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An Answer to Offline Raiding

Discussion in 'Balancing' started by Ithica, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. Ithica Trainee Engineer

    Offline raiding is one of the major impediments to viable pvp servers. As things currently stand, no base regardless of how fortified, can hold against a smart player if there isn't a thinking person to defend it. Guns can be sniped or drained, simple rocks can be dropped from 1km above a base, tunnels can be dug to avoid a base's weapons, and of course there is the handheld grinder. Offline raiding is lame and we all know it. We need a mechanic to prevent it.

    I suggest the creation of a new type of block to do just that. The name is unimportant right now so I'll just call it a shield dome generator, even though it wont really be a shield.

    • The generator should be expensive to run, at least 1 Ur ingot to activate, and 2 more per hour to run.

    • The shield should be spherical, and the range should be configurable like the spherical gravity generator. The larger the radius, the more Ur per hour to operate.

    • Everything inside of the shield (and connected to the generator's grid), including voxels, would be immune to damage / deformation. No more undermining/dropping rocks on planetary bases.

    • Nothing can be built/placed/repaired inside of an active shield dome.

    • The shield generator takes several minutes to spool up, say 5 minutes, and is interrupted by any damage to the generator's grid. This is to prevent online defenders from pussing out when attacked.

    • Every functional block (save doors, lights, etc) inside of the shield dome is rendered inoperable. No using tanked up bases.

    • The shield generator CANNOT operate unless its grid is a station. No immortal ships/rovers drifting around.

    • The shield dome acts like a pain field for anything not friendly/attached to its grid (space suit not effected). No parking your stuff next to someone else's sleeping base.

    • Deactivating the shield dome is quick. We shouldn't need to wait around once we've decided the coast is clear.

    • An active shield dome has a mild particle effect so everyone knows its active.

    • Cannot activate the shield generator if the field would effect a neutral/enemy static grid. No weaponizing the shield dome.
    The intention these mechanics is to create a balanced solution to the problem of offline raiding that doesn't require admin enforcement, and isn't abuseable.

    Note: A shield dome may not be within Keen's "realistic" clause, but some kind of anti-offline mechanic is needed if we are to seriously attempt to pvp. I think this is a worthy exception.

    Questions/Suggestions/possible abuses are all welcome.
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  2. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    yeah it is pretty humorous how a very heavily armored and guarded base can be defeated by a dude dropping a handful of rocks from orbit.

    as always I'm sure the sim speed would suffer on a large server that has many bases running shields.
    even though they do run out of power quickly enough without a constant supply of uranium.

    hopefully one day or one major update an object similar to rusts Tool Cupboard protects against building but not damage.

    gungan shield star wars 1.
  3. Dax23333 Junior Engineer

    In addition to a spherical feild of influence you'd need feilds close to each other to join up, else you could build a surface out of a number of spheres which gives a normal area inside which circumvents the idea about functional blocks not working inside it.
  4. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    I've been on the fence about shields in SE for a very long time, but I've always had the opinion that if Keen ever implemented them, as long as they're optional, everyone gets to have their preferred way of playing (with or without shields).

    You've given what IMO is probably the best reason to have shields @Ithica, along with some pretty damn awesome and fair balancing factors.
  5. PLPM Junior Engineer

    Or maybe...

    Make defenses much more robust doing their job?

    And obviously limit player tossing mini-van sized boulders from his backpack.
  6. Forcedminer Senior Engineer


    if only turrets could be set to target voxel ore or loose components.
    or failing that as it shoots into your own base.......have a turret targeting parameter set to target incoming components or voxel ore.
  7. Bumber Senior Engineer

    Allow turrets to target components. Drones can handle players.
  8. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    can collectors collect components that fell from orbit. :p
    build a roof of collectors.
    im sure it can't collect that fast..
  9. Soup Toaster Apprentice Engineer

    This right here is the whole reason I don't play online. What's the point if someone else can come along at any time while I'm gone and erase the work I've done? It's utterly pointless.

    I've always wondered why this isn't already a thing considering how often this issue comes up. It doesn't need to be complicated, you just need a block that makes the voxels and all your stationary blocks within the radius of it's field indestructible. Add some kind of a "rot" effect to any raiders blocks that enter the field and you're pretty much covered. Field only takes effect when the player that built it is offline. Doesn't need to be any more complicated than that. There really isn't any justification for not having this in the game already.

    The way things are now just rewards the worst in human behavior.
  10. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    the more i think about it the more i believe a shield would be the best of way of solving this.
    not like an actual actual shield.
    but a type of block you'll build in your entirely owned base that will project a large bubble around it that prevents damage from going through it unless the player is within turret range.
    any bullets,missiles or gravity thrown components will simply disappear with a fizzle effect.
    player made weapons would contain computer chips something turrets can fire so they should be safe.
    unpowered PMWs torpedoes that don't contain computer chips should be pushed away since they can basically be undetectable by turrets.
    and to prevent serious abuse it can only be used on locked stations. not ships. and when constructed it has to charge up so that a player in the base can't turn it off to launch a torpedoe then quickly turn it back on.
    I mean multiplayer for any game is awesome. but not having measures to prevent offline raiding would diminish a player base...on pvp servers at least. but even on a busy PVE server you'd have to dig though logs and logs of info dumps..*i assume*...to find the person who griefed. unless there are plugins to do that. i remember one in minecraft called hawk eye...it was awesome it could tell you who changed what block to what block and when.
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  11. PLPM Junior Engineer

    Well, I`m still up for limiting crap like x10 space rock-throwing.

    Along with turrets actually doing a damn against attacks, increasing their range would make them more effective against PMWs and making turret-sniping impossible for all intents and purposes, here differentiation betweet missile turrets and gats would be range and the speed of projectiles.
  12. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    perhaps a type of station only type of gattling gun?
    something that will no longer work if a station is turned into a large ship.
    so when a player is in their capital ship and is going into that cryogenic sleep [logging out]
    they can turn their large ship into a station so these defensive turrets will become active?
    theres plenty of ways of solving this...i just hope in the end the only way to offline raid is a direct assault...and not space bowling. :p
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  13. Bumber Senior Engineer

    Grinders/drills might work, too. They can also destroy blocks and don't run out of ammo. Just need to have sensors detect components to save performance. (Or maybe that would hurt performance itself?)
  14. Kira Apprentice Engineer

    This needs to be implemented. Well thought out post. Kudos to OP
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.