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Introduce Yourself!

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by DrVagax, Sep 11, 2015.

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  1. DrVagax

    DrVagax Administrator

    So lets get something offtopic going on!
    Most of you folks have seen eachother on the forum but we don't actually know eachother well. How about a short introduction? Tell us what you are currently studying for, what for work you perhaps do, what your hobby is, some fun stories perhaps.
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  2. Sarekh

    Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Good lord, we haven't done this yet?

    I am 29 and from Berlin, Germany. I am a political scientist by original profession but have been working in the computer gaming industry for years now as QA and data analyst for online games. Before that I was a theatre actor during my university time. I am a member of a vivid Star Trek pen & paper roleplaying network and have been active there for 15 years now. non-nerd related hobbies are Wing Chun and archery (wooden recurve mainly with carbon arrows). I also love to cook, have lived in Dublin for two years and am a stern believer in human rights and environmental awareness

    There - if that's not random I dunno what is.

    EDIT: in all seriousness I did give the wrong age - I'm starting to loose it.
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  3. Kovendon

    Kovendon Apprentice Engineer

    Well, alright then!

    I'm Jeremy from the United States- 29 years old, from Michigan (Go Blue!), now living in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Just did a 6-month contract job in Texas, but got out of there before summer to avoid the heat. Bachelor's degree was in Aerospace Engineering, but I haven't gotten into the space industry yet :eek:ops:- had a couple years doing engineering/assembly/testing with a small experimental aircraft company, but the company ended up running out of steam (read: I couldn't work for nothing but hopes and promises more than a couple weeks:(). Now I'm working at a contract engineering firm, working on hydraulics lines and systems design for a very large international company you've probably all heard of (Dozers, Large Trucks, Graders, Paving equipment, Wheel Loaders, and now a bunch more Mining equipment like the Rotary Blasthole and Hard Rock Drills I'm working on).

    In my spare time, I enjoy all kinds of video games, walks around the local lakes and trails, family time, golf, and music. I've always had a bug for creative writing, though my actual writing time has been on and off, mostly off. I'm glad I've had the time to get back into it though, and the Roleplay Sub-forum has been like a playground for me:pbjt: No girlfriend or kids for me yet, so I'm basking in free time right now- gotta make the most of it.

    I guess that pretty well covers it... looking forward to meeting more of you all!
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  4. Lord DC

    Lord DC Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys! I'm Dakota, I'm 16 and from Wisconsin (United States). I'm studying for all kinds of things. Game development, music production, engineering, spaaace, and so on.
    My ships look like cubes, and functionality is tops over aesthetics, specially in survival.
    I run an RP civ called Omnipotencia, which me and my friends like to roleplay in that universe, and soon will be bringing some designs from lore into Space Engineers reality. One ship design's full size is 5 AU, so it will have to be scaled down quite a bit, maybe 5-50km max.
    I love Kerbal.
    My one weakness: Art. Stuttery hands and a low patience when staring at my drawings tend to result in most projects getting scrapped, particularly because of a bad art teacher.
    I wish to be something like an engineer, game developer, or physicist, however I haven't quite made my mind up yet.
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  5. Xellon

    Xellon Trainee Engineer

    Ok, lets give this a try... I'm 23 and from Munich, Germany (yes, that munich). I'm studying Film&VFX at the moment, though I'm beginning to get uncertain if it was the right decision, but that's another story.
    As for my Hobbies, I'm a gaming enthusiast, a big fan of Planetside2, Guildwars2 and Space Engineers of course! ;) I also have a keen interest (ha-ha) in programming, and enjoy reading, mostly fantasy novels (Terry Prachtet, anyone?), but sci-fi and one or two thrillers are also in the mix. I've also done medieval european fencing for a while (still got the sword hanging on my wall and a chest full of protective gear) and I'm thinking about restarting when I'm more certain about my future studies.
    My musicial taste lies mostly within the Metal spectrum, though I also enjoy some Indie electronic Artists (Blue Stahli, Voicians, Celldweller)!

    Well, that's it for me, let's get to hear some more of you folks! :D
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  6. PhoenixTheSage

    PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    I could have sworn we did introductions way way back but it doesn't hurt to do it again :p

    My real name is John, I just turned 22, I'm sure many people have seen my crazy ramblings somewhere on the forum.
    I've been into modding since first toying around with Halo CE back in the day (though I was just a kid), before that I just played tons of Counter-Strike. I've got some hardcore roots to my gaming hobby despite being a 90's kid, with lots of time playing Unreal Tournament and Tribes 2. I grew up with gaming as an escape for a lot of things but it grew into a real inspiration and passion, with it eventually leading to my current position of studying computer science at the University of Central Florida. I've worked on mods pretty lightly up until now, trying to round out my skills. My hope is to one day break into the game industry somehow, and I'm just looking for that epiphany.

