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New Server looking for players.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Hiro, May 22, 2020.

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  1. Hiro

    Hiro Trainee Engineer

    Welcome to the Event Horizon Gaming space engineers server.

    We currently have a group of 6-10 players who play daily on our server and we plan to create the best experience for everyone. That being the casual gamer who works or attends school full time or the hardcore players. We have a dedicated group of admins who can create custom mods for our server and the server settings are to make the game play feel less of a grind and more enjoyable. We currently run the server with custom mods and popular mods on the workshop. When you join us, you will need to reconnect multiple times due to our mod load. We Look forward to seeing you on our server. :)

    Server: [US]-Event Horizon Gaming PVP
    Map: Star System
    IP Address:

    Join us on Discord for more information and for admin requests, or hang out and enjoy a good conversation with players who play on the server.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/kd23QCn

    Server Settings:

    Assembler Speed: 12
    Refinery Speed: 12
    3rd Person view: on
    Air Tightness: on
    Environment Hostility: Safe
    Grinder Speed: 3x
    Welder Speed Multiplier: 3x
    Drill Speed Multiplier: 3x
    Max Blocks per player: 1,000,000
    Max Grid Size: 35,000
    Total PCU: 9,000,000
    View Distance: 18,000
    Experimental Mode: on


    1. Threats of real life violence are strictly forbidden

    2. Please Keep chats (voice or text) PG-17 (no nudity, gore, or excessive cussing) and under with exception of NSFW chat

    3. Spamming chat (voice or text) is not allowed and will be dealt with at admin discretion (Aggressive Arguing or Voice Ear ♥♥♥♥ may qualify as spam)

    1. Post your suggestions and ideas for server events in the corresponding channel

    2. If you have a problem then use the discord request an admin chat (There are admins other then just Hiro)

    1. 3D printers are only permitted with less than 20 people on the server or at admins discretion (using ship welders with projectors)

    2. Super Gridding is not permitted (small and large grids together)

    3. All grids MUST be NAMED and have a BEACON on it otherwise it will be deleted by either an admin/moderator or by the server trash clean-up [Naming convention as follow faction tag then the name of the grid example: tag.Miner alternatively your username and the name of the grid example: username.Miner]

    4. All actions of insiding are prohibited (insiding is going deep into another faction and giving away info to someone else example: base locations)

    5. Cheating of any kind is simply not allowed if caught you will be banned this includes exploits, cheat menu’s, and other "hacks"

    6. Griefing is not allowed (This is basicly using respawn pods as projectiles or attacking someone more than once for every 6 hours)

    7. Trading post is a safe zone for trading, damaging it is not allowed (please notify staff of any damage)

    8. Use of respawn pods to track or find other players to raid is strictly forbidden

    1. Offline raiding IS ok please don't go after new respawn pods

    2. Remember this is a pvp server so people will most likely shoot on sight

    3. Attacking players you are neutral with is looked down on but not against the rules
    The Following are block limits. Try not to go over them or an admin will give you 3 warnings and if it isn't fixed we may delete the item ourselves.

    Block Limits per grid
    Assemblers = 10
    Refineries = 10
    Drills = 15
    Welders = 15
    Grinders = 15
    Projectors = 2
    Timer = 5
    Solar Panel = 15
    Wind Turbines = 10
    Hydrogen Engine = 10
    Batteries = 15
    Ships are limited to 15k blocks
    Stations are limited to 35k Blocks

    Guns are limited to:
    0-5999 blocks = 30
    6000-8999 blocks = 60
    9000-11999 blocks = 90
    12000-14999 blocks = 120
    15000 blocks = 150
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.