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Windmill power for mechanics

Discussion in 'General' started by Michel_0, May 5, 2018.

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  1. Michel_0

    Michel_0 Trainee Engineer

    Hi there,

    because there still isn't any power source after the windmill rotor has been removed by the 0.6 update, i'm not sure if keen forget about it...

    That's why i'm reporting following situation as bug, not as missing feature:

    When connecting rotatable parts to an rotating windmill shaft, the Rotation will not be transferred.
    By other words: We can't connect anything to a windmill (except other "mechanical" blocks).
    But we (the cummunity) want power for our own mechanics!
    Simple example:

    There are many discussion threads about that (i stared mine in december 2017...), but there never was an official statement from keen, that's what i'm hoping for in here.

    EDIT: This would finally make strange clang engines unnecessary.
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  2. Yurets

    Yurets Trainee Engineer

    Can't agree more. So much would be possible to build. And mechanical shafts go so well with catch blocks. About clang I would say - this behavior is a bug and should be removed as soon as possible. I'm pretty sure that's what causing some unpredictable wobbling of whatever machines.
  3. I23I7

    I23I7 ME Tester

    Currently this is not intended to work. We agree that there is potential there but right now there are a few issues with allowing this behavior. Thanks for the report.

    Moving thread to discussions.
  4. Michel_0

    Michel_0 Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for your reply, altough it's not what i hoped for.
    This sounds like the development team isn't even working on this.

    @I23I7 I got a pretty detailed imagination of a possible solution, could you please forward this suggestion to the relevant persons and give me some feedback, if it is a option for future updates?

    A mechanical Interface block:
    • A block sized like all other "mechanical" blocks
    • Connecting as power sink on one side to "mechanical" block shafts
    • Behaves as power sink by a static friction (as first step, maybe as second step by a variable friction depending of the attached custom mechanics)
    • Provides a rotating catch block shaft or round timber on the other side
    • The shaft should supply a static torque (so it will stop rotating as soon as the load gets too high or if it's blocked)
    • Physics on the "custom attachment" side maybe just as the old windmill rotor
    • So engineers could construct anything on the other side
    • It might could have a visual cluch in the middle to display rotation speed differences between mechanical block side and custom side "more realistic"
    A rudimental suggestion of the block:

    At the end i want to point out, that this really is a important part of the game (in my opinion).
    I mean the game is called "Medieval Engineers"! How could you call it "engineers" whithout providing any power source for engineer-build mechanics (ignoring the hand-weel, because this obviously isn't engineer-like)?

    The whole image and marketing of medieval engineers is about construct custom mechanics and machinery. Even the trailer in the background of the main menu shows windmill powered self-build mechanics, which isn't possible anymore nowadays.
    Building pretty houses & castles can be nice, too. But then you could call it "Medieval Architects", not "Medieval Engineers".
    Sorry if this sounds rude, but i get emotional at this topic.

    This thread might be moved to "suggestions" now.
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  5. Michel_0

    Michel_0 Trainee Engineer

    Hello there,

    unfortunately this still hasn't been solved.
    We still got no power to run our custom machines.

    Is it planned to be added yet?

    I'm looking for an status update on this from any staff...
  6. Michel_0

    Michel_0 Trainee Engineer

    Since i din't get any reply, i made an official help request at the new medieval engineers support portal.
    And i did get a reply very soon.
    Summary: We need to wait for an decision on 0.7.
    To bring some more Attention on this i'm going to tag some staff with a urgent plea.

    When you're involved in discussions if and when this feature should be implemented, please consider:
    • This is a key feature in engineering mechanics and needs to be prioritized like that.
    • Engineers, are no architects. They want to build machines and stuff, not only houses and castles.
    • Utilizing clang engines obviously isn't how it should be.
    • I'm not alone. There are regulary popping up threads about that in the forums and elsewhere.
    I think i'll need to commit a "feedback" at the support portal so people can vote for it.

    EDIT: Vote for it: https://support.keenswh.com/medievalengineers/topic/power-for-mechanics_1

    Have a nice day and lucky clang controlling,

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