    Beyond that I consider myself a musician, though it's not my major or anything. I play guitar, trumpet, and I can sing a tune if need be :) In general, I'm also pretty athletic. I work out, I'm into sports although I'm not an insane sports follower...despite having worked at Disney ESPN. I mostly keep to skim boarding and bowling now since my time is limited.

    Anyway, Space Engineers really has peaked my interest since first seeing it break out from beyond Miner Wars (in of itself reminded me of Descent, which was great) and I've since become really passionate about it. So, peace out, see you all around!
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  7. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    My name is Richard. I'm a 28 year old Programmer from Georgia, US. I have always had huge interest in engineering and space, so this game was a perfect fit for me :) As for hobbies, I'm a bit of a tinkerer. I break down other people's junk for parts and turn them into things that are more interesting. I like work with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) like Arduino, or cheap knock offs if I'm trying to save a buck.

    Several years back, I got involved with a group of racing guys who also happen to build exhibition jet-powered vehicles. They purchase engines that were timed out by the FAA for (relatively) cheap since the only other real application is to convert them to electrical generators. We find a suitable and interesting vehicle, mount the engine, then wire everything up and take it to the local drag strip and make some noise and fire :D Compared to the other guys, my mechanical knowledge is limited, but they've adopted me as one of their own. The logic controllers have made some things that used to be difficult or impossible to do very easy now that a computer is handling it.
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  8. Shikashi

    Shikashi Trainee Engineer

    My name is Marvin, and I'm coming from Austria(which I plan on leaving as soon as possible).
    I am almost 14(but in no way I am one of those rude teens that are kinda typical) and "suffering" from aspergers.
    My heart hurts all the time if I see people joking about Autism and Aspergers syndrome.
    I am interested in most sciences, like Physics, Chemistry(YAY, I GOT CHEMISTRY THIS YEAR, FINALLY), Biology, Astrology and Astronomy(Dont exactly know the real sciency one...), Computer Sciences and all hybrids in between.
    I started codeing in Lua a loong while ago, didn't quite get it, stopped, started with scratch a few months later, quit that too. Then it was laid on ice, then someday it started interesting me again, started with Lua, threw the table over and started learning Java, then I got a Java Book for easter last year, and now I'm coding simple AIs in C# :D.
    Long story short: Im stupid :p.

    Really, I got a higher sense in logical thinking than most other teens in my age.
    I hate alcohol because it destroys the brain, and drugs because I already am addicted to my PC :D
    I played more than 520 hours of Space engineers and I bought it last year...
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  9. Dreokor

    Dreokor Senior Engineer

    I never introduced myself here so...

    My name is David, and I live in Venezuela(which for some reason doesnt show the flag, it used to before). I'm 23 years old, turning 24 in september 25th, I studied about 3 years of computer engineering and decided to change due to math dragging me down, I'm currently about to finish an accounting career, only 3 trimesters left!. I like drawing, designing things, solving problems, computers, programming, modding, music, animals, modern history and gaming. I live with my father and I have 2 cats, I spend most of my time in the computer, either playing, hanging out with friends or reading stuff. I play a large variety of games, from platformers, shooters and MMORPGs to simulators, SHMUPS and puzzle games, regardless of graphics or era the game was made, If I can run it and I like it, I will play it. I know how to cook, clean and play the flute.

    I hate the imperial measurement system and find It's use a complete waste of resources, I despise politicians and homework with a passion.
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  10. Tyriosh

    Tyriosh Apprentice Engineer

    I'm a 17 year old guy from western Germany (honestly NOBODY knows the city in which I live), currently still attending school, but planning to study either something with arts or engineering/biology. In my free time I enjoy playing games, especially rpgs and strategy games (take a look at "The Banner Saga"), also I read ALOT of books reaching from scifi over fantasy to historical, crime, and so on (I'd advise you to read the Song Of Ice And Fire, by GRR Martin, or if you're in scifi, The Martian, by Andy Weir). I think I'm rather good at arts, mathematics and science. At least that's what I think ;)
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  11. Thermonuklear

    Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Hello. My real name is Petri, I'm 30 years old and I live in Southeastern Finland with my wife and kid. I currently work at a local paper mill as a processperson. I bought SE about 1,5 years ago and just went over 80 hours ingame(pathetic, I know). I've spent more time stalking these forums, probably around 2000 hours of reading rants and ramblings...
    My hobbies include(d before the kid came around :D) building mini catapults, metal casting and blacksmithing. I'm a huge Terry Pratchett fan and used to read a lot when I had more time. Nowadays it's 90% dreaming of doing cool stuff.
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  12. RayvenQ

    RayvenQ Moderator

    My name is Kevin, I'm nearly 30 (Next month, oh gods were did the time go) and I'm your new Junior Moderator. I'm unemployed due to health reasons (terrible spine), Massive Sci Fi Fan, albeit somehwat picky. Also big into Fantasy and Mythology. Love reading, playing SE when I get inspired (I managed to burn myself out on it a while back, so I play it sporadically now, at least until big changes happen). I'm also managing a long distance relationship which can be....interesting, if testing.

    Hobby wise I generally either play games, watch movies or, now and then, make chainmail items, working on my second chainmail shirt off and on this last year.
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  13. GrindyGears

    GrindyGears Senior Engineer

    The Name's Donovan, despite it i am infact white, most people make a different assumption. I'm 21 years old from the Eastern coast of Canada, born and raised, I'm a mechanical designer by trade and love pushing physics creations in games to limits and to do what people say is impossible (See banjo kazooie nuts and bolts(its a fun game, but got hated because it wasnt really B&K style)) i have over 600 hours spent in SE and enjoy most genres of video games, I'm a gun collector at heart with no money to buy them, i enjoy war history particularly WWII.

    also can i get a thumbs up from any metal music fans? \m/
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  14. fourthquantum

    fourthquantum Senior Engineer

    My Names Paul and I'm scientist from the UK. I love playing Space Engineers although I haven't played much, I'm eagerly awaiting the introduction of planets. I like playing strategy type games but I also like CoD and Farcry.
  15. Wyvyrias

    Wyvyrias Junior Engineer

    I'm Wyvyrias.
    And this black pixel (no racist) above the "Post Reply" button is bothering me:
    That's all you need to know.
  16. Replic TuaniOne

    Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    Well, lets do this then x3

    Names Replic TuaniOne, live in the Netherlands, Pijnacker (near Rotterdam) and 24 years old, my hobbies are drawing (design), mostly in the area of Anthropomorphic creature creating stuff (see avatar) (Known as Furry)
    I work for a construction selling company ish thing and try to work my way up there.

    I play(ed) SE for more than year now (probably longer, not sure anymore, been there with early stuff) and love where it's going (only bummed about multiplayer being so crappy now x3).
    Further more I play Metal Gear Solid V since recent and some other games like Elite Dangerous, StarMade and more space stuff ( SPACESHIP!)

    I lived in Belgium for 2 years with my (ex) boyfriend, but got back in the Netherlands since that is over and try to work it out there ever since :)

    So that is pretty much me x3, so erm, hi!
  17. Mike55520

    Mike55520 Apprentice Engineer

    Im Mike, im 28 from Colorado, USA, im a professional truck driver, blacksmith-in-training, and i play copious amounts of video games in my spare time. I used to play on purely Build Servers on garrys mod where my crowning achievement was a bipedal thrusterless mech, and a combustion engine analogue that was powered in mechanically the same way as a real engine(wiremod only, no e2), i used to hook that thing up to everything lol. i am also somewhat of a guru of the diablo series, having played it since the original launched. In SE my builds tend to be Ugly-but-functional as i value function over beauty.
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  18. DrVagax

    DrVagax Administrator

    Glad to see someone else who has their roots in Garry's Mod, spent just over a 1000 hours in Gmod making a massive array of different creations using Wiremod.
  19. RayvenQ

    RayvenQ Moderator

    I've been GMod'ing since the very first public release, admittedly, I don't spend that much time on it now. Usually only for TTT with a few friends.
  20. Dreokor

