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Contest: From concept to creation (June: Prospector)

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by AutoMcD, Jun 4, 2015.

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  1. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    WHAT: I will post concept art. You will build a variant representative of your interpretation of this concept.

    WHEN: I can't promise that this will be every month, but this first one will be for all of this month (June). Deadline 29th.

    WHY: 1st place prize: "Skulls of the Shogun" gifted via steam and some say in what the next craft will be.

    WHO: If possible, I will set up a poll to select winner. Otherwise It may be just a verbal vote which lasts for a week or so. I would very much like to include everyone in the winner selection process.

    100% stock
    no size or weight restriction, but if it melts my computer I might not be fair on it.
    survival capable (o2, conveyored, etc)
    post as blueprint

    -Aesthetics. Obviously looking cool is important. Since we are working from a concept, these should all look somewhat similar, but everyone's interpretation will be different.
    Also I am purposely posting it in the form of a black and white sketch, it should be just enough to give you an idea but it's not really detailed enough to lock down exact proportions. And of course you're on your own for colors and the interior. I was about to redraw it in more detailed fashion but thought this would be more fun. :)
    This is open ended, while we all are working from the same concept and voting based on it, if it triggers some idea in your head and turns into something very different on the other end, that is ok. The end result looking anything at all like the concept is not a rule! It's simply a starting point and theme for this contest.

    -Function. How easy is it to use? How good is it at it's purpose? Does it have all the cool bells and whistles? In this case the function I had in mind when drawing it should be obvious, this craft serves a particular purpose and how well your result works should reflect that. So for this one I'll let the image do the talking. As with the aesthetics, there is room for interpretation. So when you are voting, try to consider how well the artist built to their own interpretation. And yours? This ought to be interesting.

    -Survival/performace. Is this craft small enough to be built by a sane person in survival? Is it excessively large or expensive? Is it large enough to be useful? I expect that not all entries will be of the same size, the trick is finding that sweet spot of utility. Some will be comfort, others will be cramped.

    Here it is:

    Good luck. :)

    (so far) (in the order they were submitted)

    1. noxLP - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=456139879

    2. Carrion - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=459425818

    3. PeterHammerman - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=460292575

    4. SDragon42 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=463473662

    5. blastertoad - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=466209325

    6. AutoMcD - http://steamcommunity.com//sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=469652965

    7. Mr Ixolate - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=469873685

    8. iN5URG3NT - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=471345879

    9. Destroyer1170 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=471527689

    10. pickerlock - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=471994727

    11. Khalad - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=472013400

    12. Spets - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=472091141
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2015
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  2. Brenner Junior Engineer

    I like this challenge! I have a pretty good idea how to build this thing and which function it could have ingame - my interpretation is a mothership for mining operation, the detachable, likely remote controlled drill says it all.
  3. Levits Senior Engineer

    Challenge Accepted!
  4. Carrion Senior Engineer

    ohh this does sound interesting. very interesting.
  5. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    Is it possible to gift a game that you've already played? I may have to change the prize if I can't figure it out. Maybe whatever is new that I can get for like $10-15. I mainly just think it should be fun. :)

    Also I will try to toss an entry in myself, I think it should be ok since it's group vote. If I happen to place then I'll send prize to the next ranking person.
  6. Spets Master Engineer

    already build something :pbjt:
    but Im not enter for a prize

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  7. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    Nice start! :D
    And yes, that's about what I had in mind w/ the drill boom. ;)
  8. PeterHammerman Junior Engineer

    Also I waive of prize. My creation so far :)

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  9. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    Fantastic! We are off to a great start.
  10. Carrion Senior Engineer

    likewise im quite happy to do it for the fun of it. especially as my whimsical mechanical creations will be making an appearance
  11. Spets Master Engineer

    wow! I like this competition/challenge so much, look at that ship! so similar in shape because of the blueprints given, but so different and way better!
    I hope this doesn't sound bad, but if you are not, or you think you are not very good at building (like Hammerman of course, I dont considere myself as a good builder), please don't be discouraged, dont be ashame, and participate in this competition, be proud, share your creations.

    oh yeah! I forgot to use the unfinished blocks to give it the industrial look. heheh! Now I understand when people show their stuff almost at the end of the competition :p :D
  12. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    I can only see hammerman's pics thru the phone. they didn't show at work or here at home. :/
  13. Mr Ixolate Apprentice Engineer

    So I had a go with this and ended up with something a little different to the original concept.


