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Bowmans as automated guns

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by penkover, Jun 17, 2018.

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  1. penkover Trainee Engineer

    I was playing Space engineers for quite a long time and there are „autoguns“ so i was able to make ship vs ship (or vs ships) battle in singleplayer quite easily. So I got an idea that would improve fights in this game using the autoguns.
    There would be few new blocks (listed below), that would automaticly search for enemy blocks within range and when they saw an enemy, they will start firing at him. They are themed in medieval theme as bowmans and so. They are quite expensive and require arrows (munitions used also by players crossbow) and food stored in a chest (or similar) wihin 50meters. The food would be consumed with some small speed by time and arrows by 1 each time it fires, and when it reach zero, the blocks wont work. (Not required in creative). Blocks that fires a „firearrows“ also require a blaze within 10meters. Size of the blocks is 1x1x1 or 2x2x1 or 3x3x1 to ban spam usage. But actually their zone doesnt collide with normal blocks, only with other „autoguns“. So you can place a wall or cube or battlement (or…) wihin their zone without problems. If a battlement or a wall with window is within the zone, they can fire throught it without stopping fire (arrows crashing to the wall).

    Now defending a castle might be much more interesting, when attacking, you can build a vehicle with bowmans onboard. One day, you might develop fully autonymyus NPC units and real battles will happen.

    The cost is in components but the dont affect health. I havent calculated it yet, but there is a cost modifier in the tab. Once you think out the cost of one of them, you can calculate others.

    There are 3 types, longbowmans for longrange fights, crossbowmans for mid, bowmans for interior use.
    Here is the tab: (I hope you can orientate in it):

    Name; Range(m); accuracy (chance to hit); reload (s); Damage (compared to characters health); zone size(widht x lenght); health (compared to character); cost modifier.

    Longbowman recruit: 400; 0,15; 5; 0,5; 3x3; 1,3; 15
    Longbowman veteran: 400; 0,2; 4,5; 0,5; 3x3; 1,3; 19
    Longbowman elite: 400; 0,25; 4; 0,5; 3x3; 1,3; 23
    Longbowman firearrow: 400; 0,2; 6; 10; 3x3; 1,3; 27

    Crossbowman recruit: 300; 0,25; 6; 0,8; 2x2; 1; 10
    Crossbowman veteran: 300; 0,3; 6; 0,9; 2x2; 1; 13
    Crossbowman elite: 300; 0,35; 6; 1; 2x2; 1; 16
    Crossbowman firearrow: 300; 0,3; 8; 14; 2x2; 1; 19

    Bowman recruit: 200; 0,3; 3; 0,34 (1/3); 1x1; 0,7; 5
    Bowman veteran: 200; 0,4; 3; 0,34 (1/3); 1x1; 0,7; 7
    Bowman elite: 200; 0,5; 3; 0,34 (1/3); 1x1; 0,7; 9
    Bowman firearrow: 200; 0,4; 4; 6; 1x1; 0,7; 11
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  2. Mirek Apprentice Engineer

    I would rather see a proper AI but this sounds like better than nothing.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.