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RP First Independent Group.

Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by Snakepit, Sep 1, 2018.

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  1. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    FIG news and roleplaying

    Everyone is welcome on my server:

    • Server name: First Independent Group
    • World: FIGEngineers 24/7
    • Connection Info:
    --- Automerge ---
    Galactic NetNews

    In the last 24 hours a large ship has been observed in orbit of planet Mars. With a telescope from the earth, the letters "dustNcarriage" can be read on the hull of the ship. It is not known whether the ship is hostile. It is recommended to avoid the ship as long as the intention is unknown.

    The containers at the crashed pirate ship in the previous message have not yet been recovered. There is a suspicion that the load is of large values.

    Two days ago the farthest removed object of the earth was spotted in space. The opject moves at a speed of 20 m per second and has a distance of 23,000 km from the earth. The piece is probably from a pirate ship.

    Telescopes can look up to 60,000 km in space. It is not known what is going on beyond this horizon. There are stories about ships that disappear spontaneously when they are more than 60,000 km away from the earth. If that is true, the world we live in does not exceed 120,000 km in diameter.

    Old news

    A week ago a piece of fragments from an Argentavis ship crashed into the earth. The fragment has come down to the coordinates X: 1800.36 Y: 37702.10 Z: -48366.00 The inscriptions "mk 1-2 no factory" were found on the wreck. Presumably the ship perished in a fight near the moon. Various containers with gold have been found in the vicinity of the wreck. Not all containers with gold have been recovered yet.

    The first faction "Space Junkyard" has landed on the moon. Under the guidance of Kudlaty they have found the alien lost container with 500
    uranium ingot. There are rumors that an aliens ship has lost a uranium ingot container
    when searching for gold on the moon. It is claimed that there is 500 uranium ingot in the container. Several inhabitants of the earth want
    to start a search to find the container. Most containers have a beacon visible from 10 km. Presumably this container was lost on the moon.
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  2. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    Galactic NetNews

    There is disturbing news for all players on the FigEngeneers server. Several buildings of players on earth have been attacked and looted. It is not known who is behind the attacks. The factions that have been attacked are: Dusty's Ore Trade, Midas 22 and Space Junkyard. At this moment an investigation has started to the perpetrators. The factions that have been attacked are considering a counterattack if the perpetrator is known.

    The wreck of the crashed pirate ship has been found and the cargo has been taken away. During the loading of the cargo, it appeared that a turret of the wreck was still active. The finder probably lost his mine ship during the recovery. The location X: 1800.36 Y: 37702.10 Z: -48366.00 is now vacated.
  3. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    Galactic NetNews

    Space Junkyard lost one of their large ships during a landing on earth. The ship was overloaded and collapsed next to FIG Refinery station. After a few hours the wreck was discovered by JJBB faction who wanted to recover it. The owner of the wreck with the help of a friendly faction managed to bring the wreck to safety after a few hours. JJBB faction used the attack during this salvage but just did not have enough firepower to get through the shield of the salvage ship. JJBB managed to take 50% of the shield with a small attack ship. When the wreck was salvaged, the cargo of 3 million credits was lost. In total, the damage for Space Junkyard was 5 million credits.
  4. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    Galactic NetNews


    Great news the pirates have fled. The last days no pirates have been observed in the solar system. This does not mean that they are no longer there. There is still a small chance that you will encounter them so be careful. Other encounters have been observed further away from the center. The origin of these encounters are unknown.

    A new invention has been made so that it is now possible to bring oxygen not only into the cockpit but also through the rest of the ship. Because there is a high demand for fans, deliveries are limited.
  5. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    Galactic NetNews 2018-9-17
    The wreck of the Raiding outpost observed weeks ago has come to a standstill. It is now possible to search and inspect the wreck. No one has yet visited the wreck. It is expected that the wreck still possesses valuable materials. Exact location is difficult to determine. Possibly the wreck is at the following locations:

    GPS:Spot A (Raiding Outpost wreck):22482765.66:2538008.12:-1766892.36:
    GPS:Spot B (Raiding Outpost wreck):23602856.56:2673715.17:-1862478.21:
    GPS:Spot C (Raiding Outpost wreck):24445474.1:2771909.63:-1919534.92:
    GPS:Spot D (Raiding Outpost wreck):24961749.25:2835427.31:-1956691.47:
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  6. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    Galactic NetNews 2018-9-27

    The war between faction JJBB and Space S-J has increased in intensity. After JJBB had attacked the moon base of S-J and the base of FIG, the two factions who were the victim decided to carry out an attack on JJBB base. The attack of S-J and FIG was not a success because they had too little ammunition to break the shield. Up to now, JJBB has been on the winning side. S-J and FIG will first have to recover from their loss.
  7. Snakepit Trainee Engineer

    The server is still active come visit.
    PvE, PvP, exploration, multiple solar systems, asteroid fields and website with explanation.

    Name: Extinct Race
    Connection Info:

    Welcome to the "Extinct Race" server. Here the story continues from the FIG server.

    In the past, many factions lived in the FIG universe. Factions such as FIG, JJBB, COP, FBC, DOT and more smaller factions lived in peace with each other for a long time. One day many buildings were attacked of S-J and later also from FIG. After investigation, it turned out that the faction JJBB was responsible for the attacks. You understand that this came to a war where all factions suffered many losses. After this war it was quiet for a long time, no more war between the factions. Then after years of peace, a new enemy came into the FIG universe.

    This time it was not humanity that was responsible for death and destruction. Unexpectedly, a black hole arose in the middle of the solar system. The gravity of the black hole was so great that everything fell within a radius of 600 km towards the black hole. A large part of the solar system turned into a deadly mess. Most civilizations died out. Almost all ships and buildings have been lost. Even a number of planets have disappeared into the black hole. Everything that survived the destructive force has been displaced by gravity.
    The few survivors will have to re-explore the solar system in search of wealth.

    There is a small hope for the new inhabitants of the solar system. FIG faction left a robot with artificial intelligence on earth to create a new spawn point after the catastrophe. New visitors to the solar system can go here to settle.

    A new start with new opportunities :)
  8. Captain CJ Trainee Engineer

    Hello Snakepit, Captain CJ here, I received the news on the intergalactic newspaper, really sad to hear about that massive incident. I'm in a solar system nearby looking for a new start where I can fix the errors I made in the past. I will arrange a flight there as soon as I can. Are there any habitants yet to rebuild that place?

    Captain CJ.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.