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getting a disconnect vibe from the support.keenswh.com/medievalengineers site

Discussion in 'General' started by ibisgrunk, Apr 20, 2019.

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  1. ibisgrunk Apprentice Engineer

    as an example of feeling lonely as a ME fan, the last Under Consideration status in Feedback changed by Keen was 3 months ago: https://support.keenswh.com/medievalengineers/topics/idea/status/1/category/all/sort/new/page/1

    same for Considered (Not Planned), 3 months ago...

    only 1 reply as Planned and that was 8 months ago...

    does Keen still have love for us fans of ME?

    remember we get no update status, no definitive roadmap, no real heartbeat on any hotfixes anymore...

    looking forward to next update and hope and encourage Keen staff to be more involved in the support forum!
    --- Automerge ---
    just in cast this post doesn't have enough teeth:

    <begin paste>
    [playtest] rename oak seeds to acorns
    Copycat80 shared this feedback 2 months ago
    <end paste>

    Keen put the status for this request as Completed

    and replied:

    <begin paste>
    Medieval Engineers Support ‚óŹ 2 months ago
    Consider it done!
    <end paste>

    today there are no acorn seeds i can find in the inventory... so wtf? considered done, completed, all mixed signals coming to the player...
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  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    It could be done, just not implemented yet. Maybe they are still shaping the game to meet the need. ME is much younger than SE and it has taken them years to get some stuff put into SE. Hang in there. :)
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  3. Tenzo Apprentice Engineer

    We had Acorn seeds done when 0.7.1 was actually released.

    Did they remove it by accident I wonder?... I also noticed they undid the wooden stairs texture. It was a really nice reddish cider for about two weeks before they dulled it up with a plain and generic wooden one. I don't know who is doing the textures but please stop making them look so banged up. And spruce them up with a little touch of color. Nature is full of color. Wood in ME is so, so, bland and abandoned looking. It really doesn't help the lonely atmosphere in the game. It all feels abandoned.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.