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Lore/Story RP Monova - Galaxy at War RP

Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by KodiaVakiiel, Feb 21, 2017.


Who will you choose?

  1. The Empire

  2. The Dynasty

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  3. The Republic

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  1. KodiaVakiiel Trainee Engineer

    In the vastness of the void there is a galaxy know as Vandu, it is made up of 4 sectors, which 5 sub-sectors each. There are 3 major factions currently.

    The 4 Sectors are:
    - Shenyu (5 sub-sectors)
    - Void Star (5 sub-sectors)
    - Terrafae (5 sub-sectors)
    - Eridosa (5 sub-sectors)

    The 20 Sub-sectors are
    - Monova (Monovian home world / Capital)
    - Q'van
    - Suteel
    - Dansuta
    - Eridia

    Void Star:
    - Echon
    - Void's Heart (Black Hole)
    - Ionju
    - Koa
    - Shutan


    - Terra Gemina (Ali'moorian home world / Capital)
    - Mankas
    - Matau
    - Vakama
    - Galitoa

    - Devak (Devakian Republic home world / Capital)
    - Morpa
    - Rena
    - Fu
    - Malosi


    The Empire of Monova: An highly advanced Elf-like race. 6 Great Houses, each of the 6 House Heads (Souka's) make up what is known as the Elemental Council. Only one House Head rules at a time as High Souka. Their technology is called "White Lance" which is plasma so hot it is pure white, heavy damage to both shields and hull (same for ground forces). Medium Hull, High Shielding. Fast and Maneuverable star-crafts Highly aggressive if threatened, but will never strike first.

    - War Policy: Defensive
    - Government Policy: Oligarchy ruled Monarchy
    - Technology level: Tier 5 of 5
    - Territory: Shenyu Sector
    - Naval abbrev: MEF

    Faction Leader: Kodia Vakii'el of Great House Vakii'el
    Faction Flagship: MEF "Shadowstar", Class: Carrier Dreadnought
    Faction Leader Steampage: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Kodiavakiiel/

    *Note* Think Eldar from warhammer 40k, but less arrogant.

    The Ali'moorian Dynasty
    : Enhanced human race that is united race wise due to 3 cataclysms that each nearly drove them to extinction. They are ruled by one leader. Their technology is mainly Rail-Guns and Chem-Rails. Massive hull, poor shielding. Slow yet strong star-crafts. High Aggressive if attacked, will strike first if needed. Will go to full out war if a single secret is leaked (as in race survival secrets).

    - War Policy: Defensive Aggresive
    - Government Policy: Monarchy
    - Technology level: Tier 4 of 5
    - Territory: Terrafae Sector
    - Naval abbrev: AIN

    Leader: Torok Ali'moor
    Faction Flagship: AIN "TBA", Class: Mobile Fortress World
    Faction Leader Steampage: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198074022781/

    The Devakian Republic: Reptilian-like race that hates the Empire, seeing them as oppressors. Not much is known about them except that equal the fighting ferocity of the Empire almost 2 to 1.

    - War Policy: Aggressive
    - Government Policy: ?
    - Technology level: Tier ? of 5
    - Territory: Eridosa Sector
    - Naval abbrev: DRA

    Leader: Atukhan
    Faction Flagship: DRA "?", Class: ?
    Faction Leader Steampage: Needs leader

    ----------------------------------Contact Us---------------------------------------

    Discord: https://discord.gg/5SjvHc
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
  2. KodiaVakiiel Trainee Engineer

  3. Tradedoodle Trainee Engineer

    steam profile please kodia
  4. KodiaVakiiel Trainee Engineer

    My steam profile is in the post under Empire Faction Leader proflie.
  5. Calaban Junior Engineer

    With the empire being fast and well shielded, with unilateral deadly weaponry, they seem to be favored by the lore master.

    How could a dynasty ship cope with such in slow unshielded ships firing metal slugs.. other than to die nastilly? (see what I did there?)

    Maybe thats why no takers. no one likes to be the handmedowns.

    Me, I would choose the Null faction of Void's heart Black Hole- the raiders and Reavers, if you like, who- to paraphrase a Rick and Morty episode; " F all governance and socio-political and philosophical notions, I'm going to bow down and pledge my eternal loyalty to the literal Black Hole in the freakin sky, and that Mutha's gotta EAT "
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.