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As a single player, what do you fill your extra large ships with?

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Gth, Apr 26, 2017.

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  1. Gth Trainee Engineer

    I, like I imagine a lot of people, play by myself. So when I get the itch to build a large capital ship, I find myself wondering what I should even fill it with aside from just more of what I'd already be putting into them.

    For instance, take this ship I've been working on (Yes, its based on the Vengeance of Abrams Trek)

    I have it split into four decks, and for the bottom most deck its fairly easy. The two torpedo bays fill out the port and starboard sides and then the shuttle bay takes up the aft end. Engineering (Reactors, Shield Generators and program core) fills out the next deck up as well as the center portion of the bottom deck.

    Next deck up in the saucer wasn't hard to fill out, put in my super large production/cargo/oxygen section directly behind my beam drill arrays, fill out some basic accommodations for visitors, as well as a brig and armory type area (not that I've ever used these kinds of sections on any of my ships, but I still hold out hope that I won't have to ram my ship into the next player I meet when I take this on a server). Then we get to the next deck and outside of the still remaining bridge and medical/cryo areas I still have a lot of space, even after filling in half the extra space with a rear cargo bay. For reference everything in front of the bridge is as of right now just empty space on that deck, and even after cutting in my passage ways (which usually helps with my interior style as it takes up a lot of space and also allows for rooms to develop naturally) theres still a TON of space thats just empty.

    And I don't know what to fill in that space with that isn't just fluff or more of the same. I've already got more cargo space than I could possibly need, and with 12 refineries, 10 Arc Furnaces and 32 Assemblers I hardly need anything for production.

    Normally speaking I would want to fill this with a science section, but obviously in Space Engineers the closest thing I have to that sort of end would be my program blocks, but I've already got those closer to engineering (Which is more important as its more armored down there anyway). I could fill in some rooms and then just populate it with random consoles but again, its just fluff.

    Any suggestions?
  2. TwoHedWlf Trainee Engineer


    Mine the center hull is full of cargo 6 cargo containers, a refinery, oxygen generator, oxygen and hydrogen tanks,, the two upper pods have 4 jump drives each, the two lower pods are hangars in the non miner version. Up in the front is the cockpit, a cryo chamber(For fun since it's in single player) And under the belly is another 8 large cargo containers.

    Lots of open space in it, but I'm thinking of extending the main hull to make room for 20 or so refineries. Might as well make it an all in one setup so I don't have to constantly run back to my refinery station to offload.
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  3. carnivore Apprentice Engineer

    Design your ship around the systems and features you'd like to include, and you won't struggle to fill it. Just make sure you build and test the systems first. Here are some examples:

    1. Player made missile launchers
    2. A decoy launching system
    3. Mine launcher
    3. Retractable something or other
    4. Fighter hangar
    5. A nice Combat Information Center
    6. Drone hangar
    7. Repair bay
    8. Accessible engineering section
    9. Player made turrets
    10. Cryo pod room
    There's ten, easy. Try building a few of these on their own without a ship to see the shapes you like, then build your new ship to accommodate them.
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  4. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    You'll fill up a lot of space with storage, ore, ingots, components all require a lot of space if you're planning on building other big grids.

    Being able to store smaller ships in your large ship is very handy. You probably have construction ships, mining ships, fighters, transports, etc.

    You'll probably want to devote a lot of space to production. Refineries take up a lot of space and you'll want multiple units as your need for materials grow.

    Often a lot of space goes to vanity or role play. There's nothing wrong with that.
  5. Logi Apprentice Engineer

    Add rooms that the NPC crew (one can dream, right?) would use like locker rooms, toilets, showers, mess halls, armoury, crew cabins, officers cabins, captains cabin, hydroponics, labs and either wait for Keen to add decorative blocks (one can dream again, right?) or get few decoration mods.
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  6. Sirhan Blixt Apprentice Engineer

    Exotic Dancers and Long-Limbed Roes.

    Oh, wait-- that's in Eve Online. Not here.
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  7. odizzido Junior Engineer

    When I was checking out online play a while back, after I finished my first ship I started making another one that improved upon what I had. I would likely do that in your case instead of continuing work on your current one. You can keep your first one around as well as backup.
  8. Gth Trainee Engineer

    Indeed. Ive actually formed a habit of building a really good hull that I like, like the one I exampled above, that I don't want to get rid of or recreate, and instead of starting over I just blank out the interior and rebuild it. Haven't done it with this one yet, but I will eventually.
  9. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    I fill that space by shrinking the ship.
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  10. dispair Apprentice Engineer

    My big ships always get more docks. I like specialized ships. Recon fighter, a small tugboat is a must have. A welder, a small miner for when you just need 500 whatever... And an atmospheric dropships.

    That's my basic list, add in a cargo hunter and a grinder and suddenly you need slot more space. Then a drone factory guided missles... Oh and a workshop for prototyping.
  11. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    i attempt to decorate but the end result is always just big blocky messes. :/
    one time i used a rotor....lets just say the decor is aggressive

    oh well at least there's decoration mods that add things like generic aesthetic potted plant.
    i wonder what large ships will be like IF small blocks could be used on large ships?
    you know like how you can put a table down in ME and put things on it?
  12. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Filling your ship with pointless blocks means that your ship will accelerate and turn slower. If you have a useless area just leave it be. Interior blocks are the lightest blocks you can use for walling off empty areas or even enclosed areas. They are even lighter than catwalks. Use them. They are also air-tight on all six sides.
  13. PolarWolf Apprentice Engineer

    Storage is probably your best bet. Batteries are a close second depending on your power situation. If the spots run through a main hallway, you could make a bulkhead or interior turret hardpoint. Otherwise, reduce weight by eliminating that portion of the hull wholesale.
  14. russo_bolado Junior Engineer

    Same here. As a lone wolf, I hardly feel the need to build many quarters. Usually, when I build a Mobile Outpost (Cargo Hauler + Refinery/Assembler + Medbay), there's a single pressurized quarter which has all the necessary facilities (Control Seat, Medbay, Cryo Chamber) with modest decoration (Programmable Blocks / LCD's) and an access corridor (with a built-in airlock system).

    The rest of (internal) space is filled with Cargo Containers and production/functional blocks.

    I'm modest when it comes to Interior Blocks, not only due to the fact that they require more time to build when compared to Light Armor (component / construction-wise), but also because they're more taxing to performance since they have more triangles to render. They're aestethically pleasing (good sci-fi feeling), though, and use less materials than Light Blocks. I use them in corridors (floor/sides) and straight lines in medium-to-large rooms.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.