    The side view looks similar to the top view of the sketch but that's pretty much where the similarities end.


    [​IMG]This is still a work in progress though as that drill is incredibly unstable and currently I've simply crammed any necessary parts in the rear.
  14. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    that's different but I love where it's going
  15. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    some tips for using drill boom:
    -have a way to "park" the drill weight. this could be landing gear, connector(s), merge block, etc. This keeps it from flopping around while you are flying (not using it). No matter what, putting weight on the end of a string of pistons will be unstable so this is necessary.
    -if you use the pistons all at the same time, set the speed to small value such as 0.1. The speeds all stack! If there are more than 10-15 or so then even this may too fast for drills and timers/script would be necessary.
    -do not move while it is extended! aim first and then activate the drill. You might fine-tune the shot on the way out but the farther out the drill weight is, the more important it is to hold still.
  16. Mr Ixolate Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah I have a landing gear to hold most of it in place, the end piston just wobbles an amazing amount. I'll probably just have to sacrifice some of the extension length for security and just have a solid attachment. Might even be able to put a gryo or two on the end to help.
  17. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    Interesting idea, I have not tried using gyro. I suppose if it's substantial enough even thrusters could be justified?
    Mine is barely a frame outline still, just have not had the time. Hopefully this weekend I'll get the time to try some things.

    I have to admit I'm very curious to see what Carrion has in store for us..
  18. Carrion Senior Engineer

    and anyone else tbh

    if you hit left Ctrl one the speed box you can set it to something lower i tend to set it to be at a combined speed of about .3m/min as i know it works.

    and its been really hard for me to not simply revert to type and use one of my normal mining rigs that are on a similar setup

    so a WIP teaser
  19. noxLP Junior Engineer

    It can be a small grid ship, right? Im having a cold this week and my head spin :eek:ops: but i want to try it, i see your sketch and just see a small ship... im really bad with small ships but i just imagined it and just right now i have made half of the ship :p
  20. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    sure, whatever pops into your head. :)
  21. Spets Master Engineer

    yes, nice, post more, this is cool!

    EDIT: I used thrusters and gyros for the piston part, not sure if this help. Also LG and Blastdoor blocks to "secure" it in place when is retracted and you are moving the ship.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2015
  22. Khalad Trainee Engineer

    As a newcomer to the forum, I might try to join this contest... I actually started a new project a few days ago that fit quite well with this concept... It will still take a week or two to finish it, but I should be on time for this contest...
  23. SDragon42 Apprentice Engineer

    That is what I am doing also.
  24. noxLP Junior Engineer

    I finish it! :D


    - Fully vanilla small ship
    - Fully conveyored (the passengers ox.tank and med.container have only small conveyor - oxygen, ores, but no components - ), cams to 5 sides (not forward, obviously) and one drills cam, rear connector
    - Pilot cabin, drills prospection operator cabin, 2 workers/passengers seats
    - Conveyored 1 large reactor and 4 auxiliary small reactors, one not conveyored emergency small reactor for access without energy; 3 solar panels and 2 batteries
    - 1 oxygen generator, 2 oxygen tanks one main and one for workers/passengers
    - 4 large containers, one small for easy access at rear, one medium for workers/passengers
    - remote control for autopilot

    When the extendable structure is extended, the ship it's a bit tricky to pilot due to the lack of a merge block between it and the structure (which i didnt add due to the lack of space)...

    The operator cabin is ready at G menu with the timers you'll need to retract an extend the structure, and all the controls necessary (drills, pistons on/off, drills spotlight and cam, etc.).
    Use allways the timers, they will extend/retract, switch on/off the balls and lock the landing gears when necessary, its all timed ;)

    Ill upload the screenshots to the workshop file ;)
  25. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    excellent! :)
  26. Carrion Senior Engineer

    Well after some effort i have got my not-for-prize entry finished, Caution this will be image heavy.

