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RemoteAPI: What is the `/v1/session/chat` JSON Format?

Discussion in 'Questions and Suggestions' started by Shibiko, Aug 11, 2020.

  1. Shibiko

    Shibiko Trainee Engineer

    So checking out request from the vrage remote client, it sends chat messages as `application/json` as the remote API wants, but actually sends a `text/plain` body? It's not JSON even though the headers say it's supposed to be.

    I was expecting to send something like `{"message": "My message"}` but it would never work. But sending `My message` would work...

    Is there a JSON format it will accept and the plain text is just a fallback?
    Can I set the user to be Server and not Good.bot?
    Can whispers just whisper a user and not also post in global?
    --- Automerge ---
    Also as a heads up, I was searching what people in in medieval engineers, and using

    	"RecipientIdentityId": null,
    	"Message": "API Test"
    Doesn't seem to work either. The server returns:

    {"error":{"message":"A generic server error occurred."},"meta":{"apiVersion":"1.0","queryTime":0.29500000000000004}}