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OFFICIAL: Creations Used In Release Trailers

Discussion in 'General' started by Blitzzz333, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. Blitzzz333 Keen PR Guy Staff

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  2. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    I am going with creations made by the bigger youtubers and Xoc's friends as the creations used. :D
  3. Netherspark Trainee Engineer

    Anyone know the black and white ship at the start of the latest update video?

  4. J-Cataclism Apprentice Engineer

    Hello, guys!
    As we have a new release now, I´d ratter to use this topic, as the subject may be the same.

    Regarding the new background videos, #05 and #10 specifically, there are a few of creations which would be most welcome!
    Things like the spider-like legs tank (green), the flak rotor-wheels tank (gray), the "self"-building moving elevator (red and white) and those moving welders.
    Soon within a paid DLC, maybe? Fair enough! ;-)
    p.s.: yeah, I´ve seen some cool mods (on "Last Stand Gaming" channel on Youtube) that use a lot of scripting for "rotorize" some legs, like the glowing sea turtle, the WK40 mech and some kind of mechanical dragonfly.
    But it´s not the same.
  5. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    @J-Cataclism I think all of those in the videos you mentioned are on the workshop. I could be wrong but I am sure I have seen at least 2 of those builds in the video on the workshop......
  6. J-Cataclism Apprentice Engineer

    Oh, thank you!
    I will refine my search, then. ;-)
  7. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

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  8. fast'n'dead Trainee Engineer

    Do we have creation from this world?

  9. Concave Apprentice Engineer

    This is a bit unrelated to trailers, but a potential mod could be a traffic/travel system where all ships have volume dimensions. Basically all programmable blocks have access to LWH dimension values. So this knowledge you can automate the movement of ships.

    Sure you could build these ships yourself... but why not just automate a way to import workshop creations and automatically add a block with a script on it to return dimension values? Then you could have a sort of automated background traffic like on X: Rebirth with user generated content.

    The reason volume matters here is because ships could move in lanes without collision. There could also be automated docking.
  10. HarleyBorgais Trainee Engineer

    My favorite is the Automatic Ship Building. I WANNA LEARN HOW! I'm setting up a Game Server now with a friend whose good at this game, but I'm new to it. I JUST Learned how to use Creation studio and built some things, which leads to the question... HAS ANYONE BUILT/THOUGHT OF THIS???: I built a Cube of "Collectors" (5x5x5, "Light Armor Blocks" on edges/perimeter, so 9x6=54 "Collectors" -1...), with a Gravity Generator in the Center, setting on a Nuclear Reactor, surrounded with "Conveyor Junctions" (3x3x3 Cube, -a few...), except at least one is a Small Cargo Container, and one center block a "Connector" for a Docking Port so I can transfer items out and tow it.

    This way I can just place it, drill around it, and let the gravity generator pull all the ore in and "Collect" it, store it in the Cargo Container, OR, In a Cargo Container built into the Tow ship attached to the Connector, OR, I built this cube into the Floor of a Manufacturing Platform so I can drill around it in any direction and it pulls all the ore, and other loose Items I "Drop", and store them where I tell it.

    Now I'm building robot arms, and I need to finish learning how to program (I learned basics of C++, html, css, dos, and s bit more, years ago), so I can learn how to make Robots that AUTOMATICALLY Build and repair one-another, and the Station or Ship, so they can exponentially Multiply, AUTOMATICALLY, but ONLY according to the programming (I am planning "Checks and Balances", like what I have learned and give away for OUR "Laws", free @: GovernPublicServants.com btw).

    Then I intend to use what I learn in this game, to build real machines in reality, and this Game Server I'm paying for now (Space Engineers of course), to SHOW everyone these "Fundamental Principles" of "How We Exist", basic "Laws of Nature" and "the common law" and "the supreme Law of the Land" and "The Ten Commandments" for example, on "Ten Pillars of Law" I plan to make soon, and build a virtual community, town, city, and world, and "Colonize Mars", using REAL "Laws", and SHOWING people how to use "Laws" like "Ohms Law", "Faradays" and "Flemings" law(s) and "right hand rule" for "Electro-Magnetic Induction", "Newtons Laws of Motion", etc., and to SHOW people how to build a STABLE "Government", through this game, and build SELF Powered magnetic devices, BOTH OF WHICH I HAVE ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED IN REALITY, AND CAN PROVE IT, AND AM TRYING TO DO SO, through this Game Server!

    SO I CAN USE A LOT OF HELP EVERYONE! THIS IS A LOT, LOT OF WORK! Like for example, are any of my creations here new? HAVE other people made gravity generators surrounded by collectors, with a connector port on one side, and another built into a manufacturing platform like this??
    (And all my creations have remote controls, and most have thrusters, like these ones above. I'll try to get screen shots asap to share)
  11. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Is a good place to go but sadly that list seems as abandoned as ME.
  12. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

  13. Calaban Junior Engineer

    I was hoping the list would include the black station seen in several loading screens.

    As far as I can tell its the main part that the "Section F" encounter wreckage is part of. (can see the escape pod doors in black station)

    I've been curious what section A-E was too, originally, maybe G-Z as well.

    Station looked nice, LCD arrow flashing in sequence for entrances to hangars, etc.