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Endurance buffs/stats. Deleted on Death.

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Concave, Aug 15, 2020 at 22:17.

  1. Concave

    Concave Apprentice Engineer

    When I run out of hydrogen, oxygen, or energy, sometimes I just kill myself because there is no penalty. Could we somehow incentivize players to keep their same character alive? Perhaps there could be a 0.05% increase in build speed or personal hydrogen tank storage capacity, for every hour the player is alive in their same avatar. Any sort of benefit or buff we grant under this survival condition will be removed upon death, and perhaps even will build at a reduced rate if deaths are frequent?

    A similar idea - using the suit. A player without their suit may be vulnerable to the elements or a vacuum, but we can grant certain other bonuses if a player is without their suit. Perhaps this could be enhanced terminal functionality, where a player may have an elevated privilege on a grid to control more critical functions.

    The end result of implementations like these is that the player would be interested in how to optimally engineer their grids for air tightness and oxygen supply and safety. We could put gold for supercomputers or platinum on a distant planet or in space to give the player a reason to leave Earth and risk losing a powerful long-term preserved avatar (that allowed them to reach production efficiencies that enable such an interstellar mission for rare ore).