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mod idea > vegetable oil and deer fat, logic of Burn Time

Discussion in 'Modding' started by ibisgrunk, May 4, 2018.

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  1. ibisgrunk

    ibisgrunk Apprentice Engineer

    this is an idea dump, don't hate me because i am paid only by banner clicks:

    vegetable oil is made with the current vegetable category of cabbage and roots. at the grind stone where linseed oil is made you do the same with let's say 10(?) vegetables to make 1 clay jar of vegetable oil.

    deer fat is made at the tanning stretcher and a single new deer skin converts to a hide and one full clay jar filled with deer fat. get more use out of the rack!

    vegetable oil and deer fat are flammable. true dat.


    Ok so i am going to go out of my league now and enter the teacher lounge and ask about the concept of what i think of as fuel burn ratio, or Burn Time? this is programmed as the length until a hand held torch burns out (50 game minutes according to wiki)... note however that same logic is not applied to the core game's braziers which burn forever once lit. why? why do hand torches time out but a brazier burns forever... can't be. wall torches or anything else -- ovens, campfires, kiln and furnace all time out on fuel usage...

    i see two existing mods addressing lanterns and light sources in general @Stori3D Past Productions's Immersive Furniture and Roman Accessories mods plus @wolfgar's Sconces (V-0.6) which all use light source concepts beyond my Barbarian mind... apologies to any other modder out there with lanterns or above already going, i looked and couldnt see any besides my workshop heroes here... i will add or please do!

    this has no TLDR. :tu:

    (imho braziers should require a fuel source just like a campfire -- and burn out just as such... i would say the key to a brazier is it can take all fuels, including charcoal which really honestly feels the most brazier like fuel of them all, or to make a brazier simplify it by requiring charcoal and the two iron ingots as crafting ingredients?)

    i also believe the pine tree branches which are called in game as "Scrap Wood Branches" should be a better fuel than any other scrap wood/stick you find. a palm branch would offer almost no illumination imho. [quick thought - 10 pine branches can be squeezed into Pine Tar, another fuel source! pine tar is one of the most primary torch fuels used in North America, we need to add Pine Tar and make those pine branches more worthy]

    after all when your campfire or oven burn out of fuel the glow illuminating from them disappears, as should any other burning fuel... that should apply to all light sources, they all need a fuel. a lantern is better than a torch.

    @CptTwinkie - following your suggestion on other post, i feel guilty posting in this Mod Thread but dont consider this topic in Discussion as that is for the core game suggestions, please move if needed as this is in essence a Mod Suggestion category that doesnt exist. Or suggesting mods is wrong and i should be shot. Or i need to finish this with a monty python gif:


    (damn, i forgot to spout about my idea for Lanterns and their four parts - the holding harness, lens window, fuel chamber, and the wick. all craftable, and why i thought of vege oil and deer fat to begin with and bothered Captain in that other thread - i see wolfgar's lantern and deleted my spout; >>> edit adding Lens Window to Lanterns: historically they used tin and punched holes in it for the lens window - that little door that would swing out. also they would shave down animal horn to make a translucent window sometimes. so the mod idea would be you choose one of two lens window models Tin Punch or Horn, each crafting cost of 1 Tin Ingot or 1 Deer Antler to make and then add to the whole Lantern)
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.