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Space Engineers New! Minor Update 1.191.1 is Live!

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Blitzzz333, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. Blitzzz333 Keen PR Guy Staff

    Minor Update 1.191.1

    • Added ability to individually unbind keys by right-click in Controls settings
    • Added textboxes to Color Picker screen to make choice of colors more precise and easier to share with others
    • Fixed a crash when trying to open terminal and inventory at the same time due to one key being bound to both actions
    • Fixed a crash when a server was restarted while the client was using Nvidia Ansel
    • Fixed an issue where players were able to enter spectator mode without it being enabled by utilizing character death
    • Fixed inability to change the character model to a wolf or a spider on DS
    • Fixed power switch hotkey being able to shut down power on all connected grids, even through landing gear
    • Fixed solar panels and wind turbines not updating after shutdown command came from a connected ship
    • Fixed Skeleton suit not being color-able
    • Fixed several issues where tool and weapon skins would not apply after leaving customization screen
    • Fixed mouse cursor disappearing when opening/closing Ansel (Ansel is dependent on Geforce Experience, make sure you have it installed for optimal behavior)
    • Fixed first-time tutorial screen links appearing misaligned
    • Fixed rapid movement of a left arm at the end of Assist Come Closer and Assist Stop
    • Fixed a hole in Armory block geometry
    • Fixed overzealous shading on the side of the Kitchen block
    • Fixed certain programmable block scripts not being synchronized to clients due to using too many sprites and not fitting into packets
    • Fixed certain programmable block scripts not working for clients in Lobby and on DS
    • Fixed stretched textures on multiple blocks
    Solved Issues From Support Site
    • Fixed an issue where servers couldn't download certain mods while not logged in to Steam
    • Fixed an issue where the direction of a sorter was effectively switched when used by Build Planner withdrawing items
    • Fixed an issue where a helmet on the armory locker looked blockier

    Hotfix 1.191.105

    • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.World.MyControllerInfo.IsLocallyHumanControlled
    • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyCubeBuilder.HandleGameInput
    • Fixed crash at Sandbox.Graphics.GUI.MyGuiControlGenericFunctionalBlock.RecreateBlockControls
    • Fixed crash at SpaceEngineers.Game.Entities.Blocks.MyLandingGear.Attach

    Hotfix 1.191.106

    • Fixed a crash in terminal related to buildplanner
    • Fixed a crash when trying to lock a Landing gear
    • Fixed a crash on load in a specific world with an in-game script running
    Solved Issues From Support Site
    • Fixed a crash when exitting Visual scripting tool
    • Fixed a crash when ModAPI method GetAccepted was used on an unrestricted inventory
    • Fixed parts of a desync which occurred when moving items between inventories
    Known Issues
    • There is still a part of the desync which occurs with increased latency or with unstable internet connection

    Content update 1.191.107

    • Added Aviator skin $1.99 (USD)
    • Decreased price of Fiber and NextGen skins to $1.99 (USD)

    Hotfix 1.191.108

    • Fixed banner visual
    • Fixed wrong texture on Aviator skin
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  2. bleakhead Trainee Engineer

    It would be cool, to color the tools and weapons for next gen skin. Should I open a feature request ticket? Or is it already in TODO
  3. NikolasMarch Junior Engineer

    nice set of fixes :)
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  4. Blitzzz333 Keen PR Guy Staff

    We aim to please.:tu:
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  5. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Feeling a bit ill, maybe I should leave work for the day just to check out the fixes.... LOL
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  6. maagz Trainee Engineer

    Hooray! =D
    A BIG Thank You to everyone at Keen for working through the summer heat!

    "Fixed an issue where the direction of a sorter was effectively switched when used by Build Planner withdrawing items"
    Hopefully this will fix items getting stuck in our servers convoluted conveyor network :woot:
  7. Balmung Senior Engineer

    Nice to see that two Changes. Long wished things are not forgotten. ;)
  8. mleise Trainee Engineer

    Missed this just the other day!
    This one too. Just enter 60° directly to have pure yellow etc. Sure nice to have even without sharing colors.
    It came up in the chat as an exploit yesterday, I think. Good to see that it is fixed!
  9. Cyber Cheese Apprentice Engineer

    This is great, thank you! People's underground bases were getting wiped at an alarming rate.

