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How to use Left Control to Crouch?

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by NightReaper, Dec 3, 2019 at 01:25.

  1. NightReaper Trainee Engineer

    Just come back to the game after a while of being away, cannot use Left Control to crouch at all. works fine when bound to any other key, but not when using Left Control. Any idea if I've inadvertently changed something in options or settings anywhere?

    EDIT: After some digging, it's possible that this was done to fix crouching when using the copy function, though I kinda hope not because that's a daft way to fix that problem? Proper way to fix that would have be an 'if' in the crouch function to not fire if the copy function is going to fire, i.e. if Left Control and C are both down? This is a game, not an office application, the copy function is gonna have a way less frequent use count than the crouch function, and in my experience, if not most then certainly a HUGE number of games use Left Control to crouch, kinda surprised Space Engineers doesn't by default.
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  2. Malware Master Engineer

    It doesn't because there are multiple functions which use the ctrl for what it is - a modifier button. Copy is not all there is. You also have toolbar 1-9 change, color brush size, block placement mode (line/plane for creative) - and probably more I can't think of from the top of my head.
  3. NightReaper Trainee Engineer

    After some testing, it looks like the crouch function is disabled while Left Control is down. You can bind crouching to any other key, and if you're press it while holding Left Control, the couch function doesn't fire.

    This post by Redditor: Igetitcsu pointed me to hotfix 193.022 where the say:
    | -Fixed character crouching down even on a successful Ctrl+C

    Which is why I believe it was to fix crouching when using the copy function. There's a couple of easy ways for the Dev's to fix this (not suppress the crouch function if it's bound to Left control for instance, or the fix I mentioned before of not firing it if Left Control and the bound crouch key are held), but as it's been hard coded this way, no way for the player to fix/adjust it.

    Ultimately, the answer to this thread is "You can't anymore".
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  4. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @NightReaper there are like at least 60 + other keys you can bind it too (depending on the keyboard you use there could be 180 or more), so I doubt Keen will budge on changing it up.
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  5. NightReaper Trainee Engineer

    You might be right, which is a real shame as it's by far the most convenient and commonly used key, not just for me but for a wide selection of players out there. I can but live in hope.
  6. Malware Master Engineer

    @NightReaper support.keenswh.com. It's your only option, really.
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  7. NightReaper Trainee Engineer

    Funny you should mention; possibly at the same time you were typing that reply, I found this post and this post too over there and added my own support and comment :D

    I recommend anyone feeling similarly to head over and add their support too!
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