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Special, exploring and modded Survival Focused Server search 1-2 Players

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by R-TEAM, Mar 18, 2020.

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  1. R-TEAM

    R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    -> this is the first time i search in non-german section for players - the server is atm populated with german players, not all cabable of flawless english conversation ;)
    [and my english is not at high grade]
    -> the server is NOT 24/7 online - it runs on my private workstation (12 Core Xeon CPU ~4Ghz) and the default "Online" times are : 17~23h CET (MEZ) - possible online from 15h, or to 03h night, but this rare
    Mostly 3 days/week - from time to time 5 days or rare 2 or 1 days (RealLife strikes :) )
    [this will NOT changed]

    So if you have Interest to play on an very hard survival server >>
    You need food and drink - booth not easy always
    You get very, very low ore to ingot yield
    Ore patches full customized - very few, but large patches -
    you will long time mainly relay on boulder mining - to found an ore deposit is very luck !
    nearly all imaginable things are harder, more complicated ->
    all wheels/rotors/pistons need now REALY energy (not the joke from vanilla ..)
    Energy from turbine is nerved and restricted - batteries hold much fewer energy
    You musst fight with Drag and Heat from Atmo, termal management from thermodynamic (energy usage create heat on grids) and various spawned NPCs
    You start on the "earth like" planet - and dont dream from fly to space .....
    Wings are available to create planes and hydrogen-cells for baloons/zeppelines - but you will long time stay with you first simply car ....
    Forget the nice things you "can" build or you have build in the past ...
    This server is primary not for die-hard SE fans, as he play SE for building (mostly BIG..) or fun-crushing or PvP...
    This all is not forbidded ... but hardly to reach in an manageable time window...
    The server is NOT for Builder - as it is simply to few to build long time
    The prograss is very slow - if you like fast progress .... this is realy not for you
    The server is for explorers, smart thinking players where build high efficency transport and exploration vehicles with low energy and resurcen usage
    Players which like to push herself to reach an target - the grind factor is not small ...
    ..but if you have build nice things - all know how hard it was ;)
    You need TeamSpeak3 to play with use (Discord is NOT supportet)

    have you interesst -> write here or mail me ... then we can discuss it further ...
    [many things and mods not listed/writen here - would be to much english text for me to write ...]
    The server is from me, for me (and my friends) - no points are debatable - all Final - if you dont like it , good, then the server is simply not for you - no problem - this is not an public server
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.