    I hope the rocket phasing issue is on the to-do list. It seems to have been introduced in the last update, and it has totally broken the balance of combat.
  10. ffwrude Trainee Engineer

    I thought you aimed to create
  11. maagz Trainee Engineer

    "Fixed a hole in Armory block geometry"

    Any luck getting the "blast door inverted corner" geometry fixed as well? Still can't make nice looking elevators when I need to leave the corners empty :(
  12. MrChoke Trainee Engineer


    Hi. The Visual scripting tool is still blowing upon exit for all users. You have to kill the app in Task Manager. Can this be looked into?


  13. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

  14. Blitzzz333 Keen PR Guy Staff

    That too. ;)
    --- Automerge ---
    Thanks for sending this Space Engineer to the right place to report bugs.:tu:
    --- Automerge ---
    No problem.
  15. maagz Trainee Engineer

    Just noticed that programmable block displays don't work anymore since this update. Neither scripts nor custom text shows up on the screen or keyboard. Regular LCD's and cockpit screens work.
    How to replicate:
    1. Create a new world (survival/creative doesn't matter) with NO mods and all settings to DEFAULT.
    2. Place a programmable block and a power source on any grid.
    3. Try changing the display from "No Content" to either "Script" or "Text and Images"
    4. Look at the screen and keyboard. Default image is the only thing displayed.
    This might seem like a small issue but we used to be able to tell at a glance what script and version was running since I add it to all my progblocks "Edit text" field to know if I need to update the scripts or If I've made any other changes myself in the code so I can carry it over when scripts get updated. Now we need a separate display on our server next to all of them which is silly.
  16. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

  17. Allammo Apprentice Engineer

    I wouldn't call it minor ;-). Need to get back to SE, haven't played SE for to long.
  18. ryboboojca Trainee Engineer

    no plant breeding in game, No Trading System/Station/Engine, No sectors, no own NPC-Fleet, etc... = KENS - are you serious? this is joke or what ?? :D
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  19. ryboboojca Trainee Engineer

    mojomann71 - lizulizu po pleckach klepią a konkurencja już szaleje = MOJO if everybody will have this same attitiude towards this game like you , Then this Game will not go so far ...
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
  20. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @ryboboojca - the game has been around over 5 years so I doubt your point is valid.
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  21. ryboboojca Trainee Engineer

    she is 5 years old = she should have had it all. competition has it at the start
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  22. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Yeah... no. Different vision. Different goals. Different game.
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  23. ryboboojca Trainee Engineer

    vision for mini Major update's and more micro DLC for milion dolar's :D GOOD VISION GOOD GAME :D GOOOOOOOOOD no boring Gameplay :D
  24. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    Plant breeding? Is THAT what's missing? How could I have been so blind? What popular space game doesn't have plant breeding? Why am I wasting my time engineering spacecraft when I could be breeding plants?

    YEAH. WHAT THE HELL, KEEN?!? I wanna breed me some plants NOW!

    There is no trading system?station/engine now, and there shouldn't be. HOWEVER, Keen has been reading your mind and they are ferociously working on squeezing an "economy" out of SE's butt as we speak. Once it's out, feel free to let us all know what you think of it.

    No Sectors. Yeah, I'm disappointed too. Without sectors this game is just boring. How hard can it be to put in a sector or two? Cmon.

    And my own NPC-fleet. Everyone should have their own NPC-fleet. That just goes without saying. Must be because they wasted so much time on planets.

    Don't push me on this one, Keen! Get Serious.
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  25. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Just seems like someone is looking for attention. Best to leave it be.

    Shields up!!

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  26. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    Don't you want plant breeding, too? You KNOW once Keen sees this it'll be in the game. It's just what we need.

    Where's the Kappa? Why is there no Kappa?
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  27. Ondřej Nahálka QA Lead Staff

    Fixed in current update 1.191.106.
    Thanks for your report.
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  28. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    So. Hotfix .108 containing actual fixes announced on Twitter, not here.

    Wow. Just... wow.
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  29. Aramid Trainee Engineer

    Well... They fixed the skin. Not the game.
    1- I don't call that thing an hotfix.
    2- They literally only released a skin... And they managed to fail ? Is it some kind of joke ?
  30. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I don't watch space engineers twitter what are the fixes?


    ohh... now I see it.

    Hotfix 1.191.108

    • Fixed banner visual
    • Fixed wrong texture on Aviator skin
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2019 at 04:24