    It looks like the recent update has affected how the Remote Control Auto-Pilot behaves in Natural Gravity. In space, it seems everything behaves normally. But on planets, the speed that the auto pilot moves seems to be locked to 15% of whatever value the speed limit slider is set to.

    Here's a video of the behavior. New Save / No Mods:

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  2. Sich Trainee Engineer

    Same issue here, on earth and on moon.
  3. Jurgen773 Trainee Engineer

    Same Keen please fix
  4. DigitalStone Apprentice Engineer

    This bug is as old as the hills.
    I think they'll saving this for later since there are probably more issues attached to it.
  5. Meridius_IX Trainee Engineer

    Auto-Pilot behavior in natural gravity has always been a little derpy in general, but this particular bug only surfaced as of the last major patch.
  6. TangentialThreat Trainee Engineer

    I encountered this while trying to get a hydrogen freighter to land itself. I'd also like to be able to have scriptless GPS-guided ICBMs. If players want it slow then they can turn down the speed limit.

    As a workaround, have the up thrusters turn off until a reasonable altitude. Unfortunately there is no way to detect altitude without a programmable block. There are scripts that just about fully replace the remote control but it would be nice if the remote control behaved in useful ways.
  7. Rocketmann Trainee Engineer

    Same problem here. My cargo drone ship acceleration stop at ~15m/s.

    And there is still problem with waypoints. Autopilot just stops at wp and have no interest at moving to next one.
  8. Super_Happy_Alien Apprentice Engineer

    Same Problem Here too , i also reported this bug using RexBot on Discord
  9. Veidebreij Trainee Engineer

    Same problem here! I had never problems with autopilot in gravity. But this is very annoying...
    Please fix :(
  10. MacKinnon Trainee Engineer

    Same issue. Trying to play super engineer adventures with friend. The enemy drones just sit there; they are limited to 20m/s by default and are limited to 15% of that (3m/s) because of the bug. This causes the drones to travel very slowly and not make it to their despawn point. My friend cannot see these drowns in local coop either (wondering if it might be related to them not being able to despawn and refresh new ones for him to see).

    Anywho, there is apparrently a work around for this by editing a config file to manually adjust a speed override for remote blocks? Does anyone know which config file this is? I have dug through everyone I can find in my game save and the Appdata/game files.

  11. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Reposting myself from the change log thread, for visibility:
  12. Super_Happy_Alien Apprentice Engineer

    Please Fix this today !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Rocketmann Trainee Engineer

    This problem is still here !!!!!!!! and it is making me crazy.
  14. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    There was a followup post in the thread https://forums.keenswh.com/threads/update-1-186-5-beta-improvements.7400403/page-2
    where a dev states:
    So it is done on purpose, they know about it, and they might choose to fix it sometime in the future.
  15. Zhiila Tester Staff


    this is already fixed on our intern branch, so it will come out probably in next patch if it get through testing.
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  16. Sich Trainee Engineer

    Good to know that it's fixed on your side...
    We just have to hope now that the next update will not be in 6 months :)
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  17. Rocketmann Trainee Engineer

    Thank you Zhiila and Arctrurus for reply, and i apologize for not so polite post, but because of this i was kind of unable to play this game.

    "PS Yeah, the speed multiplier scaled with height from ground with 15 m/s up to 50m above ground and lineary rising to 100 m/s at 150m above ground."

    I have nothing against speed limit over ground to 150m, but in my experience, this speed limit of 15 m/s was all the way up to the edge of natural gravity of the planet.

    Example from my main survival map:
    Me and my friends have base on the surface of Mars-like planet with all the machinery and fun stuff and a massive space station right above it in free space with maxboosted refineries atc... I have built an autonomous cargo ship to ferry the supplies from station to base. I load ship with materials and oxygen and turn on the autopilot. Ship accelerate to 100 m/s and just as ship anter the planet gravity it suddenly decelerate to 15 m/s. Trip that takes normally around 7 mins is now a waaaaaay longer and ship is practically useless.

    Ship BP: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1324675383&searchtext=progress

    Good to know that fix is almost ready to release.

    Thank you.

    Edit: Not 15 m/s but 15% of speed set by slider.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018 at 17:43
  18. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    - KSH intended that this (unannounced) autopilot speed modification would only work at low altitudes, but the altitude check part was the bug and defaults to 0m anytime you are in the planet's natural gravity.
    - It is 15% as implemented, not 15 m/s. If you set your ship speed limit to 60 m/s it would drop to 9 m/s. Several people in the other thread disagreed with this implementation/intent.
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