    Dreokor Senior Engineer

    I think this thread should be sticky'd.
  21. Dante McFox

    Dante McFox Junior Engineer

    Halloozo fellow engineers, Pat here, going to lose some words about myself:
    Im a 30 years young buddhist living in Germany near Frankfurt/Main, learned to be an "animal-caretaker" (not sure bout the translation here) for medical-research-animals, but worked last in Videogames-QA for an internet-cargo-service... great thing, couldnt do it longer coz of physical handicap... well, more time for engineering stuff.
    Ive been playing SE since... 1.068 i think, and for around 800-900 h so far (half of it offline due to INet-Issues), and on this forums since June...
    Things i like include Storytelling in all of its forms, may it be reading books (everything, from fantasy & scifi novels over technical readouts & military manuals to science articles & 2.000 years old historical stuff (thinking bout "The divine Comedy" or "The Art of War" here), and everything in between... sometimes writing shortstorys, but more for myself than anything else), movies & series (Alien, WingCommander, Boondock Saints, Babylon5, StarTrek, House M.D., Falling Skies... to name some), music (comming from the rock/metal-scene, but nowadays hearing everything that comes good) or even told by mouth...
    Things i dont like are spiders (creepy little fellows), Brussel Sproud (BAH!) and people who think competition is good for buisness (Teamwork will top all, when will you guys learn?).
    Guess thats enought to start with...would you like to know more? Feel free to PM me!
  22. inventor200

    inventor200 Apprentice Engineer

    Hello~ I'm Joey; 19 years old agender/androgynous from the United States. I can be found somewhere in either Illinois or Iowa.
    I'm currently unemployed, but am in college for computer engineering.

    Hobbies include programming, science fiction writing, 3D modeling, drawing, composing, and gaming. I'm currently working on a fictional universe project, which has been in the works for 2 years now. My profile picture here is from it (though it uses old information and references).

    Other games I play are MechWarrior 4 Mercs, MechWarrior 2 31st-Century Combat, MegaMek, Plague Inc, HackNet, and Arma3
  23. Laurent Darabi

    Laurent Darabi Apprentice Engineer

    Well, I'm a little Frenchie (Ah oui oui french baguette and croissants), almost 17 years old. I'm currently at school in an engineering science section (what a surprise) and started learning programming recently. Other than that, uh, I live in Brittany (Paris sucks, trust me) near to Rennes, if you ever want to look my location on a map. I'm in fond of everything linked to astrophysics, space history, aviation, and well, in fact, to everything that can fly. And also robotics. It's cool.
    I also draw sometimes, but even if my friends told me that I wasn't that bad, I still find my drawings quite ugly. Speaking about my friends I have, err... Strange ones, but I still love them <3 ok I'll stop those kind of smileys right now...

    Lastly, I play almost exclusively space related and strategy games, like Civilization, SE, KSP, ... etc.
    Nice to meet you !
  24. chrisb

    chrisb Senior Engineer

    Hello to every new player. :)
  25. Jones-250

    Jones-250 Apprentice Engineer

    Greetings, I'm Jones-250, a 23 year-old strappin' young lad from southern Finland, the nation that according to some does not exist.
    I'm currently studying the ICT-branch at a local University of Applied Sciences. I have, quite alike many others around 'ere, a fondness for the magic wonders that the different scientific branches can provide. I enjoy quite a wide selection of musical genres, a selection that fluctuates across a wide area, depending on the mood and context. The centre-of-mass is currently floating around Jazz (Peggy Lee & Sinatra, such a cliché, how typical of me.) and Classical (Prokofiev & Verdi) with a tad of video-game music (DoW & Chaos Gate, the 40k lore has recently been a small obsession for me) woven in-between. Perhaps my favourite books are Hagakure by samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo, A Small Treatise on the Great Virtues by philosopher André Comte-Sponville and Surface with Daring by RN veteran Douglas Reeman. I also enjoy long hikes with mild masochism attached, two traits I picked up at the Amphibious Warfare School during my year as a conscript and an NCO.

    I've got 'round 250 hours worth of ´Astro-Mechanist´ under my belt and about the tenth of that spent on´Machinist-of-Yore´.
  26. JoCkeR-iL

    JoCkeR-iL Trainee Engineer

    Always the best thread to start my first post in !

    I'm Jack (the JoCkeR), from Israel (-iL)- born and raised, 41 yrs, IT manager and computer geek (or should I write G33K ;) ).

    My favorite games are City building ,RTS & FPS games (like C&C, Civilization (the early stuff), Simcity (not the last on-line ones), Cities-skylines, MineCraft, Factorio, Sol-0, some CS:GO, COD:MW series, G.T.A.), not necessarily multi-player based.

