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Grid Shifting and Wedge Pieces

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by VirtualBuilder, May 30, 2018.

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  1. VirtualBuilder Trainee Engineer

    So at one time or another we needed a draw bridge on a rotated axis, or wanted buildings to each be on their separate grid but still connect with say roads. But not any angle can do. Special right angle triangles can give us angles with repeating points (since each side is a whole integer) where the shifted grid can meet again with the original grid. The most useful is based on the 3-4-5 right angle triangle.


    Pictured here is one grid rotated 36.87° clockwise and in fainter one grid rotated 36.87 counter clockwise. In color you have possible wedge pieces, two at 36.87° and another two at 53.13°. Not pictured is a wedge at 16.26° needed for joining an acute meeting of the two rotated grids. The clockwise shifted grid joins up with the original grid every 2 blocks up and one to the right, and every two blocks to the right and one down. All three grids join every 5 blocks (pictured with the dots). The moment the grid is shifted once I propose to fix the other two grids rather than give free reign to rotate whenever (and with many more possible grids).

    With just a few wedge pieces it can free up the need for many diagonal pieces ( a few for aesthetic purposes only). The drawbridge example is a clear problem should it have been attempted as a diagonal piece, since the length of the ramp would have to change in the pure rectilinear grid that exists now.

    I propose the shifting is done with shift + q or e in block building mode. If the rotated piece abuts another built piece it rocks around the most logical edge based on the rotation direction. While in the placement view, the nearest potential grid meeting points light up (as a vertical glowing line?), one color for the current rotation and another for the absolute points where all grids meet. This could help with those challenged by geometry.

    In terms of structural integrity these are separate grids, you don't calculate structural benefits of two grids meeting. The wedge belongs just to one grid for structural purposes. Could this be used as a cheat in siege battles? That I don't know. Build two buildings edge to edge and rotated from each other, don't bother with roof clipping and such issues. The purpose of the grid shifting isn't at the individual building level but for more overall variety and complexity of the entire village or castle.

    Also, you can enable the grid shifting first without building any wedge pieces or without the visual aid for potential pivot points and see if people notice performance issues first.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.