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My "Survival... Impossible" run (pics)

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Calaban, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. Calaban Junior Engineer

    I luv a challenge. When a player gets really really experienced in the games survival and buildup aspects, we need something extra to get our survival itch scratched. What seems like torture to some= renewed fun for and old hand like me. (re: crashed red ship- no helmet).

    So, Splitsie's Survival.. Impossible world.

    I went in cold, not reading up on all the mods. Mayyybeee should have done a little reading.

    My first couple of hours:

    Avatar1: freefalling in already mangled lander, at a slight tilt. I thought I would be "clever" while in freefall, and engage the atmospheric thruster overrides from the Kontrol panel. As my descent leveled off a bit I fiddled with the overrides of the 3 atmos, trying to get it level and begin to counteract the sideways careening vector I was now experincing, achieving some degree of success, and feeling rather proud of myself...
    ... I noticed that all this apparent success in not "landing with style" had me prolonging my time in the seat... and lo and behold- I succeeded in suffocating myself, still strapped to the chair, still 500m in the alien air.
    I tried to see if i could grab a bottle from the cargo box behind my hip... but nope- no ports. So I hopped out of my chair, hoping to grab an o2 bottle from the o2 generator on the side...
    .. and fell to my death as jetpacks didnt work.
    Splat. (dont lul- #CloneLivesMatter)
    The End.

    Ok just sit it out. land and grab a bottle asap. Still wanted to engage atmo overrides to cushion landing after the parachute deployed and leveled me out (as I noticed I was falling alarmingly fast). but engaging retro thrust while on a parachute had me suddenly doing fackflips at 60 rpm... I disengaged the atmo thrusters in horror, and hoped the wobbly goblin would settle down before the ground showed up... it didnt.

    Landed squarely on the roof. thankfully no damage.

    Got situated, figured out id be feeding my lander ice every 5 minutes or so, so committed to living right here on the snow pack. I drilled ice straight down, then, while crouching, angled up 45 deg or so and make a walk out ramp to each side. Presto- a smiley face "scratch" of ice, where all the loose ice conveniently gathered at the bottom. I hit rock under the ice pretty quickly, so once the "scratch" was deep enough to have a walk ramp down to the stone level, I started "under cutting" into the walls of the scratch, opening up a cave of stone on one wall, and higher caves of ice on the other.

    I queued up a basic food processor, and added it where the parachute was, piped into the lander. Then got to figuring out the food and water mechanics. Neat. Eew grey water- no where to put it (excuse the refuse pile off to one side. nothing to see there)

    After about a dozen trips up and down the Scratch to put stone or ice into the lander, an idea hit me. The lander was upside down just to one side of the Scratch, and was positioned just right to be a little handy.

    I started to dig out ice underneath the lander, tipping it towards the Scratch. Yikes the thing shifted like it was angry in this heavier G.. I may have actually flinched drilling underneath it. Finally it fell into the scratch. Perfect.


    Sure, it looks a bit like a derpy mistake.. maybe even an oh no! disaster... (what with the Aww scrap mod and all)

    But this is on purpose. Look at it from the bottom of the scratch:

    O2 hatch on one side, survival kit on the other, both reachable from the bottom of the scratch (stone cave to the right off screen down here- future base home) Even has a light to light up the entire scratch and caves.

    Now I can dig-load-dig-load rapid fire style (build planner Alt-mmb for the win on loading the stone/ice in one click) , never leaving my trench- er... patented "Scratch".

    This may actually work.

    Future plans is get an assembler up and running- see what the wind turbine, oxygen farm, air vent, and hydroponics mechanics are all about in this strange new world, setting up a rotor/piston drill in my stone cave, and committing to the stone age/ice age living for a while (and dreaming them cobalt dreams in the meantime)
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  2. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Didnt leave the cave very much today.

    Setup a turbine- progress!
    Piped a grid path to my main cave, now have a power chair setup, as the lander med kit was a bit hard to reach it turned out.

    Aw scrap! mod is having me say a variant of that name often now... Specifically my usual routine of using the hydro thrusters' 4 metal grids to make a large grid small cargo container. no go here.

    I setup a basic refinery, and opened the station grid to check on power situation:
    Wow. um.. thats.... not a lot of power. 74kw.. and the basic refinery alone needs 330kw... hmm let me try something though. See- I've always had this hunch.. but never the need to really try it/need it. Until now.

    -plus I really do not have the patience tonight of building 4 more turbines, just to get going down here...

    Tomorrows plan is to start force feeding the arc kiln, and trying hard not to hear a dubstep beat in the constant complaints of the machinery. Times are hard here, machine, you gotta suffer too.
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  3. odizzido Junior Engineer

    Seems interesting. I will check it out but also use a realistic hydrogen mod. I wonder if it’s even possible to live with what you’ve posted.
  4. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Can we live with anything Calaban has posted?

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  5. Calaban Junior Engineer


    ugh- lost interest.

    I think what got me was the fact that I cleared out 70 hectares of snow.. just to breathe for 30 minutes.

    Now there is a giant excavation pit, with nothing to show for it than just a still breathing Me.

    Yeah... that realization sort of kills motivation. Its the nature of those -ations

    To be honest I would prefer Crashed Red Ship- no Helmet again (interacting with npc stations would be... interesting...