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Server Seeking players! Survival Server Royal Space Navy

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by jhoyt, Mar 22, 2020.

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  1. jhoyt

    jhoyt Trainee Engineer

    We are a growing community looking to gain new members who are veterans or looking to just start, we welcome you to come to try it out!

    Here at R.S.N., we strive to make sure every single person on the server has a voice and to be treated fairly. That is of the utmost importance to me. We want to make a sever that you can LIVE in. A server where you feel comfortable to speak freely and build what you would like (according to the rules). As our community expands, events will be held such as PVP, PVE, Faction events and more. If one were to tag a genre to our server it would be Hardcore Survival. My mission in terms of gameplay is to make sure that the environment is challenging and fun. This includes quality of life mods and NPC mods to expand immersion and create a sense of urgency of staying alive. We invite you to make a faction and rule the Galaxy as you see fit with your friends. This includes mild PvP and PvE aspects. Please take a look at our Modlist and Rules

    10x Character inventory size 3x assembler efficiency 3x refinery speed 2.7x mining efficiency

    -What's it about?
    The team at RSN is tired of always trying to find the right server with PVP, PVE, RP, Economy, Faction, etc. Those servers seem harder and harder to come by, I'm talking about low ping easy joining and more. So instead of trying to find one, we decided to make one and invite any of you who would like to join in on the fun!

    -Our Goal
    To give you the most opportunity to have fun.

    -Benefits of joining
    We started afresh solar system on 2/21/2020 and that means lots of room for your new faction and friends to build along. With lost to explore
    Almost unlimited PCU. arent you tired of running out of PCU well so am I and I think its high time we changed that so join to have tons of PCU and building slots. We feature a friendly community with a discord server with active members. There are many reasons to join so why not start today engineer?

    There is a slight amount of mods to make sure we keep the life of the game healthy and add some interesting twist. PLEASE also activate EXPERIMENTAL MODE in your settings. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE TRY TO KEEP THE VANILLA EXPERIENCE AND NOT INCLUDE "HARDCORE MODS". You will need at least 2.5gb of space for mods and once installed will not need to install again
    Some include
    - Energy Sheilds
    - Azimuth Complete Mod Pack dx11
    -Energy Sheilds
    -Hover Engines
    -Mexpex Heavy Mining Drill
    -Landing Gear Small Pack
    -L.Y.N.X.O.N. Industrial Block Pack
    -Se Minimap (Radar)
    -Vehicle Dashboard Script
    -EEM Exploration Enhancement Mod
    -Automated Trading Interface
    -Small Ship Mega Mod Pack
    -Kolt Command Console Pack
    -Dead Tech MessHall Pack
    -Nanite System (optimized specifically for our server) and limited to stop abuse but still very useful as a tool
    -Tiered Atmospheric Engines
    -Tiered Ship Tools
    -Garguanta Black Hole Skybox
    -Hangar Gate Modpack
    -Modular Encounters Spawner
    -Atmospheric NPC Air traffic (MES)
    -Corruption PVE Combat (MES)
    -NPC Script Extender
    -Reaver NPC Updated Behavior
    -Reduced Signals
    -Ork Boss NPC
    -OKI Grand Weapons Bundle

    Welcome to the R.S.N. server by joining our server you are agreeing to the rules below and discretion of staff, resulting in punishment or termination of the account from the server.
    -Raiding and Combat PVP
    Before committing any acts of war against a said person or faction you MUST declare war on them first ie. they must be aware of the intent of violence before you act.
    Offline raiding is ALLOWED PROVIDED THAT the faction or person you are raiding is aware you that you in war with them. This way ill intent will be a responsibility and liability

    -Spam and Chat
    No Spamming or self-advertisement as this is not allowed, if you are a host of another sever or community please contact Captain Broke for further inquiry

    The PCU is set high for a reason, we are tired of building restraints in a building game and have offered a server that is the highest in its class for said game. That being said no game-breaking machines or lag machines etc.
    Thank you for agreeing and complying with our rules. Please ask a captain or general for help if needed.

    -Contact Us
    Please feel free to shoot us a message on discord for further inquiry or help
    Discord https://discord.gg/8r3YKvj

    -How To Join

    The server IP is for direct connect
    or feel free to search the royal space navy and it will show.
    --- Automerge ---
    Hey Roxette if you see this sorry I believe I'm in the rules to post this here and its updated for new info. Sorry if I misunderstood <3
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.