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[Release] Zeej's Gesture Animations Pack

Discussion in 'Released and WIP Mods' started by zeejfps, Jan 2, 2018.

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  1. zeejfps Trainee Engineer


    A mod that adds new gesture animations to the game: Download from Steam Worshop
    (Clap, Peace, Finger Gun, Middle Finger, Salute, Dab, Sit)

    * Update (1/5/18) *
    - Added Dab animation
    - You can now play other animations while sitting!
    - Fixed Sit animation playing when getting into cockpit. (Apperantly I named my transition same as SE)

    * Update (1/4/18) *
    - Added 2 new gestures (Salute, Sit)
    - Clap is now toggleable, activate once to start clapping, activate again to stop.
    - Salute is toggleable
    - To stop sitting jump

    A guid on how to do this yourself will be located here:
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2018
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  2. Manchou Apprentice Engineer

    Great work !
  3. Capac Amaru Trainee Engineer

    Love it! Now I have to write some clapping and finger guns into season 3 of our machinima!
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  4. zeejfps Trainee Engineer

    Meanwhile before I make post the tutorial.
    Awesome thank you every much!
    I will continue to improve the animations. I am planning on adding looped animations where they last until you do an action to stop them.
  5. Sargent315 Trainee Engineer

    Don't know if I should do this on the steam page but when I use the clap animation it keeps going on forever
  6. Capac Amaru Trainee Engineer

    If you need some ideas for animations:

    Tapping helmet to indicate a communication problem (ala Star Wars)

    Steepling fingers villain style.

    Thumbs in ears fingers waving

    Using hands to shade eyes and looking around.


    Checking suit pouches.

    Sit ups.

    Jogging on the spot.
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  7. zeejfps Trainee Engineer

    The animation is a toggle. When you activate it, it goes into a loop. When you activate it again it stops. I choose to make it this way so people can decide how long they want to clap for.
    --- Automerge ---
    I will try and get some of those done over the next week :)
  8. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    Another mod that should be vanilla...
  9. Eikester Apprentice Engineer

    Dont forget push ups [​IMG]
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.