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Dedicated Server Hosting Information

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by rolstone76, Dec 18, 2014.

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  1. rolstone76

    rolstone76 Trainee Engineer

    Dear Community (and Keen)

    There are quite a few dedicated hosting partners for space engineers, each varies in the way of services offered and the way in which an administrator may/may not interact with the server (remote desktop Vs Web interface) and what plugins they do/do not support (SE Server Extender for example) This is not always clear before committing to a purchase.

    So, what I propose is that the community (or Keen if they prefer) work to assemble a list of providers with comments with regards to the admin access they offer Web interface/Remote Desktop and if they support SE Plugins. So that people interested in renting are able to make a fully informed decision when selecting a provider.

    Name: Interface: Map Upload Support: Workshop Mod Support: SE Server Extender Support:
    Hostaspace Web browser panel Yes Yes Yes
    Verygames Web browser panel Yes Yes No
    Ping Perfect Web browser Panel Yes Yes Yes
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  2. MarekW

    MarekW Trainee Engineer

    Hi Rolstone!

    Ill put the info down on my company here (www.HostASpace.com) so those reading can see what we provide in terms of what you asked for.

    We do try and make it as clear as possible on our website what we offer, and the access you get to it, as communication is Key, and we want everyone to have an informed decision when they chose us. We find too many that don't provide the information you need and want, so we wanted to change that.
    I will link to a page that shows the control panel and your access, and explain further on here to help all of those of you who read this and to add to the list if/ when its created.

    We provide a Web interface, which is a custom control panel known as SESM, it can do everything that you really need to do for your Space Engineers server super easily.
    We have V3 coming soon, which will feature a fully fledged File manager, and lots of more exciting features along with a re-design!

    So this page will become outdated soon and any info that is taken from here will need updating, but it will show you what it is possible with the current version. https://www.hostaspace.com/sesm/

    We accept all mods and plugins, Workshop, Server Extender, and Server Extender plugins.

    Remote desktop would only be available on either a VPS, or a Dedicated server which is just allocated to you, we will also be releasing this functionality shortly, to those of you who want RDP access!

    Hope this helped answer your question, and anyone else that was wondering.
  3. MarlDaeSu

    MarlDaeSu Trainee Engineer

    Pingperfect allow you to do all those things too
  4. SyKo232

    SyKo232 Trainee Engineer

    A field about resource information being shown would also be useful, especially with hosts offering '10','20' slots etc, its important to know when your reaching your real limits (net, cpu, ram) rather than being left clueless as to how well things are running.
  5. MarekW

    MarekW Trainee Engineer

    We have a performance monitor aswell, so you can see your ram/CPU use of the server
  6. SyKo232

    SyKo232 Trainee Engineer

    Hopefully not a fake and whacky one :p

    i know one host who reports to its customers that after 6 hours on a 40KM world 60 Asteroids and 5-10 players that the proccess uses 4GB of ram, which is obvious BS based on what was happening on the server.

    One of the reasons i steer clear of shared hosting :)
  7. MarekW

    MarekW Trainee Engineer

    Of course it is :)
    And oh really mm that's not right, but that was only the one host
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  8. BlueFangServers

    BlueFangServers Trainee Engineer

    You can read about our services at our website www.bluefangsolutions.com

    As well as how we operate at www.bluefangsolutions.com/faq

    You can also get some basic information about our control panel on our blog at www.bluefangsolutions.com/overseer-panel-2

    We were one of the first couple hosts to support Space Engineers and have been offering our quality services and support to the community since the beginning. We are looking forward to continue to support this great game and its community. If you have any questions about our services you can submit a contact form at www.bluefangsolutions.com/contact-us and we'll be glad to answer and/or fill in any blanks.
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  9. Sateesh

    Sateesh Trainee Engineer

    I took a look at serverblend.com/game-servers but didn't find your promised %10 off. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Do you offer such a discount yet?
    If so, how can I get benefit of it?
    And don't you offer your discounted products on https://shop.keenswh.com?
  10. Capsuna

    Capsuna Apprentice Engineer

    I've been using nfo servers. Low cost VDS with remote access. It isn't advertised because you have to install the game and run it yourself. It runs SE fine even with 20-25 players. They have group pay options for donations. Remote access. You can make your own website, host your own 32 slot teamspeak... Install your own control panel, but you might just want to use SESM. If you get bored of SE you can run a different game or run multiple games. The only thing people complain about with this is the low core clock of the xeon processors.. Just don't get more than 20 players on your server and keep the world clean and your fine.


    I hate to advertise for them but really this was the best choice for me. I was tired of limited access and not seeing what was really going on behind the scenes.

    EDIT: OH they even offer 2 day free trials.. So you can test it out for 2 days and if you don't like it, you don't pay. I think there is a 1 cent down payment though.... After the 2 days you are then charged the full price of whatever package you choose.
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