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Athena Defensive Platform for the Never Surrender Scenario

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Spaceman Spiff, Mar 8, 2019.

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  1. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    The Athena Defense Platform is my award-winning design that recently earned the "Scrap Delivery" achievement for Space Engineers in the Never Surrender scenario. Yes, you heard it correctly: after nearly 200 swarm waves, 1,000 drones turned to scrap, including three Incisors, two Eradicators, and two Argentavis ships (seriously, what's with that?).


    I started the scenario by spawning in the space ship in space rather than on one of the planets. My reasoning was that I wouldn't have to design any heavy lifting requirements into the design to get into space (to protect the Space Station), nor would I require a jump drive to get there; as it turned out, I spawned only about 40 km from the Space Station, so I think it was the best choice.

    The asteroid near where I spawned had a reasonably large supply of uranium, so I knew I'd be set with power; I made this asteroid my "home" location for the shipbuilding process. The asteroid also had silver, so that helped with generating parts for reactors (it turns out I didn't need to do this) and a medical room.

    I started with a basic assembler attached to the ship and quickly graduated to a series of basic refineries (also attached to the ship). I built a basic assembler only so I could build a full assembler. I found another asteroid with a large supply of iron ore, and another with a large supply of nickel and cobalt, and soon was cranking out iron, nickel and cobalt ingots by the shipload.

    I planted a large cargo container at my home base (given the storage restrictions based on the scenario's game settings, I knew I would need at least one; I ended up building three to hold all the ore, ice, ingots, and parts necessary for my ship's construction. I built four refineries, each fully stocked with yield modules, and 10 basic refineries for helping with the processing crunch. I also built two assemblers fully stocked with speed modules for producing parts.

    I modified my respawn ship to have a dozen small cargo containers to hold ore, four basic refineries in-line to get a jump start on refining ore, and an assembler for any additional parts I would need for modifications on the fly; it turned into a butt-ugly ship when I was finished, but it sure got the job done! I stuck several conveyor tubes and a conveyor junction out the front of the respawn ship with a drill on the end, and included a conveyor sorter and connector branch from the conveyor junction so I could dump stone. (Note that I only mined enough stone to get going; after that, I stuck with pure ore, baby!) This rig would allow me to haul back 400k (or more) of ore at a time, so it helped speed up the building and stocking process.

    I knew I would need a lot of stock, so when a Mining Carriage happened by I "borrowed" it because they're so easy to overcome. I gained two of the large ion thrusters that I figured I would need, plus a couple small reactors and many parts. Then I grabbed another and another, and a business shipment (for the large reactor; why build when you can steal?), and even a minelayer because of all its heavy armor. I think I also grabbed a couple more ships along the way for parts, but by then I knew I had everything I would need to build my ship.

    Heavy armor requires a lot of parts, so I knew I would need a handy small-grid ship for fabrication. I tossed one together with twin welders on the front and that sped the shipbuilding process up a lot. But I also needed to grind the stolen ships to parts, so at one point I removed the welders and replaced them with grinders. Alas, however, my little fabricator ship just didn't hold enough parts, so I removed the drill from the front of my respawn ship and replaced it with a bank of 10 large-grid grinders. With all the storage I had already installed on the ship, it didn't take long to reduce all those ships to scrap.

    I got back to mining and brought back three or four full loads of magnesium because I suspected that I would need a large amount of ammo. (In the end, I estimated that I went through about 10,000 each 200mm rockets and 25mm ammo boxes. It's truly an amazing sight when the ship opens up with all its batteries! I watched them gut an Eradicator drone in seconds!)

    I never did find gold or platinum. I didn't need the gold for anything, and platinum was gotten by rendering thruster components back to ingots; I ended up with plenty for the 200mm rockets. I did find a separate, very large supply of uranium and ended up refining over 5k of ingots. Needless to say, having enough power was never a problem.

    Before heading for the Space Station, I packed one large cargo container full with extra iron, nickel, and magnesium ore so the basic refineries would have something to do. I filled another with ingots (I burned through more than 250,000k of iron and 50,000k of nickel and cobalt building additional steel plate and metal grids for repairs while I played through all the drone waves until I finished with the achievement. And this was after stocking one large cargo container full of many thousands of extra steel plates, metal grinds, interior plates, construction components, motors, large and small steel tubes, computers, displays, and bulletproof glass.

    I parked the ship directly over the Space Station beacon, and I mean right over it with just enough clearance for the bottom turrets to operate. Knowing that the beacon was the ultimate target, I began the process of protecting it under two layers of heavy armor even as the waves of drones were inbound. Then, after everything was positioned and protected to my satisfaction, I would wait out a drone strike inside the asteroid, then pop out between waves to fix whatever needed to be fixed on the ship and beacon protection armor. The thrusters seemed to be a popular target for the drones, but not so much after I converted the ship to a station and turned them off

    As a final note, a lot of damage to the platform occurred not because of drone weapon strikes, but rather when a destroyed drone ship hit it at high speed. Those Eradicator drones make a big dent!

    So that's my story.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.