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Engineering Inc is now looking for new players: Whitelisted European PvE/Consentual PvP Server

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Theurgist, Feb 6, 2019.

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  1. Theurgist Trainee Engineer

    We are a group of PvE players that grew discontented with the amount of random raiders and outright griefers you tend to find on public servers so we decided it was best to run a server ourselves and vet the people that joined to start with.

    We intend on having PvP in the Arena (To be constructed), and on full scale battlefields so we can get to use siege equipment without ruining others builds.

    I also aim to run various server events over time: The current event going is a scouting one, to find a suitable battlefield location, with the victor able to claim the right to name said build.

    We have the following mods installed, most focused on giving us a lot more options without impacting server performance much.

    • LargeSlopedStairs
    • ToolRack
    • SpiralStairs+
    • Large Pillar
    • Half-Timber Wall Variants
    • Wooden Gallery v0.6.4
    • Additionnal Blocks Mod
    • Working Casement Glass Windows
    • StonePillars (V.06)
    • InsideCornerBlocks (V.61)
    • Threule's Medieval Banners
    • Rails Wood
    • Rail Bogies
    • Rails Steel
    • AI Defenders

    Our server host, Pingperfect, is based in France, runs from a SSD & currently has 8 slots max, but is expandable as we grow. We have a group pay option available so if you enjoy your time here enough you can contribute, literally directly, to server costs.

    If you are interested please join our Discord https://discord.gg/ygT8CTD and apply there.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.