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Build & Command (B&C): RTS Style base building

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Weyun, Jul 21, 2019.

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  1. Weyun Trainee Engineer

    Build & Command (B&C): RTS Style base building
    Remember the old Real Time Strategy (RTS) games like Command & Conquer?
    They had a construction unit which built a building if a player had the required resources. Once built, these buildings either provided unit manufacturing capabilities or provided advances along the tech tree so that a player could get access to better buildings or units. They also had resource gathering units which would travel between resource fields and resource processing buildings.
    Finding the Nanite control Facility MOD recently, I tried to recreate this experience in space engineers.

    Required Mods:
    1 Nanite Control Facility v2.0(9) - Automated Construction
    Can be temperamental at times.
    Also relatively slow as it keeps cycling through scan->build->idle modes.
    2 Aerodynamic Wings - blocks for planet atmosphere
    3 Battle Cannon and Turrets

    Also: Turn OFF Progression in the World settings! Nanite mod does NOT work with progression on.


    Constructing alone, the MOD can handle it. But how did I recreate the tech tree system?
    This is what I call the Plug & Socket system for MAKE & BUILD.
    What is a PLUG? (MAKE & BUILD)
    A Plug is a series a blocks which include a projector, a battery, and merge blocks. These plugs have a blueprint loaded in their projectors which the nanites can build. As default, these plugs are attached to either a building or a unit. Thus, if you build a specific building or unit, you get access to one or more plugs that you hadn’t before.

    There are generally 2 types of Plugs: BUILD and MAKE.

    The BUILD Plugs consist of large blocks and project buildings which your construction unit can build.
    The MAKE Plugs consist of either small blocks or large blocks. Their projections are made by buildings which have a nanite factory.

    What is a SOCKET? (MAKE & BUILD)
    A socket is places where you attach your Plugs to. (BUILD and MAKE)

    Setting up the BUILD SOCKET!
    In case of BUILD Plugs, you need to construct it on the ground which is a few meters from where you want the building to stand.
    1. You place layer of blocks on the ground as a foundation and place a merge block upright in the center. This is the SOCKET for BUILD Plugs. Depending on the terrain, you can place a block more under the merge block to adjust height. The best position for the SOCKET (BUILD) is where the construction unit’s build sight indicates.
    2. Once the Socket is in place, you then use the “Large Plug lifter” craft which comes with the construction unit to carry the plug from where you can find it and place it on the SOCKET.
    3. After turning on the projector, you can activate the construction unit’s nanite system and let the building be built. It will take some time. Check if you have the required components from time to time.
    4. Once the building is completed, you detach the plug from the building. Put back the plug to where you found it with the “Plug lifter” craft.
    5. Destroy the attachment blocks that link the completed building. These are usually marge block and conveyer or pillar blocks.
    6. Finally, destroy the foundation and you are done. You now have a building. If you want you can build conveyer blocks to link this new building with others.


    In case of MAKE Plugs, the sockets already exist in unit making buildings such as factories.
    1. You then use the “Small” Or “Large” Plug lifter craft which comes with the construction unit to carry the plug from where you can find it and place it to the MAKE SOCKET. You find them in specific buildings.
    2. Once attached to the socket, you turn on the projector.
    3. Build the attaching blocks (i.e, conveyer blocks) starting from the center of the Plug’s outward facing merge block. The number of blocks required are listed on the plug.
    4. Then the nanite system.
    5. Once completed, you remove the attaching blocks and you have a new unit. Do not forget to put the plug back from where you found it.


    A. Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) Settings
    (1) Nanite Control Facility Settings
    (Need to reset after 1st Load)
    Check “Repair/Construction” box & “Projection Construction” boxes ONLY!

    (2) Nanite Area Beacon Settings
    (Need to reset after 1st Load)
    Area settings: 200,200,200,-150,-200,-100,0,0,0
    Check “Projection” & "Repair" boxes ONLY!

    B. BUILDing with Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)
    (1) Use MCV sight to locate the best place to locate the socket
    (2) Build the socket and place the plug using LARGE Plug Lifter
    (3) Manually turn ON Nanite Area Beacon (Check if setting is correct)
    (4) Triggered "Nanite Factory On/Off (Timer)" to start BUILD! (Button available)
    Will turn on factories in a delayed sequence


    A. 1 time Nanite Mining Vehicle (NMV) Setting
    Only Check “Mining” Box for all Nanite Control Factories!

    B. Use of Nanite Mining System
    1. Turn On Ninite Ore Detector & Set scanning range
    Do NOT set range to MAX! Will take too long.
    100~150 will be good.
    2. Select Desired Ore to scan for by Ninite Ore Detector
    3. Wait for scan to be completed by Ninite Ore Detector
    4. Once Scaning completed, Turn On Ninite Controll Facilties (all)
    Can take a while for scan

    ---TECH TREE---
    *** Building Tech Tree (BUILD Plug) ***
    MCV -> Command Center
    -> Solar Generator
    -> Barrack
    -> Cargo Storage

    Command Center - > Refinery
    - > Wind Generator
    Refinery -> Small Vehicle Factory
    -> O2/H2 Generator
    -> Hydro Storage
    -> Assembly Plant
    Small Vehicle Factory -> Disposal Pod
    -> Comm. Sat. Pod
    -> Technology Lab
    -> Supply Depot
    Technology Lab -> Missile Turret
    -> Gatling Turret
    -> Advanced Vehicle Plant
    -> Hele Port
    -> Battery Station

    *** Vehicle Tech Tree (MAKE Plug) ***
    Refinery -> Small Miner

    Small Vehicle Factory
    -> Small Air Hauler
    -> Air Wedge
    -> Deterrent Mk.2 by Keen
    -> Jeep (Clanginator)
    -> Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)
    -> Main Battle Tank (MBT)
    -> Gatling Armored Vehicle
    -> Missile Armored Vehicle

    Advanced Vehicle Plant -> Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV)
    -> CarryAll
    -> Nanite Miner Vehicle (NMV)

    ---Modified these blueprints by other authors---
    Clanginator [No Mods]
    CV[E]-003 [25mm] Gallant IFV
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.