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Can we please have a non-high contrast forum theme?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by vasvadum, Feb 1, 2020.


Which side is easier to read and look at, in your opinion?

This poll will close on Feb 1, 2021 at 07:19.
  1. Left: Unaltered site dark mode.

  2. Right: The DarkReader version of Dark Mode.

  3. I like Both, would like to combine aspects of them together. (Please reply with explanation)

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  1. vasvadum Apprentice Engineer

    I have to combine your dark mode style sheet with my DarkReader settings to make the forum readable and comfortable. When I first tried your Dark Stylesheet alone, it was too high contrast and painful to look at. Soft warm colors are better than bright vibrant neon reds on top of hard blacks. Here's an example below, as I altered the site theme with DarkReader so that I can see it. I have a side by side comparison.


    I hope that an admin here sees this and can consider moving the themes closer together. Lose the high contrast, make the colors softer. I've asked a few people in other discords and such, and they say that they like the darker blues of the left, and the lighter softer reds of the right. I can't adjust my settings for dark reeder as easily to do this, as it sorta blankets the site's stylesheet with its own settings. I'd like to not have to use DarkReader to see the site, as it alters things sometimes that don't go well, like images become inverted or overlapped with a grid of sorts.
  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @vasvadum your example is harder to read for me, not knocking your idea. For me Keen's default is not bad for my eyes. :)
  3. vasvadum Apprentice Engineer

    Mostly I just feel that the vibrant red of the default is too high contrast and could be toned down. Though the softer colors shown in my example help protect the eyes from strain. I think people get used to the high contrast stuff and then they start needing it to read anymore. Just a hypothesis.