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Roleplaying Options

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by wilcomega, Feb 21, 2017.

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  1. wilcomega Trainee Engineer

    So I think the one thing Medieval Engineers could really benefit from is some role playing options that can be turned on or off per world.

    Local chat and letters:
    Make chat local in the sense that only people nearby and/or in the same room receive you chat message. If you want to get your message to someone else, send someone to tell them or write a letter and have someone (or an NPC) deliver you message. These letters should be wax sealable with your House design, this way you know it came from a specific house or from a specific person.

    Custom House Titles:
    Within a house an admin is able to set a custom title for each member of the house, You would get a popup where you can enter the new custom Title. Examples of custom titles are "King", "Hand of the king", "Village Elder", "Farmer", "Miner", "Blacksmith", etc... Members of the house can also request a new title and enter a suggestion, the highest ranked person (owner - admin) get to approve or decline the suggestion or approve with an edit

    Custom ranks within House: (this replaces the previous idea)
    The admin and owner can setup custom ranks within the house to assign to users, this table of ranks defines the title of a user and what power they have. For example, the king has more power than the farmer (duh). This hierarchy and title table gives guidance for the player with roleplaying.

    Custom region within house: (adds to the previous idea)
    The owner and admin of a house can setup custom regions if desired (for larger houses (kingdoms)). Each user has a different rank within each region (Bob is village elder in the farmers village, but in the capitol he is a mere peasant). These regions are mainly usefull for kingdoms who have multiple establishments (villages or castles).

    If you have any other suggestions related to roleplaying, please reply and I can add them. Lets make this a mega thread!
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  2. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    darn i really thought that was going to be for SE. :p

    but oh well.
    still a very good idea.
    maybe an awesome modder could even go as far as to design different skins with different outfits to match different roles.
    unless custom skins aren't possible in ME yet....

    and if possible in a way each skin has a pro and con based on their role.
    like...can do something faster or better because such an such is a farmer...but does things slower.

    I remember a minecraft server like that a good few years back.
    it was great 99% of the server were miners for obvious reasons
  3. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Writing notes and signs would be a fantastic boon for ME. Right now there are mod blocks for letters, but they can take a while to place with the wheel-to-select spelling. Some kind of scribe/sign block would be nice for making pre-written signs or messages to hang like a timber, that would be great. Also another tech we could have.
    Ranks are kind of already in the game so to speak with the Claim permission system you can configure your Houses areas and activities by Key or Player. However I do wish Build and Dig were available as separate options for this.
  4. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    ohhh imagine if they added paintable signs?

    Rust is the best example of how well this can work.
    from simple painted signs to insults to works...of beautiful art

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  5. Mirek Apprentice Engineer

    I would like to bring the Comunication thing to discussion again. The way the chat works now is not good. People have two options.
    1. Global text chat
    2. Local voice chat

    Problem is, lot of people dont have microphones (dont ask i didnt believe it too) Some people dont like to speak, i dont know maybe they are litle kids trying to convince other players they are older and dont want theyr sqeaky voices to show theyr true age, whatever.

    The result is, that there is constant wall of text on my screen and that pisses me off.

    Give us local Text chat please. Lets say only people who are up to 100 meters from player should see what he types in the chat.

    The suggestion willcomega made sounds awesome, but iam sure it is too complicated fro KSH.
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  6. Yurets Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, like me =) And I know a bunch of other players, who prefer writing instead of speaking. And they are definitely not little kids, because I heard their voices. I wold be say there are somewhat around 25-30 (and I'm turning 22).

    Anyway, the local text is definitely needed. Also private messages can be useful, for example, if I write @PlayerName, then following message sends directly to "PlayerName" and not shown in local/global chat (but maybe it's already implemented, I didn't play MP yet).
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.