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Lore/Story RP Looking for People to Roll Play with

Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by Pwneater, Nov 18, 2017.

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  1. Pwneater Trainee Engineer

    Dear SE Friends,

    I am looking for people to roll play with. We are mostly looking for party members. We could also look for volunteers to be guest players. If you are cool and able we may eventually invite you to be DM sometime.

    We are just starting out, so please just reply if you are interested. Generally we are in a sci fi universe with carachters like

    For people just getting into role playing here is a brief rundown:

    1) One person acts as the game master (AKA dungeon Master AKA DM) and prepares a play session ahead of time

    2) 3-5 others create characters to cooperatively play together as a "party" to complete a given objective. There can be bad guys, neutral guys, friendly NPC, etc. Usually these are played by the DM or even sometimes a guest player.

    3) The DM and party gather (usually once a week) and play the episode that the DM prepares and everyone has a great time.

    Many people will recognize that this is a bit of a spin off of dungeons and dragons. SE is a unique sandbox that can has a lot of potential when mixed with SE.

    Would you be interested in participating as a guest player, party member, or DM? Can u reliably commit to a weekly schedule of playtime? Please write back with your interests.


  2. Pwneater Trainee Engineer

    A SE friend and I spent last night creating episode 1. Its going to rock. I had trouble sleeping bc its so much fun. Here is some more details that I've been getting questions on:

    1) The universe is going to be Eclipse Phase (Loosely). We went through about 6 different worlds, but found that the game mechanics match up well with this particular universe. We don't really have the time to make up an entire universe of lore, so our adventure will be based on this existing universe.

    "Eclipse Phase’s history begins in our near future. Man expands into space. Settlements grow on Luna, Mars and the asteroid belt to support mining, research and recreation. Skimmers, freighters and research vessels spread to the outer system. Scientists unlock the secret of the brain. They discover how to copy it, manipulate it, save it to back up, email and restore it, like data. Medical technology permits..."


    2) We expect our play sessions to last an hour (plus or minus 15 min). We are looking at either 4pm Sunday or sometime after 7pm on the weekday (USA central time). We are not exclusive to the American Region and welcome foreigners.

    3) You will not have to have prior knowledge in dungeons and dragons or the eclipse phase's universe. YOU ARE REQUIRED to know space engineers fairly well.

    4) Please email me at drunkpuffpanda@gmail.com if you can commit to next Sunday at 4pm. We will be accepting players up to 24 hrs before episode 1.

    5) We are open to doing you tube videos, but have no plans at the moment. Someone has to to the camera work and editing in order for something like that to happen. For now we are just having fun with it.

    6) We are looking for volunteers to help with set design and guest players. However, the heroes themselves can not help because it would spoil the experience.

    ***** Email me at drunkpuffpanda@gmail.com if you want to participate.*****
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.