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How well medieval engineers multiplayer works?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by halipatsui, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. halipatsui Senior Engineer

    SE has some multiplayer problems, but how well ME multiplayer works?
    Or ME in general vs SE?
  2. Fluzard Trainee Engineer

    I don't play a lot in multiplayer, but it's the same problem in ME. It can be really annoying but without too much players or constructions, you pray and it passes or it breaks...
  3. Sensei Trainee Engineer

    Worse than Space Engineers right now. Servers with lots of creations on them grind to a halt.
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  4. Sir_Moodz Apprentice Engineer

    My server works well, no sim lag at all. You need the best gaming cpu for ME, not those weak server cpu's that you get when you use hosting.
  5. Sensei Trainee Engineer

    Do you think the main servers up right now are running on rental boxes? What do you run, and how many players do you have on/how long do you allow structures to accumulate? I'm really interested in getting some estimates for how much different computers can handle on this game before it gets slow. If the problem with most ME servers is that they're on rent-a-boxes sharing a last gen xeon's run time with twelve other servers, then that's not a big deal, but I wonder when a recent i7 hits its limit- or if something like memory size/bandwidth or even HDD read/write limits are a bottleneck.
  6. Sir_Moodz Apprentice Engineer

    Its all about how many players are online and how big the world is. On Xocliw his stream yesterday the server had about 0.4-0.5 simspeed with about 20 players online and 2 weeks before with the same amount of players it had no issues, because then the world was a lot smaller. To give you an idea: that server uses a Xeon E5-2630.

    Its hard to compare since there are so many variables, but I know that my server with about 10 players online on a similar sized world is close to 80% physics thread usage (1.0 simspeed) with a 6700k. This was also a few months ago and there have been a few performance improvements since then.

    This list https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html tells you a lot about what to expect.

    About memory size: my server never gets above 4GB
    bandwidth: when connected to a server you can see ingame what your download rate is, not checked this often but its about 100 KB/s.
  7. bb cakes Trainee Engineer

    I came here because I have a problem I can't believe even exists. I just got the game yesterday. Fun day playing with my friend. I uploaded it to my nitrado server, no problems at all.

    Until I logged on today and my game save was gone. I ask at Steam and find out that this is a thing. Apparently the MP Server game on reset loads in, BY DEFAULT, a brand new game.

    Speechless. Why would that ever be the default? It makes no sense whatsoever. A nice person on Steam was trying to lead me through the steps to "fix" it. Which did not work. But why does it need fixing?

    Seriously. A game that depends on progression DOES. NOT. LOAD. IN. THE. SAVE. GAME. BUT. INSTEAD. DEFAULTS (!) TO. A. BRAND. NEW. SAVE.

    Think about that. I am seconds away from deleting it from my computer and leaving negative reviews everywhere I can find. Tell me why I shouldn't.

    Also, seriously. Fix this.