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Community Server: RolePlay, Econ, and Speed Mod Server (Discord Required)

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by SolarRadiation, Jun 17, 2020.

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  1. SolarRadiation

    SolarRadiation Trainee Engineer

    • Server Name: RolePlay and Economy and Speed Mod Server Discord Required
    • Server Location: USA West, Portland, OR
    • Discord Invite: RP+Econ Space Engineers
    • Server Address:
    • Game Play Type/Types: PvP, RP, Economy

    • Mods:
    Midspace's Configurable Max Ship Speed Mod
    Rotary Airlock
    MA Navball
    (DX11) Eikesters Decorations and more - part I
    Spiral Stairs
    Extended Ore Detector
    RWI Refining Speed Rebalance

    • Plugins:
    ALE Ownership Logger


    • Description:
    Looking for a challenge? Want roleplaying of economy, jobs, corporations, and war? Want more SPEEEEEEED? Join our RP, Econ and Speed Mod server! We’re a friendly community looking for more people to join us. We’re also open to suggestions! Our server is meant to be on the challenging side. There are block limits to restrict production output, but the PCU cap is set extremely high per person. This is to encourage players to consider the risks with any actions they take. Players can choose from a ground start or a space start; go solo, with a friend, or join an existing faction; given 750,000 starting space credits; and may be given a starting vehicle (ship for space, rover for ground) depending on their choices. Discord is REQUIRED for roleplaying and communications between players, mods, and admins.

    • Notable features:
    Torch Server Manager
    Automatic restarts and cleanup of default-named grids (reminders and warnings are displayed)
    SE and Discord chat bot (allows for general communications between the SE server and Discord, also displays Server Status)
    Limits on refineries, assemblers, and grinders
    PCU limit set to 5 million per player (will increase as needed)
    PvP with strict no-offline-griefing policies
    Player-based economy using Space Engineer’s economy system, trade stations
    Roleplaying with Discord job roles, levels of the corporate ladder, and custom company roles w/ channels (RP’ing is optional)

    • Getting started:
    Please post a message in the #new-player-chat channel in Discord and wait for an admin to respond. (Please do not ping them as the channel notifies them already.) Contact SolarRadiation#6756 (ID: 183123813662195712) on Discord for more information.

    • Server Specs:
    Hosted by VeryGames, unlimited slots (capped at 25 for now), AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core Processor, 64 Gb RAM
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.