    Given that i already have a pair of horizontal piston driven mining rigs, I found myself just doing the same old same old design rehash and I really wanted to try something different.
    so whilst i have taken the Piston driven concept quite comfortably, I decided to make a Vertical drop Exploratory mining ship, to do what the ships name says, Prospect.

    Instead of mining an asteroid dry, simply go, analysis it and bore a test hole for a claim, before moving on.

    So onto the wall of piccies

    Port side External view.
    As you can see this ship has ALOT of vertical in it, simply to give a decent stroke length for the drills., i modeled the framework on present day oil rig gantry's


    Its a LONG way down

    From the stern, Showing the Small craft landing pad with a small repair scutter docked

    The landing pad and access to the upper external gantry. also below the gantry is the main drill control station.

    now the Tour takes us inside, through the upper gantry airlock into a starboard side companion way. as shown from the outside to prevent picture spam
    the upper left is the airlock inner room with access to the stair well and suit storage
    Next window to the right is Crew quarters followed by the training and media room with the bridge on the end

    The lower deck has the gyro array, with Medical then an Auxiliary Engineering Facility, then the reactor room. at the bow is an open area for crew recreation.

    And from the port side,
    Bridge, Media room, Crew Quarters,
    open space, Reactor room, Auxiliary Engineering, Medical and environmental


    there is a sub deck that grants access to the lowest external gantry

    this ship has quite alot of additional systems built in,

    including 4 optical Sensor systems in remote controlled turret mounts

    each one has a dedicated control station on the bridge
    also on the bridge is Auto, the ships central control system. seen here to the left


    And the view from one of the Sensors Of a sensor. Its Sensorception

    In addition there are a pair of Flood lights designed to illuminate the drill site. these are fixed positions as that's all they are needed for,
    these are below the lower gantry seen on the left.
    these gantry's give access to all major mechanical parts of the drill system for easy repair by hand and are DSE Health and Safety Approved.

    A view of the drill head at start up though a sensor array


    The drill head in the Parked position
    this is held in place with a merge block when not in use,

    when in use, the entire mining system is fully automated, by Auto. it includes a rotating drill head for a smoother bore, Gyroscopic stabilization and thrust Dampening technology to create the smoothest possible action with only a Single piston chain.
    to avoid damage this system has dwells installed to prevent drills or thrusters activating when inside the gantry enclosures
    Capable of an 80 meter stroke in a total time of 22 minutes

    this ship also features a stone extraction system to dump unwanted scree back on the asteroid.

    Additional Features
    1 refinery
    2 arc furnaces
    2 assemblers
    2 o2 tanks
    1 o2 generator
    12 small reactors
    4 optical sensors
    2 lighting gantrys
    1 small craft landing pad and repair scutter
    4 cryo units
    1 med bay
    1 ore detector
    fully o2 compatible
    2 airlock
    asteroid detection system in 1st person blind spots
    5 drills on a rotating head
    Standard port/starboard lights
    Ambiance/illumination lights so you can SEE it in DX11
    a Whole load of cargo space
    A Crew Sun room (in med bay)
    A suit morgue (next to stairs)
    foot access friendly under 1g

    will be added to workshop later

    I would like to say @AutoMcD that this was an interesting thing to do. very enjoyable. may you come up with many more.
  27. CruentaUltio Apprentice Engineer

    Question, are small ships allowed?
    Also, this concept is almost exactly the same thing as I made a while ago, great minds think alike. :p
  28. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    @Carrion Thank you, I'm glad you guys like the idea. :)

    Yes, small ships allowed. NoxLP Already posted one!
  29. Spets Master Engineer

    Nice nice, post more! where is your ship!?
  30. iN5URG3NT Senior Engineer

    More! This competition is looking good.

    I have a question @AutoMcD. I've noticed some entries are quite different from your concept, is the specification simply the construction of a mining ship utilizing a drill head mounted on pistons? Or do we need to follow your design pretty closely? It's a cool design BTW.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.