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PCU Limits, discussions and Idea's for further optimization.

Discussion in 'General' started by Maddious, May 5, 2020.

  1. Maddious Trainee Engineer

    I would like to discuss, some of the limitations.

    In an effort to find creative ways to further optimize this the game, especially for the Xbox version.
    With that in mind, I came up with this idea, for a more dynamic localized PCU limits combination with view distance and by adding a new form of storage container which can store any mobile grid, when not needed or by idling for certain amount of time.

    -> A Idea to Unload/Mobile Grid Storage Container for a Local Dynamic PCU limit

    I'm also interesting in the developers viewpoint, when it comes to this hard global limit PCU?

    If you like the idea give a vote, or/and discuss your own view/ideas about PCU limits practical solutions?!
  2. Walkedm9 Trainee Engineer

    Y not ues a zip file with a compess dater for the pcu to increase it? Would it even work?
    --- Automerge ---
    A (player detection unit for distance with a in game preload program) cod work as well in thiry... im bad at spelling so I apologize for it.
  3. John Lehmkuhle Trainee Engineer

    Why not do like Conan Exiles does and just let the players rent their own dedicated servers through G portal
  4. AssistedBurn Trainee Engineer

    I'm still new to the Xbox game so my comments might lack insight, but I'm wondering why there are so many of the small, circular stones. Why not combine them into bigger stones after they've been sitting in a pile (touching each other) at rest for a while? Of course this issue goes away once players start using the drill blocks...
  5. Kibbles Trainee Engineer

    Hey. Love this game, i know dedicated servers are been looked into. I was wondering tho if it was possible to use an xbox as a dedicated server where that xbox dosnt play in the server, all it does is host. So it wont strain the xbox by prossessing all the visual data aswell as trying to run a server. It would only show the ingame chat and a list of ingame activities, like grids built and player activities. I feel this would allow for more active and smoother servers.