    My favorite movies/TV shows are StarTrek (except the new ones, but I respect them), Fast & furious series and mostly - James Bond movies :cool: - I adore the master spy/international-man-of-mystery type hero that Sean Connery portrayed in the first "Dr. NO" movie and fell for it ever since (until Daniel Craig came into the mix, My absolute favorites are Sean (of-course), Roger Moore & Pierce Brosnan - all do a charming and resilient 007)...

    I'm also fascinated with space and space travel (StarTrek style !) and I find myself playing a lot more space-themed games lately... so when I found this (excuse the comparison) Minecraft-like space game I had to see what the whole hype is about (thank Direwolf20 from youtube for that) - And I love it !

    I do twitch streaming & YouTube videos on my spare time and if I feel like it and I translate Factorio mods to Hebrew and help with the game's translation to Hebrew as well.
  27. Bloody_Kain

    Bloody_Kain Apprentice Engineer

    Okay, then I introduce myself too. Should had do this before my first post with my Ship Creations, it's the rule of a Gentleman... But because I'm mostly not Gentleman like, I hope me will be forgiven for this. :woot:

    Also, I'm Jens, 34 Years old and live in NRW in Germany.

    I Play Space Engineers since it was last Year in a "Free Weekend Action" of Steam, but it has needed another Month, till I had the Money left to buy it in another Sale.
    At the Moment I'm without a job. Has something to do with body and mind health, but I won't go in Details yet or in Future.

    My Hobbys are... hmm, were i shall beginn...

    Clear, I play Space Engineers sometimes to satisfy my hobbyists heart.
    (For a Adult Person it is kind of embrasing to play and build with Lego, if it isn't for a Job. ^^ )

    So I use my creative side in Games like SE, Terraria or Starbound.
    (Have played Darkout too, but I feel that this game dies and it has Bugs that brings my Rig to cry.)

    It is fun to create all type of Stuff, even if it is only for show. ^^

    Also I'm a big Sci Fi and Fantasy Fan, have many Books from Star Wars or Battletech, so as some Diablo, Warcraft and other Books.
    I have something for Animes too. Some Gundam Anime Series and Sword Art Online or Overlord are my favorites, but I also look Pokemon or Digimon too.
    (A sentimental note left from my childhood. ^^ )

    Oh yeah and I like MLP FiM, but have no Ponysoma or how this is named. ^^

    My Avatar I have created with an Editor. 'call it Ancent Renamon Burst.

    At the Moment I wait for 2 things: the Planet Update, and Fallout 4.

    Had hoped the long awaited Update would come before the other game, but it's okay that it hadn't.

    The Winter will be long, and it is good to have Alternatives if one game becomes boring.

    Oh, and as you maybe have noticed, english isn't my natural Toungle. I mostly use it to read, not so much to write. So my Gramatic ans spelling is sometimes a little off.
    Or so to say: I use Hands and feet to communicate, naturaly not in a violant way. :woot:

    I've come here to show my work, and to bring in suggestions and find help for some ingame problems, that I have some Times.
    My talents in scripting are nearly 0 and I often use only the basic game possibilitys (with Mods for new Blocks and Stuff), but how to use a Timer or Programable Block or the Remote Control for drones I don't know.

    I hope we will come along good.

    Cya in Space. ;-)
  28. Stormtrooper

    Stormtrooper Trainee Engineer

    Hey everyone I'm Stormtrooper - From canada on the east side,
    I'm looking for other EST people who might want to do a survival episode here and there
    I'm 29 - I build houses for money -
  29. Hotshot Jimmy

    Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    Hi all, I'm James as you will probably know me as HJ or Hotshot Jimmy. Very big on my space and aviation scene so SE suits me to a T! Started the game looking to do something with it and that is where Frontier Industries came into it. One faction/group out of a number on the currently dormant "Proxima New Frontier" server/webseries where we have a player base of 45 waiting for the new net-code and possible planets before we begin our story again.

    Personal bit, ehm I'm a pilot currently in between a few smaller jobs but enjoying the flying none the less. Born and currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  30. Pennywise

    Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    Hello, I'm Max from Russia. I'm 35, now work in ecommerce.
    I Love Space Engineers for ingame scripting and constant inventions, this game offers.
    Actually, I always loved different games, Fallout 2, Half-Life and early series of X-Com were my idols in my youth.
    After 30 i've discovered, that i 've completely lost addiction to my favorite computer games and nothing makes me involved in game process as deep, as it was before.
    Space Engineers remains the only game, that keeps me interested in for more then 1.5 years now. And this all due to ingame programming.

    Last edited: Nov 6, 2015
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