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Sharing GPS coordinates on XB?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tinmanjr3, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. Tinmanjr3 Trainee Engineer

    Hello there, was wondering if anyone knew if there was a practical way to share GPS coordinates with Faction members or other players on Xbox? The click feature from the chat box does not work if you are using a controller. For right now, I have only found the ability to share GPS if I paste from my clipboard to chat while another player has their GPS menu open. Not sure if this was intended or not, but it is does work regardless.
    Thanks in advance!
    Really enjoying the game and would really like to see some dedicated servers to play with more of my friends!
  2. Master Ace VP Trainee Engineer

    Yeah you cant share cords with controller i dont think it dont work in comms on faction. Only global. You can use CTRL V if you have USB keyboard though
  3. Tiger99 Trainee Engineer

    You can share coords. Open the menu with the double pane (select button), goto GPS tab, create the coords current place is with X or hit LB and X to create one and enter in your own coords, name it or leave it, on the bottom right of the same GPS screen there is a small box that says copy to clipboard, goto it and hit A. Exit out of the menu and hit LB and down directional to open the chat, click the Right Stick in and it'll paste it, then hit A to open the xbox keyboard then hit the menu button (Start button) and it'll post in chat. Then the other person or yourself if your trying to get coords can open the menu (select) goto GPS and it'll list it greyed out on the list on the left. Go down to it and hit show on hud and it'll add it to your GPS list permanently until you hit Y and delete it. You can then turn off show on hud anytime you want and it'll keep it on the list.
  4. AssistedBurn Trainee Engineer

    Wow, thanks for this, I've been using a notebook to write it by hand from the chat screen and then input it!
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