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Scripts I would like to see

Discussion in 'General' started by SirConnery, Aug 6, 2020.

  1. SirConnery

    SirConnery Apprentice Engineer

    There are a few scripts I'd still like to see that I would definitely use all the time.

    1. Auto Ore-scout
    Something that you can attach to your ship and have it fly and mark GPS locations on it's LCD panel it's found.

    2. Alert Light Changer
    When you have a lot of different light setups on a grid and you want to change them to red, and then back to what they were would be nice.

    Scripts that change all lights on a grid to say red and then all back to white exist. But I want the script to save my previous light setup and change back to that, otherwise it serves no purpose.

    Those are the ones I really need the most.
  2. Spaceman Spiff

    Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I will add another to the "wish list"...

    A script that will autopilot a ship from a planet to space with the added feature that it will automatically use the most powerful thrusters available and, as the ship ascends, disable thrusters that are no longer needed to maintain thrust so hydrogen fuel may be conserved. Scripts already exist for the first part, but do not include the second part. I've used autopilot scripts, but by manual flying and controlling my thruster shutdown sequence I can substantially save how much hydrogen is burned over not shutting down thrusters when autopilot is running.

    Also, I'd love to be able to flip gravity at the touch of a button. (For realism, I like my ships to fully accessible for maintenance, both inside and out, without the use of a jetpack.)
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